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World civ 4.4.12
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World civ 4.4.12






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    World civ 4.4.12 World civ 4.4.12 Document Transcript

    • Sandy CashMailbox 108This testimony is very valuable, because it gives the reality of what the atomic bomb did when it wasreleased on Hiroshima. The atomic attack on Hiroshima was different from conventional weapons,because it killed innocent civilians, and was more horrific than it was supposed to be. When Saekirefers to the Peace Memorial Museum, she says it was worse then the actual exhibits that it shows.Saeki’s testimony is very valuable, in the fact she brings to life what the atomic bomb actually did toher. She talks about how horrible it was, she says: “…there came a big sound, sliding wooden doors and windows were blown off into the air. I turned around to see what had happened to the house, and at one part of the ceiling, it was hanging in the air. At some parts, the ceiling was caved in, burying my sister’s child and my child as well.”She also goes on to talk about the after effects it left. For example, the radiation, how it shatters heartsof people, and how her brother went crazy from this. This is a reason why the atomic attack onHiroshima was different from conventional weapons. Another reason is it killed a lot of innocentpeople, where before in wars the war was not at the home front in Japan.When Saeki refers to the Peace Memorial Museum, she says that the exhibits do not even begin toshow the reality of what the atomic bomb did. She says when she was walking toward Hiroshima, afew people were coming from that direction and they were in horrible conditions, barely making theirway. She goes on to say, “I went through hell on earth…Hiroshima should not be repeated again. Thatis why I keep telling the same old story over and over again. And I’ll keep repeating it.”Saeki’s testimony is very special, because it shows how she went through “hell on earth…” and howHiroshima should never happen again. The atomic attack on Hiroshima was different fromconventional weapons, by how it killed a lot of innocent civilians and still affected the people after thebombing by the radiation. When Saeki refers to the Peace Memorial Museum, she says that it can noteven show how horrible the atomic attack actually was.