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Today IBM debuted new Power Systems servers built on an "open server" platform. According to Big Blue, the new scale-out Power servers culminate a $2.4 billion investment and are built from the ground up to harness Big Data with the new IBM POWER8 processor.

This is the first truly disruptive advancement in high-end server technology in decades, with radical technology changes and the full support of an open server ecosystem that will seamlessly lead our clients into this world of massive data volumes and complexity," said Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems and Technology Group. “There no longer is a one-size-fits-all approach to scale out a data center. With our membership in the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM’s POWER8 processor will become a catalyst for emerging applications and an open innovation platform.”

Learn more: http://wp.me/p3RLEV-2jq

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Power8 OpenPOWER Podcast

  1. 1. Power8 Systems: Open Innovation to Put Data to Work © 2014 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Under Embargo Until Announce POWER8 & OpenPOWER: Leading an Industry Shift 2 IBM is playing a leading role in an industry shift toward collaborative server technology development through: OpenPOWER Foundation – Working with Google, NVIDIA, Samsung and more to collaboratively design new servers to tackle Big Data New IBM POWER8 Systems – IBM’s first series of servers built on an open server platform, designed for large, scale-out computing environments and Big Data • The result of a $2.4 billion investment, 3+ years of development and exploiting hundreds of IBM patents • Expanded support for Linux – developments include the availability of Canonical's Ubuntu Server, along with Red Hat and SUSE, and the introduction of PowerKVM • Through the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM released detailed technical specifications for its POWER8 processor, inviting collaborators to innovate on the processor and server platform
  3. 3. Under Embargo Until Announce 3 Delivering the world’s first open server ecosystem revolutionizing the way IT is developed & delivered Superior cloud price/performance advantages & security to move data-centric applications to the cloud First server processor generation optimized for Big Data & analytics with POWER8 innovative design Power Systems: Open innovation to put data to work Designed for Big Data Superior Cloud Economics Open Innovation Platform $2B Opportunity in 2015 $2B Opportunity in 2015$6B Opportunity in 2015
  4. 4. Under Embargo Until Announce POWER8 Systems deliver Big Data insights 50x faster Running Cognos BI reports, and analytics on POWER8 with DB2 with BLU Acceleration versus Ivy Bridge with a traditional database 4 50x is based on IBM internal testing of sample analytic workloads of varying complexity; current as of March 28, 2014. Performance improvement figures are cumulative of all queries in the workload. Individual results will vary depending on individual workloads, configurations and conditions. IBM Analytics Stack: IBM Power System S824; 24 cores / 192 threads, POWER8; 3.5GHz, 384 GB memory, DB2 with BLU Acceleration v10.5 and Cognos v 10.2 Competitivestack: HP DL380p; 24 cores / 48 threads; Intel E5-2697 v2; 2.7 GHz; 384 GB; Traditional database and Cognos v 10.2 + DB2 with BLU Acceleration on POWER8 for Cognos BI is ‘Fast on Fast on Fast!’ + First processer designed for Big Data with massive parallelism and bandwidth for real-time results • 20-40x more throughput for simple and intermediate reports • >100x better throughput for complex reports Dynamic Query Compatib le Query Dynami c Cubes Power Systems drive superior cloud economics • Managed Service Providers • Industry-leading server quality and utilization levels help to reduce floor space, power and cooling costs. • Scale-out intelligently with less hardware, energy and cooling requirements • Hybrid Cloud • Connect workloads on SoftLayer with back office applications on Power Systems • Next-generation automation with Software Defined Environment
  5. 5. Under Embargo Until Announce Making Linux on Power Systems Easy 5© 2014 IBM Corporation Easy Exploitation of Power Systems for ALL Linux Applications Most well written x86/Linux applications written in scripting or interpretive languages will run as is Estimated >95% x86/Linux applications written in C/C++ will require no source code change, only a recompile Leveraging Open Collaboration across the stack Software Defined Environment Expanding the Ecosystem
  6. 6. Under Embargo Until Announce OpenPOWER Foundation: Growing a Community 6© 2014 IBM Corporation Platinum Members Suzhou Member and Pipeline Diversity across the ecosystem IBM IBM Nvidia Altera Suzhou PowerCore Xilinx VeriSilicon Mellanox Fusion-io Micron Samsung SK Hynix Emulex IBM Tyan Chuanghe Telco Tech Servergy Inspur ZTE IBM Google IBM Teamsun Canonical Google Jülich Supercomputer Centre Key: Founding Members New Members since announce Web 2.0 Internet Data Center Cloud High Perf Computing Software Linux ISV Open Source Firmware Open Source Systems ODM OEM I/O Memory Networking Storage Chip SoC Dev IP Dev Technology Fab 100+ inquiries and active dialogues underway
  7. 7. Under Embargo Until Announce Power Systems S822LPower Systems S812L •1-socket, 2U •Linux Only •2-socket, 2U •Linux Only •2-socket, 2U •All Operating Systems Power Systems S822 Power Systems S814 •1-socket, 4U •All Operating Systems Power Systems S824 Power Systems Scale-Out Portfolio •2-socket, 4U •All Operating Systems Power Systems S824L •2-socket, 4U •Linux Only •SOD 7© 2014 IBM Corporation