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Final part 1
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Final part 1 Final part 1 Document Transcript

  • While in this class, I did not learn a lot of new things, but I did sharpen my paperediting skills. I also improved in writing papers and writing poems. The main new idea Ilearned was to analyze literature through other lenses. Due to the fact that this class had a paper due about every week, I improved inwriting papers. While improving upon my writing abilities, I also sharpened my editingskills. I now catch more of my mistakes in my papers before I hand them in. I haveexpanded in my writing by attempting to write poetry; both free verse and rhyming. Ienjoyed writing free verse poetry, where rhyming poetry was harder, and I did not enjoyit as much. One of the things I did learn was to analyze literature through other lenses. Acouple of the lenses I learned and used throughout my papers were the new historian andfeminist lens. The new historian lens is the idea that whatever is happening or happenedwhile the author wrote the book or story is also put into the story. Finding out what hashappened during the time of the author helps one to understand a story better. Forexample, a word can change its meaning over time like the word gay. The word gay nowmeans homosexual, where gay at one time meant happy. The feminist lens is looking athow women are treated in the story, for example, whether the women are strong oroppressed. The major literary theory I learned was to analyze literature through other lenses.Secondly, I have improved in writing papers and in writing poems. This has helped mewrite in a completely new genre than I am used to. Lastly, since this class has a paper dueabout every week, I have sharpened my editing skills.