ATTRACT THE ULTIMATE EXECUTIVEto Run and Build YourInside Sales Team      Ken Krogue      President & Co-founder      Insi...
Introduction                                                                                                              ...
Table of Contents                                                                                                         ...
About the Authors                                                                                                         ...
Page 5                       Step 1: Scoping                                           When you go to hire the ultimate sa...
Page 6                             Step 1: ScopingWhat it Means to Manage                             Remember            ...
Page 7                       Step 2: Recruiting                                           Now that you’ve locked down scop...
Page 8                          Step 2: Recruiting                                               How are you marketing pos...
Page 9                          Step 3: EvaluatingThe best method for evaluating candidates      Tip                      ...
Page 10                           Step 4: Onboarding               A best practice        their priorities. Don’t turn the...
PowerSuiteUltimate sales automation platform PowerDialer™      PowerInbound™   LocalPresence™     Click-to-Call™     Recor...
How to Create the Ultimate                                                                                                ...
How to Create the Ultimate                                                                                                ...
Page 14                       Where to Get Leads     To Find                               Think about your existing asset...
Page 15                          Defining Your Selling ModelDefining your selling method poses some             Selling Me...
Page 16                           Compensation StrategiesDepending on the type of sales reps           The Harvard Busines...
Page 17                           Quality, Speed, PriceAs an executive, it’s important to define                          ...
Page 18                          CultureOnce a high-end, ultimate sales executive      Tip                                ...
Page 19                          BANT vs. ANUMBANT                                          ANUM                          ...
7 Rules to Increase                                                                                                       ...
Page 21                                   Top Sales Manager Obstacles       Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry100% ...
Summary  Credits                                                                                             Page 22From t...
Inside Sales Metrics                 Boost Contact Ratesfor SaaS CompaniesFocusing on Inside Sales in SaaS       Download ...
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Attract The Ultimate Executive to Run & Build Your Inside Sales Team


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This eBook is a must read for businesses looking to improve results from their inside sales department.

Learn How to Recruit and Grow the Ideal Inside Sales Executive Including: scoping, recruiting and onboarding your executive; creating the ultimate inside sales department;top sales manager obstacles

You can read and download the ebook here:

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Attract The Ultimate Executive to Run & Build Your Inside Sales Team

  1. 1. ATTRACT THE ULTIMATE EXECUTIVEto Run and Build YourInside Sales Team Ken Krogue President & Co-founder Trish Bertuzzi President & Chief Strategist The Bridge Group, Inc
  2. 2. Introduction Page 2 From Ken KrogueTrish Bertuzzi is one of my favorite people. sitting in the audience taking notes when counsel, motivate or replace salespeopleShe is one of the reigning thought leaders she is on stage. to build the best team possible.and most respected people in the industry.She is a lot of fun and a wonderful person. One of her specialties is hiring and on- Also available in this eBook are tips from boarding. Her annual research study on Ken Krogue on how to create the ultimateAnd she is incredible at what she does. compensation in the inside sales and lead inside sales department once your execu- generation space is one of the bibles of tive has been hired. From where to gatherShe teaches executives and managers how the industry. So a few months ago we were lists and leads to how to create an efficientto build incredible inside sales teams that chatting and had this crazy idea to col- sales culture, all executives and insideget results. She is one of the best in laborate on an eBook together on the very sales professionals will learn the best prac-the world. topics that could help the industry con- tices of inside sales essentials. tinue to grow.I stalked her for months on LinkedIn and This eBook is based on content originallyfollowed her amazing LinkedIn Group I like to partner with the best... found in a joint webinar with Trish and Ken.called Inside Sales Experts, the largest Thanks inside sales group in the world. I Access the webinar,was really careful not to step outside of group rules because she is a stickler In this eBookfor participating the right way. That is why Trish Bertuzzi will share what a greather group is the best there is. Executive hiring process should look like. Great managers know how to recruit topShe and I speak at the same events a performers, lead a multi-generationalcouple of times a year, and I never miss workforce, encourage reps to grow, | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page 3Introduction From Ken Krogue����������������������������������������������������������������2 Published by InsidesSales.comAbout the Authors������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 34 East 1700 South Provo, Utah 84606Step 1: Scoping�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5 887-798-9633Step 2: Recruiting����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������7Step 3: Evaluating��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Copyright 2013 All Rights ReservedStep 4: Onboarding����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 10How to Create the Ultimate Inside Sales Department���������������������� 12Where to Get Leads���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14Defining Your Selling Model������������������������������������������������������������������� 15Compensation Strategies������������������������������������������������������������������������ 16Quality, Speed, Price�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17Culture��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18BANT vs. ANUM����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 197 Rules to Increase Contact Ratios������������������������������������������������������ 20Top Sales Manager Obstacles���������������������������������������������������������������� 21Summary Credits��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  4. 4. About the Authors Page 4 Ken Krogue Trish Bertuzzi President and Co-Founder President and Chief Strat- of egist of the Bridge Group, — Inc. — blog.bridgegroupinc.comKen is a results driven sales leader and Author Jonathan Franzen said “one-half of avisionary for the inside sales industry. The passion is obsession, the other half is love.”research and data driven approach he uses With that in mind, ask anyone who’s met Trishhas led to best practices of contacting and and they’ll tell you - she is passionate aboutclosing leads. He pioneered the powerful inside sales. Over the last two decades, Trishsales automation PowerDialer which greatly has promoted inside sales as a community,increases the effectiveness and efficiency of profession and engine for revenue growth. Ininside sales professionals. Ken is also a regu- the process, The Bridge Group has workedlar contributor to with 200+ B2B clients to build, expand and optimize their inside sales | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  5. 5. Page 5 Step 1: Scoping When you go to hire the ultimate sales your market, who you sell to, your brand- executive, it’s important to objectively ing and name recognition, etc..“Managers scope out the job. I have this conversation all the time when talking about hiring pro- files. The first thing you need to know is Clear role definition, up front, combats ‘role pollution’ down the line. Sales Lead- that managers manage and ers, almost by definition, are going to be Manage directors direct. Managers manage existing process. They pulled at from all sides. If you haven’t done the early work on scoping the role, the situation will be only exacerbated. typically don’t create it. If you’re a start- Directors up or a brand new organization and you haven’t yet defined what repeatable, scal- able success looks like you don’t need a TIP You can take a chance on a sales rep. You can never take a chance on an executive. manager. You need a director. You need Direct” someone who has created process from scratch and knows when things are going awry and knows how to fix it. When looking for an executive, you need someone that is as closely aligned to per- fect as possible based on where you are | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  6. 6. Page 6 Step 1: ScopingWhat it Means to Manage Remember Being a great sales leader is not intuitive.In the book “Challenger Sale” the authors Having had a great Sales Manager is verytalk about management fundamentals. different from knowing why a Sales Man-When looking for someone to lead your ager was great. It is much easier to teachsales team, you’re looking for someone someone your product and your marketwith integrity, reliability and listening skills. than it is to teach them greatIf they have those three traits they aren’t leadership skills.going to be a great manger, let alone theultimate sales manager. Alternatively, if you do have a great inter- nal candidate and you have the bandwidthWhile it’s an excellent thing to provide available to work with them and be theirinternal candidates with promotion, it’s mentor, go for it! The worst thing you canimportant to remember that great sales do is promote someone and leave themreps don’t necessarily make great manag- to figure it out on their own. You’re set-ers. They may excel at selling skills, but if ting everyone, the group, the manager andthey don’t have those fundamentals you’re yourself, up for failure.going to be at | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  7. 7. Page 7 Step 2: Recruiting Now that you’ve locked down scope, how • Create something visual and easy to do you attract the ideal candidate? More share with SlideShare. Showcase of the typical job description is not going your big name clients or your high to cut through the noise. profile investors. Remember, this isn’t going to be an easy • Package all this up into a ‘Position Kit’. hire. Everyone is competing for the ulti- This is brief that says exactly what you mate sales executive and there aren’t are looking for and what they will gain enough to go around. It’s important that by taking this position. your company, the position, and you per- sonally stand out from the crowd. After you’ve created all these resources, share them with your recruiters, social net- How to Stand Out: work contacts, and LinkedIn groups. See • Use “them” centric messaging not “us” if your contacts know of anyone who may centric. How will they learn and grow be a good fit and then share the Position in the position? Kit with them. This is much more engaging and effective than just a text-based • Incorporate video into your job job description. description. Show the people, both reps and senior leadership, behind the job description. Have them answer “Why is the position critical/exciting/ amazing?” | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  8. 8. Page 8 Step 2: Recruiting How are you marketing positions?Passing the ‘Sniff Test’Once the candidates start coming in, it’s important that you are ready to pass their“sniff test”. Great managers and great Leveraging executives are going to be trying to figure Networks LinkedIn Jobs out a few things up front including: • Is the role is focused or am I expected 20% 40% to wear several different hats? • Does this company know their target market or am I going to have to figure all this out? • Is there support for this group? Or am 20% I inheriting the red-headed stepchild? Recruiters • Does the infrastructure exist? What CRM, marketing automation, produc- tivity tools are available? 20% | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  9. 9. Page 9 Step 3: EvaluatingThe best method for evaluating candidates Tip Highlights to Incorporate into your Inter-is by creating a scorecard. This allows all It’s important that everyone on the inter- view Processthe people involved in the hiring process to view team be asking about the samebe aligned in their evaluations and for you competencies, but not the same questions. • Who developed the sales process forto be able to objectively evaluate You want to take the time to investigate you team?their feedback. specific areas and skills. There are multiple questioning techniques that will allow you • Who overviewed the adoption ofWhen in the interview process, it’s to accomplish this. No need to be repeti- that process?important to look for someone whose tive and ask the standard “Where do youexperience most closely aligns to your see yourself in 5 years?” type questions. • What does your onboarding processcompany’s. For example, if they are famil- This is an opportunity to learn about the look like and what’s your role iniar with selling into the B2B space but you candidate. Don’t blow it. that process?sell into higher education, their skills maynot translate. While this doesn’t necessar- The Interview • What are you getting from marketingily disqualify somebody from being your So much of the focus on hiring an execu- in terms of leads and support?ultimate executive, it’s important to think tive is around what questions to ask. Thatabout how their previous experience aligns could be a whole eBook on itself. For some The ability to answer the questions abovewith your company. You’ll also want to hear ideas of what to ask your prospect during is going to further differentiate if they aretheir views on how they handle the interview, we put together this article. a manager or a director. Additionally, thethe transition. interviewer will be able to figure out the candidate’s level of | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  10. 10. Page 10 Step 4: Onboarding A best practice their priorities. Don’t turn them after hiring your into paper pushers or spread- executive is to sheet jockeys. Let them be a put them through strategic thinking executive and the exact same create an effective inside salesonboarding as the sales reps department.they will be working with. Thiswill allow them to quickly identify Don’t forget ongoing support. Iwhat works in the process and often advise Sales Managers,what doesn’t while simultane- “Remember, be a coach not aously coming up to speed. ghost.” The advice holds true for Senior Leadership as well. Don’tThis is a win/win. They get to bring this executive onboard,experience and fix your onboard- give them a big slap on back,ing process all at the same time. and then disappear until the first forecast review. That wouldTip be doing them and their team a Free eBook on Onboarding Sales RepsOnce you hire an inside sales grave disservice.executive, it’s important that youlet them do what you hired them Download Nowto do. Don’t hire them againstone set of goals and then | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  11. 11. PowerSuiteUltimate sales automation platform PowerDialer™ PowerInbound™ LocalPresence™ Click-to-Call™ Recording Monitoring™The PowerSuite™ by provides reps with everythingthey need to put their sales into overdrive.Benefits:• Increased response contact rates • Automatic call distribution• Optimized sales workflow • Call recording for quality assurance• Monitor sales rep activity • Happy sales reps Demo Now
  12. 12. How to Create the Ultimate Page 12 Inside Sales DepartmentWhat Do You Sell? Who Do You Sell To? Tip Do a ‘deep dive’ of your current customerWhen first starting a new position as an Figuring out your target market is critical. pool and run a summary of which indus-executive at a new company, it’s important There are several questions you should be tries, company sizes, and titles currently into start thinking big picture. able to answer such as: your customer database. This will give you a good indication of where to focus yourWhat is it that you sell? • Do you sell into the B2B space or are efforts. Focus on the ones that are your you more B2C? best customers.When Masahiko Goto from Makita askedhis employees, “What is it that we sell?” • What size of company do you target?they responded, “Power Tools and Drills.”Interestingly enough, they were wrong. • What is the title, title level and titleGoto responded, “We sell a hole in the function of the decision makerwall.” you’re targeting? To figure out what need you fulfill, look It’s important that you are able to answerat the end result of what you sell so you these questions in order to effectivelyknow what you’re doing to add value to strategize and target your sales and mar-the world. keting | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  13. 13. How to Create the Ultimate Page 13 Inside Sales DepartmentFind the Need EXISTING CREATE EXISTING CREATEAs an executive, when starting to build Redirect aRedirect a river river Dig a well Dig a wellyour inside sales department, there aretwo paradigms to consider when findingneeds: • A river of existing need that is already flowing • Digging a well to try to create need. From experience, it’s much easier to tapinto an existing need, if possible.TipTo find a need, go out to Google KeywordTool and type in the words that would leadpeople to your company. This shows if If you do have to create need, your modelyour product/service is an existing need by will be heavily focused on educatingif people are already searching on those prospects.terms searching for | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  14. 14. Page 14 Where to Get Leads To Find Think about your existing assets when thinking of where to get leads. Existing lead generation assets include: List / Leads One of the first things every sales execu- tive should do when starting a new position is test the list and lead sources the Best • • • Web Leads Email Database Tradeshow Lists currently being used by their new company. • List Vendors Randomly pick 300 leads from each list Source for • • Lead Vendors Social and see which lists result in the highest contact ratios. This is absolutely critical to the success of a sales department. It’s also important to consider the size of Leads it’s leads that are bringing in the type of deals that keep sales afloat. However, the most important thing to consider is what lead Whether you’re the new executive of a startup that is building everything from scratch, a turn-around company that sources produce the best leads. To deter- you’re hoping to get out of stagnant Important mine this, it’s important that you test. Remember growth, or a company that’s already doing well but wants to do better the process is always the same. While testing is typically a marketing to Test strategy, it’s very important that sales executives learn this. Tip Test your lists and leads to see which ones are working and which are | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  15. 15. Page 15 Defining Your Selling ModelDefining your selling method poses some Selling Methodsreally big questions. Is your selling methoda specialist or general model?In a research study con-ducted with Dr. James Oldroyd, it wasdiscovered there was a seven point differ-ence between the close ratios between thespecialist model vs. a generalist model. Generalist Model Specialist Model The sales rep is someone who finds This model has a specialized rep han-That means if the average generalist is and qualifies the lead, closes the deal, dling each step: finding and qualifying,getting a twelve percent close ratio, a spe- and delivers the customer to support. closing the deal, and delivering to cus-cialist model in the same space is getting a tomer support.nineteen percent close ratio. So that’s notseven percent, that’s seven points.When designing your inside sales depart-ment, you may decide that a hybrid model up and coming account executive (bothis best. These decisions need to be made of these are closers), and two or threeearly on. business development reps. These sales professionals are supported by engineers,At, we have teams with developers, and implementation managersa veteran regional sales manager, an and specialists to assist | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  16. 16. Page 16 Compensation StrategiesDepending on the type of sales reps The Harvard Business Review did a studyyou will be hiring, there are a few differ- a few years back that discovered thatent models to follow when determining pay itself was not the key motivator forcompensation. employees. However, lack of enough pay or lack of pay that’s aligned was a bigLead Generation Reps de-motivator. The areas of personal rec- 1. Base Salary ognition, achievement, personal growth 2. Effort Bonus (20% of base salary) and learning (mentioned previously) were 3. Lead Bonus much stronger overall motivators. 4. Revenue Share Motivate Your RepsCloser 1. Base Salary PowerStandings 2. Base Commission Bring gamification to your team. 3. Accelerator (depending on level • Capture reps competitive energy above quota) • Real time performance ranking • Results oriented environment Click for | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  17. 17. Page 17 Quality, Speed, PriceAs an executive, it’s important to define Qualitywho you are as a company, or as a divisionof that company.Years ago, the comedian Red Skelton fromNBC said, “Quality, Speed or Price. Pickany two.” What this means is if you’re aprice and speed based company then qual-ity may suffer. Alternatively, if you’re aquality centered organization with a lowprice, you aren’t as worried about speed.TipIt can be very difficult to do all three. Fewcompanies have accomplished it. Decidenow what areas you are going to focus onand stick to your decision. Price | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  18. 18. Page 18 CultureOnce a high-end, ultimate sales executive Tip As a sales manager, ask yourself, “Wherecomes on board, the first thing they have The culture of your department directly is my culture? Which area motivates myto deal with is culture. There are two kinds impacts your customers. Always perform employees to want to come to work and toof culture: the culture of the company and a net promoter score test to see how excel to get the job done?”the culture within the sales organization. your culture is impacting your customer’s experience. The best mix of motivators is love and duty.The culture found within the sales orga- When fear and hate start entering into anization can either be a huge asset or a company’s culture it can create ahuge liability to an executive depending on 4 Levels of Motivation toxic it’s shaped. When determining how to motivate your employees to increase efficiency andThe good news? The sales executive is the productivity, it’s important that sales exec-one who shapes the culture more than utives understand the different levels ofanybody else. motivation. While they all get results, they create very different feelings of the cultureAt, we have built our own of your organization.culture – we call it “scrappy.” We workextremely hard, invest in technology, and 4 Levels of Motivation:perform community service. All of these • Love • Dutyactivities contribute to our culture and • Fear • Hateshape what it | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  19. 19. Page 19 BANT vs. ANUMBANT ANUM RANDUMB = Budget A = Authority R = RarelyA = Authority N = Need A = AnyN = Need U = Urgency N = NeedT = Timing M = Money D = Decision Maker U = Urgency M = MoneyHow do you qualify your leads and how The BANT model was reexamined and it From many years of experience in insidedo you forecast? A model that has been was found that only 25% of companies sales, we’ve found if you find the rightaround for over 25 years is BANT make purchase decisions based on their decision maker and build the need, the annual budget. Therefore, a new model urgency and money tend to appear. Addi- needed to be created to reflect these tionally, there is a third model that some findings called ANUM companies base their business on called RANDUMIf you’re randomly qualifying your leads then your forecast capabilities are almost 50/50.You could practically flip a coin and predict the outcome. It’s important that you defineyour qualification model so that you can accurately | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  20. 20. 7 Rules to Increase Page 20 Contact RatiosFrom industry research, conducted by the 1. Immediacy – Respond to leads within 5 minutes. The odds of contacting a lead research division, called a the first 5 minutes versus waiting 30 minutes drops 100 times.ResponseAudit, we’ve found the average company takes 48 hours and 44 minutes 2. Persistency – A best practice is to make six calls on all outbound leads and nine calls onto respond to their web-generated leads. inbound leads. Always leave three voicemails and emails. Any more than that and youAdditionally, only 27 percent of web-gener- become a pest. ated leads are ever contacted. 3. Optimal – Include a field on web forms asking your prospect when the best time to reach them is. If they want to be contacted, they will tell you when to call.These rules will dramatically increase thenumber of leads you are able to contact 4. Time of Day – From internal research, has determined the beginningand create a better contact ratio than the and the end of the work day are the best time to make contact.industry average. 5. Day of Week – From the same internal research, has determined thatTip Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays are the best.Check out’s LocalPres- ence product which allows sales reps to 6. Direct Dial – As a best practice, have your reps ask for direct telephone numbers todisplay a local number when calling into a decision makers. This will increase contact ratios and help avoid gatekeepers.long distance area code. 7. Caller ID – Research has shown that by displaying a local number of the Caller ID of theFor a more in-depth discussion on increas- person you’re trying to reach, the chances of them answering improve 57.8 contact ratios, download our coldcalling and contact ratio | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  21. 21. Page 21 Top Sales Manager Obstacles Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry100%’s research study, “The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry,” surveyed sales reps and managers across 75% the United States to determine what obsta- cles are most common in the industry. 56.9% 50% 48.3% Specifically, the top three problems sales 41.1% managers are having in the industry are: 36.0% 23.4% 1. Finding good leads 25% 20.9% 2. Hiring the Right People 14.0% 9.4% 3. Accurately Reporting Information 0% Download the executive summary of the Finding Hiring the Making Sure Properly Compensating Employee Using the Right Other research report to view a complete over- Good Leads Right People Information is Training Reps Sales Agents Turnover Equipment Reported Correctly view of the | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  22. 22. Summary Credits Page 22From this eBook, you now understand the best practices in hiring CO NTENTthe ultimate executive and creating an effective inside sales Ken Krogue |department. Trish Bertuzzi |What now? www.bridgegroupinc.comFrom implementing these best practices, you can now confidentlyhire, onboard, and set your newly hired executive loose to be thestrategic thinker you hired them to be. WRITERS Alex Orton |This eBook was based on a webinar originally presented by Trish Jessica Winn |Bertuzzi and Ken Krogue. View the webinar at CO PY EDITO R Jessica Dyer | Designer Scott Humphries | | The Bridge Group, Inc. Share this eBook:
  23. 23. Inside Sales Metrics Boost Contact Ratesfor SaaS CompaniesFocusing on Inside Sales in SaaS Download Free eBookcompanies, this report is based onresearch of 197 B2B companies. Get Your Copy