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Driving Sales Productivity with Social Intelligence


Published on

Engaging today’s socially-savvy customer requires a lot more than a grasp of the basic facts and figures about their companies. It requires relevance at the time of engagement. Sales reps need a 360 …

Engaging today’s socially-savvy customer requires a lot more than a grasp of the basic facts and figures about their companies. It requires relevance at the time of engagement. Sales reps need a 360 degree view into their prospects that incorporates recent business events, social conversations and social relationships – in other words social intelligence.
In this webinar, you will learn:
• What exactly is social intelligence
• Why social intelligence trumps sales data in driving sales productivity
• How to leverage social intelligence to engage the right prospects at the right time with the right message
• Why leveraging social intelligence is absolutely critical to your sales success today

Published in: Business

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  • Knowing the right people to call, and making those calls at the right time based on relevant business drivers certainly improves prospecting odds.Higher lead qualityImproved lead to opportunity conversion rates Faster pre-call researchHigher call volume
  • Leverage social intelligence sources to:Identify who to target, Gain color on the personas of their targets, Stay on top of key business events Long Version: The Omniture business unit for Adobe, who delivers Adobe’s highly successful online marketing suite, has fully embraced social selling over the past 2-3 years. And, as a tribute to their efforts, they have recently won the Sales and Marketing 2.0 Award for “Best Use of Social Media For Sales and Marketing”. Omniture sales reps leverage social intelligence sources in every step of their prospecting efforts, from identifying who to target, and gaining color on the personas of their targets, to staying on top of key business events about their target accounts to guide the timing and tenor of their initial engagements. They leverage this deeper intelligence to make their prospect outreach emails and calls a lot more targeted and relevant. They take advantage of the wealth of prospect-specific information to showcase that they really understand their target audience - and that they have a solid solution to address their specific situation. The results prove a solid ROI on their investment in social intelligence: Omniture has more than doubled their prospecting effectiveness by penetrating around 30 out of every 100 target account, as compared to a 10-15% penetration seen before using this new approach
  • Determining where the contact falls in the corporate hierarchy is helpful as are any insights to validate the opportunity. Faster pre-call researchHigher lead-to-opportunity conversion rates
  • Relationships certainly matter, as do a keen awareness of trigger events that may impact a prospect’s decision.Turn an opportunity into a win as quickly and as often as possible
  • Transcript

    • 1. Driving Sales Productivity with Social Intelligence
      Pelin Thorogood, Schulman+Thorogood Group
    • 2. Pelin Thorogood, Principal
      Schulman+Thorogood Group
    • 3. The companies you want to sell to expose their business needs online…
      …and the people you want to do business with are telling you exactly what they want…and when.
      SLIDE :3
    • 4. Social Intelligence is…
      Deep customer insight can only come from a 360 degree view into the prospect, including:
      • Recent business events
      • 5. Social conversations by and about the prospect
      • 6. Social relationships
      SLIDE :4
    • 7. Enabling Social Selling
      Call the Right people at the Right time with the Right Message
      • Listen to your prospects and customers
      • 8. Connect with them through common networks
      • 9. Engage with them in a relevant conversation
      SLIDE :5
    • 10. | SLIDE :6
      Driving Sales Productivity Throughout the Sales Cycle
      LEAD GEN
      LeadGeneration/ Prospecting
      Lead Qualification
      Opportunity Management
      Up-sell &Cross-sell
      • More and higher quality leads
      • 11. Shorter sales cycles
      • 12. Improved win rates
      • 13. Increased account revenue
      • 14. Higher renewal rates
      • 15. Faster pre-call research
      • 16. Better lead conversion rates
      • Higher sales productivity
      • 17. Faster ramp-up for new hires
      • 18. Greater CRM adoption
    • Lead Generation
      Discover green field opportunities
      • Catch a lead in mid-air
      • 19. Get an “in” into existing target accounts
      • 20. Gain access to C-level executives
      SLIDE :7
    • 21. Omniture/AdobeWinner of 2010 Sales and Marketing 2.0 Award: Best Use of Social Media in Sales and Marketing
      More than double account penetration rate from 10-15% to 30%
      Cut account research time by 50%
    • 22. Trinet
      70% conversion-to-appointment from initial calls
      Reduce new rep ramp time by 50%
      SLIDE :9
    • 23. Lead Qualification
      Quickly assess the quality of inbound “leads”
      Accurately classify them as sales-ready (or not!)
      SLIDE :10
    • 24. SuccessFactors
      Improve both high-end selling and volume selling
      • “Listen” for key trigger events to identify reasons to reach out to prospects
      • 25. Warm up your cold calls by finding new connections into prospects
      SLIDE :11
    • 26. Opportunity Management
      Learn about trigger events that may impact your prospect’s decision
      Engage with higher level decision makers
      SLIDE :12
    • 27. Experian
      • 3x increase in rep productivity
      3x call volume
      3x opportunity generation
      SLIDE :13
    • 28. Upsell and Renewals
      Assess any new or increased appetite for your products and services with installed base
      • Higher visibility of key business drivers
      • 29. Higher access to decision makers
      • 30. Improved insight into company dynamics
      SLIDE :14
    • 31. Social Intelligence Delivers….
      SLIDE :15
      Source: CSO Insights, 2011
    • 32. Thank You
      Email: | Twitter: @PelinT
    • 33. | SLIDE :17
      Social Selling University is not like social media courses which are typically designed for marketing departments. Social selling is a series of content that is being developed around how social media can be used to identify new opportunities and engage customers/prospects in social networks they spend the most time in. LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and other social networks are filled with people asking for advice on products and looking to engage with friends, peers and experts to make intelligent buying decisions. This is where the opportunities are being created and sales people need to be part of those conversations.
      Social Selling University is brought to you by InsideView a Sales 2.0 leader, bringing intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources to the enterprise to increase sales productivity and velocity.  We were founded in 2005 by pioneers of the SaaS, CRM and Content industries to take advantage of the convergence of social media and enterprise applications.