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World civ 2.8.12
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  • 1. Sandy CashMailbox 108The Haitian Declaration is written to inspire nationalist feelings. It talks about how the people ofHaiti should never forget the price they paid for freedom. The document justifies the HaitianRevolution by saying how horrible it was to be enslaved by the French. The tone of the documentis very passionate about the Haitian Declaration.The Haitian Declaration inspires nationalist feelings, by saying, “…have received liberty byshedding all your blood, know that you have done nothing if you did not give the nation aterrible, but just example of the vengeance that must be wrought by a people proud to haverecovered its liberty, and jealous to maintain it.” It also goes on to say this, “…vow before me tolive free and independent and to prefer death to anything that will try to place you back inchains.” It makes the people there feel like they have a cause that they all fought for, and shouldnever forget.The document justifies the Haitian Revolution by saying, “…it is not enough to have restrainedthose ever-evolving factions that one after another mocked the specter of liberty that Francedangled before you.” It goes on to say that, the French name still haunts their land, everythingreminds them of the horrible memories of cruelties.While talking about how it justifies the Haitian Revolution, the document’s tone is verypassionate. It is also very passionate about the Haitian Declaration. While talking on thesesubjects, you can just feel how passionate the author is.This document talks about how they justify the Haitian Revolution and how it inspired nationalistfeelings. While explaining these subjects, the tone of the document is very passionate about them.It goes into the depth of how horrible it was to be enslaved by the French and how as a nationthey should never forget the price of their freedom.