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  1. 1. Sales Acceleration Technology Today’s leading companies trust
  2. 2. About Contact has emerged as a leader in the rapidly growing sales acceleration market through the application of cloud-based communications technologies and innovative breakthroughs in predictive analytics. (877) 210–0342 Copyright © 2013 Inc.
  3. 3. Communications PowerDialer ™ for Salesforce ® Give your teams a powerful new suite of dialing and analytics tools to call, contact, and sell more effectively. With PowerDialer technology, reps don’t just make more calls—they call more intelligently, connecting with leads faster and more consistently. After the sale, gain valuable insights with robust reports to learn what works and what doesn’t. Contact the right prospects, in the right way, at the right time. Key Features • Inbound and outbound dialer functionalities • Voicemail, email, fax, and text messages • Workflow actions • Call results and reporting • Gamification for increased motivation • Recording and monitoring “My team loves PowerDialer. We doubled our number of calls and drove a higher conversion rate.” Shawn Naggier VP of Sales, Act-On “PowerDialer for Salesforce ® more than doubled our contact rates.” Steve Dodsworth Marketo
  4. 4. Gamification PowerStandings ™ Boost performance by as much as 40% by seamlessly integrating PowerStandings within your Salesforce® environment. Sales reps are competitive; harness that energy with challenges, achievements, and rewards that are highly visible and customizable. Leaderboards display real-time performance rankings around the office and sales management can view their team’s progress on mobile devices. Motivate your sales team by making the sales process visual, competitive, and fun. Key Features • Standardized performance metrics and key performance indicators • Real-time performance rankings and notifications • Customizable challenges, achievements, and badges • Leaderboards optimized for large screens, desktops, iOS and Android devices “PowerStandings has revolutionized the way our call business operates. By integrating increased visibility on leaderboards for both managers and representatives, the team has come alive!” Sharly Norton Vice President of Sales, Now CFO Advisors
  5. 5. Data Visualization IDX ™ Immersive Data Experience Bring your sales data to the forefront by making it visual, meaningful, and actionable. The Immersive Data Experience generates real-time data visualization for any device. 3D interactive visualizations, heat maps, and real-time dashboards measure activity and intensity in your sales process. Identify trends, inform management, and make data actionable. Key Benefits • View multiple key performance indicators to better understand effort and results • Instant data delivery for quickly identifying pipeline bottlenecks and roadblocks to your revenue projections • Identify historical patterns and trends in your sales process “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” John Tukey Bell Labs “Data are becoming the new raw material of business.” Craig Mundie Research & Strategy, Microsoft
  6. 6. Prediction 97 Neuralytics ™ Leverage the power of machine learning to identify sales patterns and create predictable revenue forecasts. Neuralytics technology has sequenced and analyzed millions of anonymized profiles and sales interactions, resulting in unprecedented levels of sales intelligence. Neuralytics goes beyond simple lead scoring by automatically acting on the data through highly targeted customer communications. Work smarter by predicting exactly which leads you are most likely to contact, qualify, and close. 76 Key Features • NeuralScore: Know how likely a lead is to close based on dozens of unique inputs derived from interaction history, lead attributes and other external signals • NeuralSort: Enables sales reps to work the most contactable leads first, with hourly updates compared to the quarterly updates of competitors 18 “Neuralytics is a genuine scientific breakthrough, applying predictive algorithms, computational linguistics, and environmental analysis to remove the mystery behind the selling process.” Rob Christiansen Vice President of R&D,