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In this slidecast, Guy Fraker presents: get2know - Big Data for the Shared Economy.

With shared rides, cars, bikes, and even rooms, the issue of trust is huge. The folks at get2know have a developed a "Trust Engine" that uses Big Data to help you decide who you trust to share your stuff. Amazing!

As we build out to scale, we’ll provide a playground for alliance partners to reward consumers who utilize shared services in postive ways. We will deliver a searchable aggregated view of shared economy providers WITH utilization incentives. By doing both in a single view, using single sign-on, we provide an economic reason to be scored. We believe that by partnering with the Collaborative Consumption community, a market is created where no user asks, “ok- I got my score- now what?” get2kno is about creating a market, not building a platform."

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Get2kno Overview

  1. 1. getting-2-know:Tuesday, May 7, 13
  2. 2. The leadership team:Sean Udall, CFO/COO -- Has drivenfoundational work in shaping three fortune1000 companies’ Risk Management andTreasury units.  He led Economic Capitalmodeling and investment strategy consultingfor investments in excess of $100 billiondollars. Sean launched The TechStrat Reportwhere his often prescient calls on technologydisruption, global economics and stock priceforecasts have been published since 2007 viaMinyanville Media ( Guy Fraker, CEO -- Has 25 years experience inthe insurance industry including agent &marketing executive. Built a scenario planningpractice within State Farm for 12 years; co-founded a tactical innovation practice thatincluded corporate venture as well as R&D; and 3years advising shared economy companies. Guyis fearless about learning and has a total of 12startup ventures in his experience. Sean and Guyhave worked together for over five years creatingrisk management solutions based on disruptiveinnovation.Tuesday, May 7, 13
  3. 3. The Development TeamMarkum Reed is the computeradministrator and a macroeconomicinstructor for the Southern IllinoisUniversity Economics Department. Heholds a M.S. degree from SIU and iscurrently Finishing his dissertation entitledDiving in to Social Networks for his in Economics from Southern IllinoisUniversity, Carbondale. His researchinterest include social and economicnetworking theory, computationaleconomics, game theory, multi-agentsystems, and social capital and networkcohesion. He is working on the get2Knoeconomy development team.Henry Hexmoor received the M.S. degreefrom Georgia Tech, AtlantaPh.D. computer science from the StateUniversity of New York, Buffalo, in 1996.He is a long time IEEE senior member.Currently, he is an Associate Professor withthe Computer Science Department, SouthernIllinois University, Carbondale, IL.He has published widely in artificialintelligence and multiagent systems.His research interests include multiagentsystems, artificial intelligence, cognitivescience, mobile robotics, and predictivemodels for transportation systems.He is leading the get2Kno shared economyd e v e l o p m e n t t e a m s u p p o r t e d b yTechsolutions and Services, Inc.Purvag Patel is a doctoral candidate at Department ofComputer Science, Southern Illinois University (SIU)Carbondale with specialization in ArtificialIntelligence. He received the M.S. in computer sciencefrom SIU, in 2009 and B.E. in Computer Engineeringfrom the Gujarat University.His research is focused on computing with words, andexpert systems. His research interests include fuzzylogic, social network analysis, machine learning, searchengines, computer games, and multiagent systems. Heis an energetic Software Engineer with softwaredevelopment experience in various technologies suchas Java, JEE, Groovy, Apache, Apache Tomcat, PHP,SQL, and Spring framework.He is working as a technical consultant in thedevelopment team supported by Techsolutions andServices, Inc. for get2Kno. He is responsible for thedevelopment, social integration, and deployment of theMinimal Viable Product (MVP) for get2kno.Tuesday, May 7, 13
  4. 4. Combining Consumers with --Collaborative Consumption (CC) Economy, RiskManagement, and State Of the Art Technologies = Market4TechnologyConsumersBusinessBreak-thruInnovationTuesday, May 7, 13
  5. 5. Combining Consumers with --Collaborative Consumption (CC) Economy, RiskManagement, and State Of the Art Technologies = Market4TechnologyConsumersBusinessBreak-thruInnovationTuesday, May 7, 13
  6. 6. get2kno is:a peer topeermarketThesecurity ofa LifeLockRewardsGROWTHinutilization+ + =Tuesday, May 7, 13
  7. 7. The Problem:Shared Economy:ViralMembershipGrowthShared Economy Utilization:Modest Growth, evenDeclining in some casesTuesday, May 7, 13
  8. 8. Shared Economy is Fractional: Providing accessTuesday, May 7, 13
  9. 9. Q: What’s Missing? A: Trust, Rewards, A single view-Growth in utilization (net ROI)Tuesday, May 7, 13
  10. 10. TheSolution:9Consumer Value Prop:Greater transparency andsecurity in all CCtransactions;Rewarded for consistentutilizationBusiness Value Prop: B2B:Each Consumer who comesto get2kno, and joins a CCco, = reduced new memberexpense for the CC partner;B2C: Rewards Systemincents & gamifysutilization;Rewards B2B: Provides amarket for experimentation& growthTechnology:State of The Art Analytical &Predictive Platform : Dynamic,Contextual to the Shared Economy;Core approach:Simplicity, Secure, Flexible &AdaptableTuesday, May 7, 13
  11. 11. TheRevenues10Technology:Scalable & Flexible:Can license the IP,become SAS for othermarkets;Resale of dataConsumer:B2C: Single Sign-onwith free profile &“Premium Profile”The more informationwe can use, the higherthe score: the greaterthe rewardsBusiness:Will experimentwith CC & RewardsPartners: value perclick; and/orsubscriptionBreak-thruInnovationTuesday, May 7, 13
  12. 12. Substantial MonetizationOpportunities1. Utilization based fees from the CC providers,2. Premium profile subscription fees backed byincentives,3. Utilization based and/or subscription based feesamong "rewards partners"4. Ad revenues5. SAS licensing for additional sectors across globalmarkets. Tuesday, May 7, 13
  13. 13. The market: Economic pressures createOpportunity41%+ U.S. population$1 Bill S.L. Debt,Urban,Grew up sharing44%+ U.S. population$1 Bill Mtg Debt,Owns underutilized assetsTuesday, May 7, 13
  14. 14. Exploding sector: According to tech industry analyst Frost & Sullivan the Shared Economy is $110Bmarket sectorStrong base: Peer to peer (p2p) exchange of goods for short term utilization = $2,000 a minute @ only30%-45% of members usingNot a mature markets: Current inventory of p2p entities = 261+: 55%+ of all firms founded since 2009& P2P companies now outnumber “traditional” collaborative consumption co’s.Recognized need: Over 20 hours of interviews with 12 p2p CEO’s: increasing “trust” among memberswill be the key to growthOpportunity for internal and top-line growth: 90 days of social media text mining reveals “trust” as themost significant concern among both existing members and those who are aware of the services but havenot joined.Growth for partners: 45%-70% of the P2P members never use the service; yet the average traditional carshare member holds 4 memberships due to demand exceeding capacity- trust defines this difference incapacity vs utilization.Tuesday, May 7, 13
  15. 15. get2kno brings together users andproviders and rewards both13Tuesday, May 7, 13
  16. 16. Putting it All Together• Target Immense Opportunity in Viral Growth, butUnder-Utilized CC Verticals• Novel Technology Solution with Unique RiskManagement Approach• get2kno – “utilizes big data to create a proprietarysolution, enabling the next leg of growth in a very hotsector, the collaborative consumption economy. Tuesday, May 7, 13
  17. 17. Feedback from a Beta user• "Guy and his team have solved a fundamental problem of the internet:how to establish credibility in a huge morass of anoms. When I firstsigned into Get2Kno I was blown away at all the data that wascollapsed into a super-simple, incredibly functional number (Im a 110in case youre wondering). Though its a little bit of a "magic box", Iknow that Get2Kno stands on the shoulders of a team that dwarfs theaverage Silicon Valley upstarts... these guys have YEARS ofexperience behind them. Combine that with the strong partnershipfocus of the company and youve got the next disruptive group poisedto tackle Big Data and come home with the title"Tuesday, May 7, 13