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31 Must Have Sales Tools in 2013


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Join us for this fun, fast-paced webinar where top sales experts will share their recommendations for the best sales tools for high effective B2B sales professionals. The objective is for every …

Join us for this fun, fast-paced webinar where top sales experts will share their recommendations for the best sales tools for high effective B2B sales professionals. The objective is for every attendee to walk away with at least one tool or more they can implement immediately.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. 31 Must Have Sales Toolsin 2013with Koka SextonNancy NardinBrian VellmureMatt HeinzMiles Austinand Craig Rosenberg
  • 2. #socialtalk
  • 4. The Team Koka Sexton Matt Heinz Founder of Social Selling University President of Heinz Marketing @kokasexton @HeinzMarketing Craig Rosenberg Nancy Nardin CEO of Funnelholic Media Founder of Smart Selling Tools @funnelholic @SellingTools Brian Vellmure Miles Austin CEO/Founder of Initium LLC/Innovantage Sales and Marketing Technologist of Fill the @BrianVellmure Funnel, Inc @milesaustin #socialtalk
  • 5. #Craigspicks#salestools
  • 6. E-Signatures Why? o Nothing is more painful than the “last- mile” of the selling process o Why wouldn’t you? -- unless you prefer fax machines and printers o Manages and tracks entire sign- offprocess My story – how DocuSign became a verb o “DocuSigned” biggest deal of the quarter in Starbucks off 101 o Signed 2nd biggest deal from Tahoe. @funnelholic
  • 7. Sales Intelligence and Lead GenerationWhat can InsideView be used for?• Data – InsideView aggregates 30,000 data sources to bring highly accurate business data• Lead Generation – Highly-targeted list building features• Listening – Create Watchlists of your Prospects• Connections – InsideView shows your connections from passed employers, LinkedIn, Facebook, alumni networks and colleagues Build targeted lists Prospects! InsideView Screenshot #socialtalk @funnelholic
  • 8. Sales Intelligence and Lead Generation o Create list of most influential leads o Understand Twitter relationships that can help you close business o Prioritize leads, customers, etc by social influence All within @funnelholic
  • 9. Small Business List Generation and Radius Intelligence Sales Intelligence Why? o 21 million small business records o Rich selling data in each record – Contact information, social data and activity and news info. o Machine-based, programmatic approach updates records in real-time @funnelholic
  • 10. Sales Productivity Why? o Give them a list and Connect and Sell delivers conversations o Automation and human intervention gets through gate keepers and navigates the organization o 5-15 conversation in an hour which most inside sales teams barely get in a day @funnelholic
  • 11. #Nancyspicks#socialtalk
  • 12. Mobile Sales Productivity Salespod Use-Case Uses Salespod to ensure 7 reps are: o Making the sales visits they’re supposed to be making. o Reporting their activities and recording visit details o Showing catalog items to customers and prospects Reps are making an average of $1,000 more in commissions each month since using salespod! Estimated 25-30% growth in per-rep productivity. “Salespod is key to helping grow the Real-time, field data-capture and collaboration for business and to growing Sales rep’s Small & Medium-sized Sales Organizations commissions!” $5-$30 per user/per month Joseph Avci Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 13. Sales Playbooks and Analytics Qvidian Use-Case 1,300+ sellers use Sales Playbooks to: o Follow consistent, proven sales processes. o Access to the most relevant, deal-specific content and sales tools and close deals faster. o Increase win rates, shorten sales cycles. 2.5x increase in deal size when using Playbooks. 85% of sales victories leveraged use of Playbooks. “The icing on the cake [with playbooks], is that we’re now able to ‘fail faster’ – the playbooks process forces more transparency around the viability of every deal. If we find out our solution isn’t the best fit for a given opportunity, we know it earlier in the sales cycle and can re-direct our energies towards better deals” Qvidian Sales Playbooks Arm Salespeople for Maximum Performance Gerard Sample, $495 per user/per year Sr. Director Sales Enablement Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 14. Sales Performance Improvement TeamVisibility Use-Case Sales leaders use TeamVisibility with inside or remote sales teams of 5-100+ to : o Capture “game tape” of the rep – customer interaction. o Efficiently provide coaching and feedback. o Quickly build a Best Practices library. Team Scorecard New-rep on-boarding takes 70% less time! Rep’s Game-Tape Estimated 11% growth in per-rep revenue. “The integration of TeamVisibility game The easy way for sales leaders to achieve sustainable tape into provides us improvement from their team in just minutes a day. everything we need to drive performance in one place." Starts at $475 per user/per year Steve Vorsight Founder Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 15. Pricing and Quoting Effectiveness Quote2Win Use-Case Uses Quote2Win to ensure 15 reps are: o Spending less time quoting and more time selling. o Increasing the accuracy of their quotes. o Growing deal size and profitability. Reps reduce the time it takes to generate a complex quote from weeks to minutes! Improved accuracy and discounting discipline with a narrower range of discounts offered. “The ease-of-use and the simplicity of Quote2Win enable our sales team to spend more time selling and driving new business, which accommodates our accelerating growth”The right prices, discounting guidance and promotions for each account automatically added to your quotes. $49 per user/per month Thomas Allgood SVP and CFO Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 16. Sales Gamification for Salesforce LevelEleven Use-Case Uses LevelEleven to ensure its 2,000 salespeople are: o Staying focused on the day-to-day activities that will lead to sales. o Motivating each other to succeed by tapping into salespeople’s competitive nature. o Engaged within and using it as a sales tool vs. viewing as a management reporting system. Appointments set per day increased by 127% for competitions run via LevelEleven! Gaining more value from it’s multi-million dollar investment in . “LevelEleven gave me the ability to motivate The easy way for sales leaders to achieve sustainable my sales force to do the right thing!” improvement from their team in just minutes a day. $8-$12 per user/per month Todd Goodbinder Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 17. Sales Productivity VisualizeROI Use-Case Client uses VisualizeROI to ensure 60 reps are: o Consistently quantifying the value for prospects. o Collaborating with clients around a business case throughout the sales cycle. o Including a strong value message with the proposal. Reps are closing deals within hours of attending VisualizeROI training! Estimates as much as 20% shorter sales cycles, 10% higher win rates. “VisualizeROI provides a compelling reason Easy-to-use, visually engaging approach to helping customers to schedule the next meeting. Just as understand financial value important, it helps ensure the right people attend.” Jeff Croson, VP Enterprise Sales Presented by Nancy Nardin#socialtalk @sellingtools
  • 18. #Milespicks#socialtalk
  • 19. Business DevelopmentTitle#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 20. Sales Productivity#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 21. Business Development#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 22. Sales Productivity#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 23. Collaboration#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 24. Sales Productivity#socialtalk @milesaustin
  • 25. #Brianspicks#socialtalk
  • 26. GET DEEPER CONTEXT INTO YOUR GMAIL CONTACTS#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 27. KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH YOUR PEOPLE#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 28. CURATE VALUE FOR YOUR PROSPECTS / CUSTOMERS#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 29. LEVERAGE YOUR NETWORK TO ACCELERATE SALES#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 30. SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 31. GENERATE LEADS, PARTNER WITH YOUR PROSPECTS#socialtalk #Brianspicks @BrianVellmure
  • 32. #Mattspicks#socialtalk
  • 33. + LinkedIn• Objective: Automated prospect drip campaigns, direct from sales reps to their prospects• Cost: Free• How it works: – Syndicate content from your company blog – Sales reps “connect” with new leads – Content automatically populates to “Update” fields moving forward#socialtalk @heinzmarketing
  • 34. Buffer• Objective: Automate throttling and distribution of curated content to up to 20 social channels• Cost: $20/month• How it works: – Identify value-added content worth sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (including groups) – One-click to share & choose appropriate channels – Automatically queues content for future distribution#socialtalk @heinzmarketing
  • 35. TweetAdder• Objective: Identify and follow prospective customers based on profile keywords, hashtags, associations and more• Cost: $29 (one-time cost)• How it works: – Identify prospects worth following via a variety of criteria – Throttle the follows, automate activity & searches – Works best with actively curated Twitter feeds#socialtalk @heinzmarketing
  • 36. Contactually• Objective: Stay more actively in touch with prospects, based on past email activity• Cost: Free or $19/month• How it works: – Researches & indexes your email automatically – Daily alerts to people you need to follow-up with – Paid version includes signature scraping, social conversation tracking and more#socialtalk @heinzmarketing
  • 37. Saved Searches• Objective: Be the first to know when new prospects are added to the database• Cost: Free• How it works: – Create searches in for your industry, target decision-makers, etc. – Save the search, and check to be alerted when new search results appear#socialtalk @heinzmarketing
  • 38. #kokapicks#socialtalk
  • 39. What can SproutSocial beused for?• Lead Generation – use the discovery tab to find people within your network• Social Analytics – in-depth analytics of your social network• Deep Social Insights SproutSocial Screenshot#socialtalk @kokasexton
  • 40. What can Slideshare beused for?• Sharing of presentations• Sharing PDFs• Lead generation• Easily spread through social media Slideshare Screenshot#socialtalk @kokasexton
  • 41. What can Hootsuite be usedfor?• Listening – build streams of specific hashtags and people• Bulk Scheduler – you can’t be tweeting all of the time…• Easy to multi-task with social media Hootsuite Screenshot#socialtalk @kokasexton
  • 42. What can ifttt be used for?• Automation of social media• Stream consistently into LinkedIn, Twitter• Turn normal internet activity into social content#socialtalk @kokasexton
  • 43. The Team Koka Sexton Matt Heinz Founder of Social Selling University President of Heinz Marketing @kokasexton @HeinzMarketing Craig Rosenberg Nancy Nardin CEO of Funnelholic Media Founder of Smart Selling Tools @funnelholic @SellingTools Brian Vellmure Miles Austin CEO/Founder of Initium LLC/Innovantage Sales and Marketing Technologist of Fill the @BrianVellmure Funnel, Inc @milesaustin #socialtalk
  • 45. Be sure to check out a free demo of InsideView! • Understanding InsideViews cutting-edge technology • Closing more deals once you get through the door • Understanding Smart Agents and Watchlist features • How to build custom lists using specific geographical and business criteria