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In this presentation, Larry Jones from Xyratex describes how ClusterStor puts productivity into high performance data storage. The new ClusterStor 9000 dramatically raises the bar in terms of both performance and efficiency, delivering up to 50% more performance in the same rack space compared to previous ClusterStor generations.

Learn more: http://xyratex.com
Watch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-aTx

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  • FACT - Industry 1st Sustained Throughput Over 1TB/s Predictable Linear Scalability Highest Concentrated PerformanceFACT - Industry 1st Engineered Solution for Lustre® Fastest deploymentComprehensive Ease of Use, Management and SupportFACT - Industry largest OEM disk storage system provider Leading storage innovation Proven track record and integration skillsFACT - Industry largest supplier of disk drive capital equipmentIndustry Lowest Field Reported Disk Drive Failure Rate
  • No Matter How Small or Large the Scale - Delivers Exactly What You Need Already fastest,with room to grow… Over 25,000 compute clients Over 35,000 file creates / deletes per second
  • Highest efficiency per disk drive - 92MB/s delivered - scaled linearly and sustained at scale – measured across 14,725 drivesNote – CS6
  • Xyratex SC13 Podcast

    1. 1. Puts Productivity Into HPC Storage
    2. 2. FAST - 1st to Deliver Sustained 1 TB/s New: Up to 60+ GB/s per Rack – 50% faster! RELIABLE - Lowest Disk Failure Rate New: ClusterStor RAID up to 400% faster MTTR! EFFICIENT - Highest Efficiency Per Drive New: 33% less power for the same performance! * Contrast to previous generation
    3. 3. Scaling Significantly Above Sustained 1 TB/s Throughput First to Exceed Sustained 1 TB/s NEW – Announcing ClusterStor™ 9000 ClusterStor 9000 ClusterStor 6000 ClusterStor 1500 Capacity Fastest Time to Results at Any Scale
    4. 4. ClusterStor Grid RAID ClusterStor RAID Up to 400% faster rebuild time Traditional RAID Rebuild Time RAID Rebuild Time Mandatory to effectively implement high capacity drives and solutions Grid RAID delivers up to 400% faster rebuild time Consolidates 4 to1 reduction in Object Storage Targets
    5. 5. Puts Productivity into HPC Storage The Fast, Reliable and Efficient Engineered Solution for HPC and Big Data • Built-in reliability and availability • Engineering Finance Genomics Energy Defense Delivers fastest, mature and proven Lustre® solution • Pharmacology Smartest, most efficient capabilities
    6. 6. Announcing ClusterStor™ 9000 and New Features
    7. 7. Announcing ClusterStor™ 9000 Engineered to Perform ClusterStor Manager ClusterStor Manager 1.4 • Enhanced management visibility • Simple click through to problem FRU Lustre 2.5 Bullet-Proof • Multiple metadata managers Lustre • Imperative recovery • HSM support ClusterStor Operating System ClusterStor OS • ClusterStor RAID • Flash Accelerator • CIFS / NFS Gateway High Efficiency • T10 DIF Type 2 Platform ClusterStor Platform • Now 50% Faster
    8. 8. Announcing ClusterStor™ 9000 Engineered Solution for HPC and Big Data • Now 50% faster than previous generation • Up to 9 GB/s per 5U-84 Scalable Storage Unit • Leverages latest Lustre® capabilities • Industry’s only engineered solution optimized for All Three Customer Mandates… • End-to-End Speed • Enterprise Bullet Proof Reliability • Clear Industry Leading Efficiency by Wide Margin ClusterStor 9000
    9. 9. Extending Total Solution Productivity NEW - Solutions to improve availability and reliability • • ClusterStor RAID Data Integrity Enhancements T10 DIF Type 2 NEW – Greater efficiency, workflow consolidation and productivity • • • • ClusterStor Flash Accelerator ClusterStor CIFS / NFS Gateway Enhanced Management Visibility Latest Lustre® Capabilities
    10. 10. ClusterStor delivers superior productivity, investment protection and ROI results • Extending linear performance Pharmacology Engineering Finance Genomics Energy Defense • Powerful robustness and reliability tools • Unmatched production proven efficiency
    11. 11. Thank you!