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Gri certified g3.1 & g4 bm training course in bangalore jan 16-18, 2014
Gri certified g3.1 & g4 bm training course in bangalore jan 16-18, 2014
Gri certified g3.1 & g4 bm training course in bangalore jan 16-18, 2014
Gri certified g3.1 & g4 bm training course in bangalore jan 16-18, 2014
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Gri certified g3.1 & g4 bm training course in bangalore jan 16-18, 2014


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  • 1. ® Insight Associates Announces a combination of GRI Certified Training Course on G3.1 Reporting Framework and G4 Bridging Module Date Venue Contact Mobile Email : 16th, 17th & 18th January 2014 : Venue details will be informed a week before the programme : Sheela Mistry : +91 9824054696 : GRI is the world’s most widely accepted framework for communicating TBL Performance status with stakeholders. ( 109, Ashirwad Towers, Opp. Sardar Park II, Gattu Vidyalaya Rd, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Pin 393002, Gujrat-India Phone: +91‐2646‐239199, Mobile: 9824054696, Email:,
  • 2. ® Sustainability Reporting: GRI Certified Training on G3.1 Framework and G4 Bridging Module Objectives of the GRI G3.1 Workshop Backdrop While In current times, the issues of Sustainability and Business Responsibility occupied a center stage of board room discussion across the world, communicating sustainability performance also has become an integral function of organizations. Till recently, the concept of sustainable development and reporting was on its infancy in India, The regulatory measures viz… National Voluntary Guidelines-NVG, Security and Exchange Board of India –SEBI Business Responsibility Reporting-BRR guidelines, CSR mandate for specific industries, provisions of new Companies Bill, etc. are laying a path for making sustainable develop and reporting a mainstream activity for organizations. Number of organizations, communicating their sustainability impacts is ever increasing world across. Global Reporting InitiativeGRI Reporting Framework is the most comprehensive framework for measuring and communicating sustainability performance of the organization, irrespective of sector, size, location and ownership. GRI Framework is the most recognized and widely accepted guidelines for communicating such impacts. GRI, in its endeavour to make sustainability reporting a standard practice globally, provides guidance and support to organizations and continuously updates the Reporting Framework. Presently, the GRI G3.1 is the most updated generation of Reporting Framework. The 4th Generation of guidelines was launched on May 22, 2013 during the GRI Global Conference 2013, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We, Gujarat based Insight Associates are one of the exclusive Training Partners in India, Certified by GRI to disseminate GRI Certified workshops with a view to support organizations to embrace GRI framework to communicate their sustainability impacts to its various set of stakeholders. In view of facilitating a smooth transition from G3/3.1 to G4 for the organization that are already using G3/3.1 guidelines, GRI has designed a one day Bridging Module, which will be extremely useful to those who have undergone GRI Certified G3/G3.1 training course. It may please be noted that attending G3 / 3.1 GRI course is a qualifying criteria for obtaining certificate for G4 Bridging Module. Insight Associates is announcing a combo of GRI Certified Course…  2 day GRI Certified workshop on G3.1  1 day GRI Certified workshop on G4 Bridging Module.  The objective of this GRI certified training programme is to disseminate knowledge on sustainability reporting throughout India and to support organizations, intending to declare their sustainability reports, using GRI Guidelines.  The course contains the "how-to" include a balanced reporting methodology for nonfinancial reporting of social issues, environmental performance and business accomplishments, with a focus on the “triple bottom line."  Understanding Sustainability Reporting and the entire reporting process under GRI Reporting Framework.  To empower the participants to critically analyse Sustainability Reports. Objectives of the GRI G4 Bridging Module  To help organizations to smoothly transit from G3.1 to G4.  To support organizations to continue their Sustainability Reporting journey in alignment with G4  To update participants about the major differences in G3.1 and G4 Key Takeaways     Conceptual understanding of CR and Sustainability. “How” and “why” of sustainable development Understanding about five stages of GRI Reporting Framework. Insight into Sustainability Reporting Frameworks and their significance to business.  Experiential learning of CR report analysis (Reports will be shared in advance as preparatory material). Who should participate?  Organizations that are looking forward to produce or improve upon a Sustainability Report  Companies that are seeking to enhance their corporate communications and investor relations programmes.  Companies that need to understand the details of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines  Practitioners who are interested in sustainability and CR.  Consultants, Investors, NGOs, Regulatory Agencies Students and any individual with an interest in sustainability reporting.  Experienced Reporting organizations and interested individual 109, Ashirwad Towers, Opp. Sardar Park II, Gattu Vidyalaya Rd, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Pin 393002, Gujrat-India Phone: +91‐2646‐239199, Mobile: 9824054696, Email:,
  • 3. ® Learning Goals: GRI G3.1 Framework The workshop will be covered in 3 days. The learning goals and obligatory contents according to GRI procedure for both the modules will be as under: Part I Sustainability Scenario – National and Global  GRI and GRI Framework  Introduction to GRI Reporting Process  Benefits & Challenges Part II  Planning for a Sustainability Reporting Process  Holding a Kick-off meeting  Developing an action plan  Impacts of an organization’s activity  Link between activities and impacts Part III  Identifying, prioritizing and engaging with stakeholders  Why and how to engage with stakeholders  Case examples with participant centric exercise  Reporting regulations and framework – national and Global Part IV  Selection of issues for action and Defining the content of the report  Material performance indicators  Setting goals  Checking internal procedures and make changes  Materiality test Trainers Profile Ms. Sheela Mistry: CEO - GRI Certified Trainer Founder and CEO of Insight Associates®, Sheela, possesses an industry experience of a decade. She then plunged as an HR trainer and consultant and in 1998 founded Insight Associates®. Over a period of time, Insight Associates® built credibility among clients ranging from PSUs, Gujarat State Govt., MNCs, SMEs, SSIs and academic institutions across the country. Her passion for Sustainability, the new frontier of Management, turned her into a Sustainability professional. In April 2009, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Insight Associates® as one of their Training Partners in India. Sheela is trained as a trainer by GRI, HQ, The Netherlands and she has conducted several GRI-Certified programmes so far. helps organizations to learn, strategize, integrate and communicate their sustainability performance to their diverse set of stakeholders, using GRI Reporting Framework for greater leverage and has been recognized by GRI as “Leaders in provided GRI Training Courses” ( Part V  Monitoring internal processes  Monitor activities - Ensuring quality of information and follow up  GRI reporting process: - The process of collecting, collating, measuring, analyzing, monitoring and recording of data both – quantitative and qualitative Part VI  Preparing final Report as per decided contents  Mapping the contents with UNGC Principles & GRI Framework  Doing the GAP analysis and Closing the gaps, if any  Deciding on the application level and external assurance  Writing the report, Verifying & finalizing the report  Launching the report. Learning Goals of G4 Bridging Module     Quick revision of G3.1 and G4 development features G4 main features Defining Material aspects and setting boundary as per G4 Reporting Process as per G4 109, Ashirwad Towers, Opp. Sardar Park II, Gattu Vidyalaya Rd, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Pin 393002, Gujrat-India Phone: +91‐2646‐239199, Mobile: 9824054696, Email:,
  • 4. ® Registration Fees:    GRI Certified Course on G3.1 Framework: 2 days – fees INR 21,000 plus 12.36% service tax = Total INR 23,596 GRI Certified Course on G4 Bridging Module: 1 day – fees INR 10,500 plus12.36% service tax = Total INR 11,798 Both Courses: 3 days – fees INR 28,500 plus 12.36% service tax = Total INR 32,023 NOTE: Please note that you could choose to participate in either both the courses or one of the course that you prefer. We recommend you to participate in both the courses if you have not attended the G3.1 GRI certified course earlier. If you have already taken the GRI certified G3.1 course; then we recommend you to participate in GRI Certified G4 Bridging Module only. Participation in GRI G3 / G3.1 certified course is a pre-requisite to be eligible to get certificate from GRI for participating in G4 Bridging Module. Fees cover:  GRI certified Course Material  Lunch and refreshment About Insight Associates® Established in 1999, Insight Associates® believes that capacity building works as Pivotal tool to enhance the inherent talents of employees, to help them correctly perceive an organization's Philosophy, Mission and Values. Insight Associates® is Certified by Global Reporting Initiative - GRI ( as one of their exclusive Training Partners in India. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that works towards a sustainable global economy by providing sustainability reporting guidance. It has pioneered and developed a comprehensive Sustainability Reporting Framework that enables organizations to measure and report their economic, environmental, social and governance performance – the four key areas of sustainability. Insight Associates® work as Value Creating Agents and capacity enhancers in the organization's sustainability reporting journey. The purpose of our work is to strengthen the sustainability agenda of organizations that aim to achieve inclusive and holistic growth in order to create intergenerational values. Insight AssociatesR helps these companies to put these values into action and communicate them. Insight Associates® also offers HR and Management integrated services nationally and internationally and support organizations to hone the innate talents of employees - one of the mightiest ways to harness this enormous energy and use it for the sustainable growth for the organizations. ( For Registration, please contact: Ms. Sheela Mistry Ph.: +91 9824054696 Email: and 109, Ashirwad Towers, Opp. Sardar Park II, Gattu Vidyalaya Rd, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Pin 393002, Gujrat-India Phone: +91‐2646‐239199, Mobile: 9824054696, Email:,