Continuuity 2.0 The Big Data App Server


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This launch presentation describes the Continuuity Reactor 2.0 Big Data App server.

"Continuuity enabled our developers to easily build, deploy, scale and run our app without worrying about standing up and managing a Big Data infrastructure," said Sean Pudney, VP Engineering at Payvment. "Thanks to Continuuity, we were able to slash time to market for a Big Data app that processes real-time signals from millions of people across the Web to power our social e-commerce discovery destination,"

Watch the video presentation:

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Continuuity 2.0 The Big Data App Server

  1. 1. 2.0 LAUNCH JONATHAN GRAY, CEO Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13
  2. 2. CONTINUUITY • Founded in October 2011, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA • Founded by experienced team of Big Data pioneers (Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Google) • Company Size: 24 Employees • Raised: ‣ $2.5M Series Seed in Jan 2012 ‣ $10M Series A in Nov 2012 ‣ VCs ‣ Battery Ventures Ignition Partners Andreessen Horowitz Others - The Data Collective Amplify Partners Paul Ambrose (Founder, CEO Weblogic) Bob Pasker (Founder, CTO Weblogic) Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13
  3. 3. Continuuity Reactor TM The industry’s first Big Data Application Server Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13
  4. 4. PRODUCTS • Reactor Development Kit (public beta available now) ‣ ‣ • Fully featured downloadable developer kit and Local Reactor Includes SDKS, tutorials, samples, docs, etc Reactor Developer Sandbox (public beta available now) ‣ ‣ • Free, self-service, hosted cloud environment for 30 days 4 cores, 4GB of memory, 120GB of storage Cloud Reactor (private beta available now) ‣ ‣ Fully integrated Big Data Application platform ‣ • Single tenant, public cloud PaaS Hosted and operated by Continuuity's world class Ops Team Enterprise Reactor (private beta available now, production release in Q4) ‣ Installs over your existing Hadoop 2.0 cluster ‣ Enables your own internal Big Data PaaS, accelerating development ‣ Your Ops team runs it along with your Hadoop cluster Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13
  5. 5. VALUE PROP • Slash time to Business Value ‣ ‣ • Go from zero to loading data in hours not weeks or months Allow your developers to focus on your business applications, not low level infrastructure Rapidly build and deploy Big Data apps ‣ ‣ Pre-packaged building blocks for common Data and Application Patterns ‣ • Full end-to-end development lifecycle using Continuuity SDK and product suite Seamless PaaS and “Push-to-Cloud” experience for test/dev and production environments Leverage Existing talent and assets ‣ ‣ • No need to hire expensive Hadoop developers: use your existing Java developers Integrate your application into your existing test/dev process and CI/build system Reduce costs to develop Big Data applications ‣ No need to hire expensive Ops: we can take care of that for you Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13
  6. 6. 2.0 HIGHLIGHTS • The first production-ready release of Continuuity Reactor • Focus on performance, production, and developer experience ‣ ‣ • Scalability, performance and reliability required by large-scale production applications Ability to deploy entire application in the SandBox Reactor with a pre-packaged web-server New Features and Capabilities for 2.0 ‣ ‣ • Batch, Basic Workflow, Resource View and Metrics Explorer enabled across products / UIs High-availability and high-throughput for Gateway, DataFabric, AppFabric Strategic partnership with Rackspace ‣ Continuuity Reactor will add support for Rackspace’s OpenStack and will feature in Rackspace Cloud MarketPlace Tools ‣ Continuuity developers will deploy their Big Data apps to Rackspace Cloud using SandBox Reactor Wednesday, October 23, 13
  7. 7. 2.0 FEATURES ‣ Reactor Hadoop Support - CDH 4.x, HDP 2.x, Apache >= 2.0.4 ‣ Kerberos Integration Support for Web Applications ‣ Improved Log Viewer - High Availability of Reactor ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Performance - Process twitter fire-hose (> 20K tweets / sec) - Analytics and ML+NLP w/ data consistency Wednesday, October 23, 13 Know about how your cluster is being utilized across your applications running. Control reactor through Restful APIs ‣ User defined application metrics UI Resource View - With CGROUP / LXC ‣ Metrics Explorer - HBase, HDFS & Zookeeper Resource Isolation - ‣ Filter log by log levels coming from your apps ‣ Workflow - Programmatic APIs for scheduling and orchestrating workflows in your application
  8. 8. STREAMY LITE • Personalized RSS Recommendation System • 4 major components of Streamy Lite: ‣ ‣ Crawler ‣ Targeting and Ranking System ‣ • Content Management System Analytics Showcase the power of Continuuity platform ‣ Lines of Code: 4000 from 35000 ‣ Build Time Hrs: 40 from 4800 ‣ Operational Cost: 2 man-hours/week from 1 full-time Wednesday, October 23, 13
  9. 9. Q&A Continuuity Proprietary and Confidential Wednesday, October 23, 13