Digital Strategy, Simplicity through Complexity


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Marti is the Director of E-Commerce at the Master Lock Company and has been with the company since 1999. Recently, he’s been focused on implementing numerous cloud-based sales & marketing platforms, mobile applications, and social media across their global business units.

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Digital Strategy, Simplicity through Complexity

  1. 1. Digital Marketing: Our Keys to Effectiveness Insights thru Analysis Focus on Exploring User Experience Innovation Maximizing MobileSimplicity thru Complexity
  2. 2. The Master Lock Company - 92 yearsof security solutions for home, family & business
  3. 3. 1921 - 1928 The world’s first laminated padlock invented. Trainloads shipped to New York City during prohibition.2004New corporateheadquarters established inOak Creek. 2012 President Obama visits Master Lock to discuss American manufacturing.
  4. 4. A wide range of products for CONSUMERS Thousands of Consumer products where the purchase decision is driven mainly by emotion & product design Keeping your home, family & possessions protected & safe
  5. 5. A wide range of products for BUSINESS Hundreds of thousands of products for Business & Gov’t where purchases are driven by worker safety & regulatory specifications Keeping the workplace safe & compliant with OSHA requirements & regulations
  6. 6. We market our products across 25 globalweb sites…. in 7 different languages
  8. 8. Insights thru Analytics Everything we do in Digital is measured It’s how we answer the question What Next?
  9. 9. Questions I’m researching.. • What impact are my Youtube videos having on Youtube Demographics YTD our SEO strategy? • Why are consumption rates of our instructional videos so high on phones? • Are promotional sweepstakes delivering valuable impressions – or just feeding an insatiable demand for “Free Stuff” on promo aggregator sites?Goal: Take a well-rounded approach that goes beyond just traditional measures like Visitor Traffic & Page Views……FOCUS firmly on emerging trends
  10. 10. “External” “Internal” Metrics Metrics Tools we Use: • Foresee Results for visitor insights • Google analytics Compiled • Google Adwords data Monthly • Google 52 week keyword data • Facebook metrics data • Youtube Channel data Trends Analysis • Internal sales conversion data Is it a trend or an • Contact center data anomaly? (emails & phone calls) • App Store metrics from Apple, Droid and Amazon Markets • Customer POS data • Channel partner data Optimizing for those trends
  11. 11. Lastly….some sage advice on when to stop “If you torture numbers long enough – they’ll confess to anything!” Keep your analysis Short, Simple & Actionable!
  13. 13. The Problem: typical results page on a broad queryfrom keyword search: Many of our products look very similar & the differentiators are not plainly visible…. We needed a better way to connect users with the Right Lock for their need
  14. 14. Consumer input helped us refine… Survey data from site users was clear: • Consumers viewed us as the Lock Experts • They were duly impressed with our tremendous variety of products… • BUT….they didn’t want to learn all about LOCKS & become experts themselves! They were feeling a bit overwhelmed! Our Solution > PARAMETRIC search Simplicity thru Complexity
  15. 15. Extensive product knowledge built into the algorithms get users to the right product for their specific need via 3 simple questions…
  16. 16. Challenges to Implementing We were forced to look at our product assortment quite differently: • Needed to design new data 3KALF filters & algorithms • Needed to create new logic rules for the relationships between products • Needed new product attributes for which we had no dataIt’s now the 2nd most visited area on our site – with the highest conversion rate
  18. 18. Mobile sites & Apps…. We support 4 App platforms & also Responsive Design
  19. 19. The majority of ourConnecting thru mobile…. sites are now optimized for mobile. This changes consumer behavior dramatically. • Browsing is optional, but action is where it’s at! • Speed & flexibility are at a premium when it comes to the UX. • “Consumption patterns” are changing fast. Users consume our content differently depending on where they are & which screen they’re viewing….
  20. 20. Much more “Direct” interaction on phones…. Typical User Experience: Standing in a store looking at a shelf full of locks…. • “I have a simple question – don’t make me hunt for an answer!” • “I’ll watch your videos some other time, maybe from home – thank you.” • “My phone screen is 3” wide! Don’t make me try to click on your teeny, tiny nav. buttons. We stick to the basics – show them our products, where they can buy them and how to get answers
  21. 21. Multiple screens > multiple paths to purchase* Aug, 2012 “The New Multi-Screen World”; Google, Sterling Brands & IPSOS
  22. 22. Where do QR Codes fit in? Product Pkg. w/Tag Micro-Mobile Site They have a place in the marketing mix, but it’s a small niche – not a wide-open highway.
  24. 24. Augmented Reality – watching & testing… Proof of Concept
  25. 25. Layers of Media Served up “On Demand” A magical user experience for consumers
  26. 26. But adoption may emerge faster in businessmarkets - because the ROI could be substantial Vuzixs Eyewear for Industry The Vuzix M2000AR displays content from a connected device over a video stream of real-world content, which could be perfect for managers or employees who need to access technical data or repair procedures while in the field. Increased efficiency & productivity ADD VALUE for the end user
  27. 27. “Connected Products” that bridge the gap betweenphysical & digital…….adding Value for consumers Solving that age-old problem: “I Lost my Combination!”
  28. 28. Final thoughts…on the growing demands of digitalmarketing…. Faster speed to market Increasingly complex & diverse technology layers Increasing consumer expectations
  29. 29. THANK YOU! Marti Gahlman @martigahlman 414-248-3584