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21 Sales Tips for Prospecting & Cold Calling - #21SalesTips


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You attend social selling webinars and cold calling webinars, many of which argue that THEY have the magic bullet formula. As a modern sales professional, take the best from both worlds. …

You attend social selling webinars and cold calling webinars, many of which argue that THEY have the magic bullet formula. As a modern sales professional, take the best from both worlds.

All that matters in sales is closing more business more efficiently! To save you time, we’ve developed a fat-free, rapid-fire webinar to ensure that you are better equipped to:
-Use LinkedIn, HootSuite, JobChangeAlerts, Google, and InsideView to sell
-Organize your time around the science of prospecting
-Crush your connection rates via the phone
-Engage buyers faster; book meetings faster
You may know a few types, but we GUARANTEE you will not know all 21.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Selling and Cold Calling:21 Tips You Don’t KnowRalph Barsi@rbarsiJamie Shanks@james_t_shanksSteve Richard@srichardvVorsight webinar series:Sponsors:
  • 2. Steve RichardCo-Founder &Chief Content Officer
  • 3. 3x3 ResearchSystem 1 vs. System 2@srichardv#1
  • 4. 3x3 Research@srichardv#1
  • 5. @srichardv3x3 Research#1
  • 6. Share This
  • 7. #2: Direct Line from VM CodeAudix = **6Cisco = *#4@srichardv#2
  • 8. Free JobChangeAlerts@srichardv#3
  • 9. Call/Email Windows@srichardv#4
  • 10. @srichardv
  • 11. @srichardv
  • 12. Boolean SearchANDORNOT“”@srichardv#5
  • 13. Boolean Search@srichardv#5
  • 14. Boolean Search@srichardv#5
  • 15. Boolean Search@srichardv#5
  • 16. Limiting Google to Time@srichardv#6
  • 17. #Limiting Google to Time@srichardv#6
  • 18. Limiting Google to Time@srichardv#6
  • 19. Client Voice@srichardv#7
  • 20. Client Voice@srichardv#7
  • 21. Client Voice@srichardv#7
  • 22. Jamie ShanksMBA, Managing Partner
  • 23. #8: Join right Groups, message for FREE@james_t_shanks#8
  • 24. Share This
  • 25. Use these Groups to build endlessProspecting ListsTIP – look for Decision-Makers new to their role and/or industry@james_t_shanks#9
  • 26. New “Saved Search Updates”= New to Role!@james_t_shanks
  • 27. Share specific content with 1 hotprospect during the “DeadZone”@james_t_shanks#10
  • 28. “Overcoming the DEAD ZONE”Sent article every day for 3 weeks!Win Account@james_t_shanks
  • 29. Use Hootsuite to schedule content9Track your successBEST TIMES9 AM12 PM5 PMSUNDAYSPost same contentmultiple times!Use different Headlines.@james_t_shanks#11
  • 30. # LinkedIn Signal is your best friendTrigger Events from:1st, 2nd & 3rd degree connectionsANY COMPANYANY LOCATION in the world• M&A• 2nd connect startingnew roles• Competitors sales reps@james_t_shanks#12
  • 31. Example – “Time & Attendance”Great ContentProspects adjusting their“Skills” – growing prospect list@james_t_shanks
  • 32. Example – “Global Mobility”Do a keyword search, and select“Profiles” under Update Type:These are prospects adjusting theirLinkedIn profiles (many are new!)@james_t_shanks
  • 33. LinkedIn Signal SAVE & SHARESEARCHES!@james_t_shanks
  • 34. Use Hootsuite as your 360 view for“TRIGGER EVENTS”@james_t_shanks#13
  • 35. Use your client success stories “Sphere ofInfluence” as leverage@james_t_shanks#14
  • 36. @james_t_shanks
  • 37. Example: Use Feedly to start a“Why you, why you now”Using articles to:- Quote Consumer Insights leaders- Quote the prospect “why you, why you now!”- Prove a point with empirical evidence Meetings in first24 hours@james_t_shanks
  • 38. Ralph BarsiInside Sales Manager
  • 39. Automate Your OutreachFocus on when your message is received, not sent.Schedule emails to be received, for example, on Sunday mornings or late afternoons.Use quiet time:To store your emails in a delivery queue, and…To be read during the recipient’s quiet time.@rbarsi#15
  • 40. Automate Your Outreach1. In the message, on the Options tab, in the More Options group, click Delay Delivery.2. Click Message Options.3. Under Delivery options, select the Do not deliver before check box, and then clickthe delivery date and time that you want.4. After you click Send, the message remains in the Outbox folder until delivery time.@rbarsi#15
  • 41. Automate Your Outreach@rbarsi#15
  • 42. Use
  • 43. Use three.sentenc.esInclude a question mark in every email.Think tweets & texts. Get to the essential point.Include hyperlinks & postscripts.It’ll likely be read from a mobile phone.“I have only made this letter longer becauseI have not had the time to make it shorter.”–Blaise Pascal@rbarsi#16
  • 44. Have Intel PUSHED to YouHow much time are you wasting,with 8+ browser windows open,trying to spot a relevant piece ofinformation?@rbarsi#17
  • 45. Have Intel PUSHED to YouConsolidate thesearches.Let technologygather the intel.Engage the rightpeople at the righttime with the rightmessage.Follow Companies& People, & getemailed whensomethinghappens.@rbarsi#17
  • 46. Send Pre-Emptive Emails@rbarsi#18
  • 47. Send Pre-Emptive EmailsBe brief & to the point (think mobile).Give them a window of time (4-5pm).Evoke a response (“Unless yousuggest…”).Say why you’re calling.Set expectations for a brief call.@rbarsi#18
  • 48. Attract Prospects to You(Give value to the marketplace!)@rbarsi#19
  • 49. Make Rapid-Fire CallsCreate high-valued, high-volume target lists.Have the same opening line by including the same title, or same event, or same city.Follow-up on all overdue tasks.Increase productivity, have more conversations per hour, and track it all!The Pursuit of Happyness@rbarsi#20
  • 50. Practice CANI!Constant and Never-Ending Improvement@rbarsi#21
  • 51. Ralph Barsi@rbarsiJamie Shanks@james_t_shanksSteve Richard@srichardvQUESTIONS?