SAP CRM 2011 - Sales Intelligence


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InsideView’s sales intelligence is delivered right at the point of need – in the CRM your sales team uses everyday!

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SAP CRM 2011 - Sales Intelligence

  1. 1. InsideView Highlights InsideView’s sales intelligence is delivered right at the point of• Build intelligent and highly need – in the CRM your sales team uses targeted prospect lists quickly everyday!• Monitor key business events that affect your prospects• Get warm introductions through social networks for all your prospects• Get 360° views and real-time updates for all your prospects through LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and other social media• Prepare for meetings in just minutes• Increase lead generation, conversion rates, and win rates* Over one-thousand market-leading companies InsideView for SAP CRM use InsideView to increase lead volume, lead conversion, & win rates. Increase Your Sales Productivity InsideView increases sales productivity by delivering relevant business and social intelligence to the point of need. Our technology gathers and analyzes information from the most relevant social media, user-contributed and editorial sources to provide compelling insights about companies and contacts. The InsideView intelligence is complete, relevant, and accessible right in SAP. Complete InsideView provides the most comprehensive and accurate company and contact profiles by gathering and analyzing company and contact information from* Aberdeen Group Sales Intelligence Study, thousands of sources, including the most relevant social media such as LinkedIn, October 2009 Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, as well as editorial and user-generated content providers such as Reuters, Capital IQ, Cortera, Jigsaw, NetProspex, and others.
  2. 2. InsideView is a company Unlike traditional “data” providers, InsideViewI think will make my not only delivers phone,Watchlist for years to come. email, and other business card data but alsoKnow why? They just keep provides comprehensiveimproving on the one social media profiles.thing that they do – sales Relevantintelligence. InsideView for SAP is the only integrated salesPaul Greenberg, ZDNet intelligence solution for InsideView delivers a 360° view of socialThe CRM Watchlist 2011 SAP. Over a thousand market- profiles so you can be relevant to your prospectsJanuary 4, 2011 leading companies use InsideView to increase lead volume, lead conversion, and win rates. Key InsideView capabilities include: • Smart Agents™: InsideView continuously scans 25,000+ online sources to deliver compelling business insights about prospects, customers, and competitors. • Smart Connections™: Beyond LinkedIn, InsideView helps reps connect with prospects through their personal and extended professional networks including colleagues, ex-colleagues, and reference customers. • Social Media Profiles: InsideView allows you to view 360° profiles for your contacts, including their detailed work history, key affiliations, and real-time social network updates so that you can be relevant in your conversations. • List Building: InsideView offers dynamic prospect list building by company, contact, industry, geography, business events and/or social media profiles. Integrated InsideView is seamlessly integrated with SAP. Whether you are working on Leads, Contacts, Opportunities or Accounts, InsideView delivers relevant sales intelligence right within your workflow–and onboarding is quick and easy. • Easy Deployment & Provisioning: InsideView requires minimal deployment or administration efforts. Simply load the InsideView package into SAP CRM and you can enable sales intelligence within your Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and444 De Haro Street, Suite 210 Accounts. Then, have your user(s) log in. It’s that simple!San Francisco, California 94107Main: (415) 728-9340Fax: (415) 728-9350www.insideview.comrev 0211