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In this slidecast, Daniel Noer from Panasas describes the company's new PanFS 5.5 release, which offers Windows support for technical computing.

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Panasas PanFS 5.5 Podcast

  1. 1. Panasas PanFS 5.5 Briefing FEBRUARY, 2014 Embargoed until March 11 PANASAS PRODUCT MARKETING
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS  Geoffrey Noer, Sr. Director of Product Marketing +1 408 215 6780+1.408.215.6780 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. PANASAS OVERVIEW  Scale-out NAS Solutions for Enterprise and Research • ActiveStor appliances in 5th generation • Shipping Since 2004 with 19 patents issued (more pending)Shipping Since 2004, with 19 patents issued (more pending)  Panasas Management • Storage-focused executive management team Highly experienced technical team• Highly experienced technical team − Dr. Garth Gibson, Founder & Chief Scientist, Author of “Berkeley RAID Paper”  VC Funded S V t I t l C it l M h D id C l l G• Samsung Ventures, Intel Capital, Mohr Davidow, Carlyle Group, Centennial Industry Recognition COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 3 Faye Pairman, Panasas CEO Cloud Project of the Year Public Sector Storage Project of the Year
  4. 4. PANASAS GROWTH  Strong Financial Position • Fueled by growing base of customers in both commercial Active Customer Count customers in both commercial and public sectors  Global Presence >400 active customers• >400 active customers • >50 countries  Loyal, Brand Name Customers • High repeat-buy rate Worldwide Support with Over 50 Resellers COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. WHAT WE DO: NEXT-GEN STORAGE COMPUTE CLIENTS Legacy Storage Panasas ActiveStor COMPUTE CLIENTS CPUs = RAID ENGINES PANASAS DIRECTFLOWPANASAS DIRECTFLOW PARALLEL + SCALABLE RAID RAID RAID RAID File server PANASAS STORAGE NETAPP HP DELLNETAPP HP DELLNETAPP, HP, DELLNETAPP, HP, DELL  Traditional file system  Serial data path  Metadata server is in the data path  Parallel file system  Parallel data path  Metadata server out of band COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 5 Metadata server is in the data path  RAID bottlenecked by file server  Block-based RAID – entire drives are reconstructed Metadata server out of band  RAID performance scales with number of clients  Object RAID – only damaged files are rebuilt
  6. 6. PANASAS® ACTIVESTOR™  Leading Performance, Fully Parallel • Bladed design allows capacity and performance to scale linearly to 8PB and 150GB/sscale linearly to 8PB and 150GB/s • No in-band filer heads or hardware RAID controllers to constrain performance  Easy to Deploy Use and Manage Easy to Deploy, Use, and Manage • Tightly integrated system • Set up or grow capacity in under ten minutes • Single global namespaceSingle, global namespace  High Reliability and Availability • Object RAID with vertical parity and parallel RAID reconstruction limits exposure upon drive failurereconstruction limits exposure upon drive failure • High redundancy in hardware and software ActiveStor 14 10 h l 830TB COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 6 10 shelves, 830TB
  7. 7. ACTIVESTOR BLADE ARCHITECTURE Storage Blade Storage Blade Director Blade Director Blade  CPU cache network  CPU cache data storage ActiveStor ApplianceActiveStor Appliance CPU, cache, network  Orchestrates system activity  Metadata services CPU, cache, data storage  Enables parallel reads/writes  Advanced caching algorithms SwitchSwitchFullFull  Up to 83TB per 4U chassis  Scalable to over 8 petabytes U t 1 6GB/ h i S tc Module S tc ModuleRackRack  Up to 1.6GB/s per chassis  Easy to install, easy to manage  Low Total Cost of Ownership  10GbE networking  InfiniBand Router 2 option COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 7 InfiniBand Router 2 option for IB connectivity  830TB & 15GB/s per 40U rack
  8. 8. ACTIVESTOR 14: SATA + SSD  Intelligent, Unified, and Cost Effective • Large files stored on high capacity Enterprise SATA hard drives 120- 480GBhard drives • Metadata and up to 60KB files stored on SSD • Up to 8x faster small file performance and directory listings SSD 8-16GB C h CPU g • Improved file system responsiveness to end users  Hybrid Storage Ideal for Mixed Workloads • Strong at Both Throughput and IOPS Cache 2-4TB HDD x2 Strong at Both Throughput and IOPS • Up to 14,000 random 4KB file read IOPS per shelf ActiveStor 14 Storage Blade COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. INTRODUCING PANFS 5.5  ActiveStor with PanFS 5.5 is the first scale-out NAS solution for technical computing workflows with enterprise-grade Microsoft® Windows® supportWindows® support  Compatibility with mixed IT environments is important for many technical computing workflows: • Data uploaded from Windows workstation • Data analyzed/simulated on Linux compute cluster • Results inspected/visualized on Windows workstation  PanFS 5.5 significantly improves ActiveStor suitability for enterprise deployments • Energy, Finance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. PANFS 5.5 FEATURES  Enterprise Grade Microsoft® Windows® Support • Commercially licensed CIFS protocol − SMB 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 • Comprehensive Windows client support − Windows Server 2003, 2008 (including RC2) − Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 • Improved integration into heterogeneous IT environmentsImproved integration into heterogeneous IT environments − High fidelity Access Control List (ACL) support (including inheritance) − Active Directory enhancements: trusted domain support • Improved manageability − Single computer account/single domain joinSingle computer account/single domain join  Performance Enhancements • Up to 2x faster Windows access • Up to 67% faster NFS v3 accessUp to 67% faster NFS v3 access  New Availability and Security Features • File system availability now at more granular level (per-volume basis) − Builds on PanFS 5.0 RAID reconstruction volume priority feature COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10 p y • Enhanced DirectFlow security: IP-Based exports control
  11. 11. PANFS 5.5 PRICING & AVAILABILITY  Compatibility • ActiveStor 11, 12, 14 P i i Pricing • PanFS 5.5 is available free of charge for all Panasas systems under a current support & maintenance agreement  Availability • PanFS 5.5 is expected to ship March 31, 2014 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 11