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AA-ISP: Decdicated to Winning the Sales Game? (Will Spendlove - VP Product Marketing, InsideView)

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Speaker: Will Spendlove | VP Product Marketing, InsideView …

Speaker: Will Spendlove | VP Product Marketing, InsideView
Event: AA-ISP presentation, February 6, 2014
Video: http://youtu.be/VBgueu6oBAk

Dedicated to Winning the Sales Game? Will Spendlove speaks about how successful salespeople view selling as a hobby. Practice makes perfect! Review the deck and watch the video to see how to develop a winning personal sales strategy.

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  • Crossing your fingers isn’t a strategy


  • 1. How to Master Prospecting Three Strategies Every Sales Person Needs to Succeed Will Spendlove VP Product Marketing
  • 2. What is Your Passion?
  • 3. What is your Passion?
  • 4. What is your Passion?
  • 5. How do you make Sales your hobby?
  • 6. Create a People Strategy Data Strategy Insight Strategy Social/Connection Strategy
  • 7. Start With a Data Strategy Where do you get your data? How do you validate your data? How do you keep it current?
  • 8. Ensure You Are Covering Your Bases Data Vendors Finding Services CRM
  • 9. How Do You Validate the Data? Do It Yourself Validation Service
  • 10. Next, Build Your Insight Strategy What is happening with your customers? How do you gather critical information about your accounts?
  • 11. Do You Know What’s the Latest? Have a reason to engage Be relevant
  • 12. Finally, Develop Your Social/Connection Strategy Are you social enough? Are your customers social? What do you use for connections? Who don’t you know?
  • 13. Are You Social Enough?
  • 14. Are Your Customers Social?
  • 15. What Do You Use for Connections Today? People you don’t know? People you forgot? People who have left LinkedIn?
  • 16. You Need a Multi-disciplined Approach
  • 17. Where Do You Start? 1. Create a written plan 1. Identify your data sources 1. Find relevant insights 1. Map out your social & connection strategy
  • 18. Thank You