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  • 1. Sandy CashMailbox 108The testimonies help to show the reality of child labor during the revolution in energy andindustry. The testimonies also show the effect of women working in the coal mines, and factories.At the end of the testimonies, the Ashley Commission lists their arguments against the regulationof female and child labor in the mines.The testimonies of the working conditions that are forces on the children who work are horrible.In Elizabeth Bentley’s testimony, she talks about how she worked 16 hours a day, in the busyseason of the flax mill, which was half a year. The other half of the year, she worked 13 hours aday. She goes on to say that, they had 45 minutes at noon for food for the whole day. Not onlydid she work long days and had no time or appetite for food, but also she had to walk two milesto get to work, and another two miles to get home each day. These were just some of the realitiesof child labor.According to Mr. George Armitage, the effect of female labor is that it is impossible for girls toremain modest. This is because they hear bad language from the men, and they do not learnthings that women should learn in order to be a good wife.To summarize the Ashley Commission argument against the regulation of female and child laborin mines is the fact that it is not right to single just this kind of child and female labor. Lastly, ifthe employer has to provide schools it would be impossible because there are so many classes.The testimonies help people realize the reality of the horrible conditions the children had toendure. It also shows what effect this had on women, for example, how it is impossible for themto stay modest and to learn the things that a good wife should know. Lastly, at the end of theTestimonies the Ashley Commission explains the arguments against the regulation of female andchild labor in the mines.