Summary of act ii


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Summary of act ii

  1. 1. Cash 1Sandy CashProfessor BouchardENG 132Summary of Act IIFebruary 29, 2012 Summary of Act II of the Merchant of VeniceAct II begins with the prince of Morocco is at Portia’s house, trying to win her hand inmarriage. While the Prince of Morocco is talking to Portia, Portia tells him that she cannot pick her husband, for the only way she will get married is if a man picks the rightcasket. She also reminds him, that if he picks the wrong casket that’s it, and he can notcome back to court her.In the next scene, Lorenzo is having this conversation with himself where he is trying todecide if he should run away from his master or not. His master is Shylock, the rich Jewand the father of Jessica. Lorenzo does not really give any reasons as to why he shouldrun away from his master other than the fact that his master is a Jew. While he is decidingif he should run away or not, his father Old Gobbo comes asking for directions toShylock’s house. Lorenzo decides to confused his father by giving him confusingdirections to Shylock’s house. After this Lorenzo then tries to confuse his father bytelling him that his son is dead. His father then asks Lorenzo if it is true that his son isdead. At first Lorenzo does not answer but says, “Do you know me, father?” After a fewwhile, Lorenzo tells his father that he is alive and that he is his son, who plans on runningaway from his master Shylock, and tells his father that he wants his master to beBassanio. Later, Bassanio comes to this street that Lorenzo and Old Gobbo are at; when
  2. 2. Cash 2they see him, they beg him to take Lorenzo as his servant. After begging for a while,Bassanio agrees to take Lorenzo as his servant. After Lorenzo and Old Gobbo leave,Bassanio meets up with Gratiano, who wants to come with him on his journey. Bassaniotells Gratiano, that he can not come with him, because he is too rash, wild, and rude.Gratiano promises to be on his best behavior if Bassanio will let him come with him.Bassanio agrees to this, and plans on a night of fun, before they leave.After that scene it moves on to Jessica is talking to Launcelot saying, she is sorry he isleaving, and understands why he is leaving. She also asks Launcelot that if he seesLorenzo, to give him her letter secretly. After Launcelot leaves, Jessica talks to herselfsaying how she is a horrible daughter, for she is ashamed of her father, and wants tomarry Lorenzo who is not a Jew.Next, Gratiano, Lorenzo, Salarino, and Salerio all getting ready to for their journey, whenLauncelot comes to give Lorenzo Jessica’s letter. After Launcelot gives Lorenzo theletter from Jessica, Gratiano asks if the letter is from Jessica. Lorenzo tells Gratiano thatit is from Jessica, and that she will escape from her father’s house if Lorenzo wants herto.Then, Shylock is tells Launcelot that Lorenzo will not be as merciful as he himself was toLauncelot. After this, Shylock calls for Jessica, and he tells her that he is going to dinner,and that she should keep the doors lock and not to let anyone in. Launcelot tells Jessica todisobey her father, because Lorenzo will be coming to help her escape. After Launcelotleaves, Shylock asks what Jessica what Launcelot told her, she replies that he just saidgoodbye to her.
  3. 3. Cash 3Afterward, Gratiano, and Salarino are waiting at Shylock’s house for Lorenzo, to helpJessica escape. While they wait for Lorenzo to come, they talk about love and lovers.Then Lorenzo comes and apologies for being late. Next Jessica comes out looking like apage. She then gives Lorenzo a casket of gold, and jewels. They then all leave to joinBassanio.In the next scene, is back to Portia’s house, where the Prince of Morocco is about to tryhis lucky at the caskets in order to win Portias hand in marriage. There are three casketshe must pick from, one made from gold with the inscription, “Who chooseth me shallgain what many men desire,” the second made of silver with the inscription, “Whochooseth me shall get as much as he deserves,” and lastly the third casket made of leadwith the inscription “Who chooseth me shall must give and hazard all he hath.” Portiatells the Prince of Morocco that one of these caskets contains her picture, and if he picksthat casket, she will marry him. The Prince of Morocco then decides which casket topick, he later picks the casket made of gold. Portia then gives him the key to the casket,once he opens it he finds out that it is not the right casket. He now must leave, and Portiais happy for him to leave.Subsequently, Salarino is telling Solanio about how mad Shylock is about his daughterescaping; saying, that Shylock was shouting about his lose of his daughter and his money,and asking for justice. Solanio tells Salarion that he hopes Antonia will be able to pay hisbond; otherwise, he will pay for this. Salarion then reminds him of the rumor that theships have miscarried in the English Channel. Then they both remember Bassanio’sdeparture from Antonio, and how Antonio told Bassanio not to worry about money whilehe goes to court Portia.
  4. 4. Cash 4The last part of this act is when the prince of Arragon tries his luck at getting Portia washis wife. Portia brings him to the room with the caskets, which he picks the silver one;only to be wrong like the prince of Morocco. After he leaves, a servant comes tellingPortia that a promising young Venetian is coming to try to win Portia’s hand in marriage.Portia and Nerissa are hoping that it is Bassanio, who Portia does like. They go out togreet the new suitor.Portia is to be racists and sexists against the men who came to try to win her hand inmarriage in this act of the play. She is overjoyed when the prince of Morocco and theprince of Arragon leave in failure. Racism is a common issue that people have to dealwith. I know for myself I might not judge someone by his or her race, but I can judge aperson by his or her looks. For me, when I see fellow peers who have many piercing andtattoos, I sometimes only think that they are these tough people that I do not want tomeet, for they intimidate me. I have learned to stop judging people by their looks dealingwith piercings and tattoos, through my online high school. While attending my onlinehigh school, I actually got to talk my fellow peers, and actually get to know them. Laterwhen I actually met them in person I was surprised at all their piercings and tattoos but Ilearned to get over all those things, for they are still my friends who are really these nicepeople, even if they do look tough or mean.