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In this slidecast, Manan Goel from Teradata describes the company's new Aster Discovery Analytics Platform. ...

In this slidecast, Manan Goel from Teradata describes the company's new Aster Discovery Analytics Platform.

"The innovative design of the Aster Discovery Platform will liberate data scientists around the world by reducing complexity, breaking down analytic silos, and magnifying analytic ability,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “The Aster Discovery Platform is the first to offer cross-analytic engine optimization and data processing innovations that make it faster and easier for a wider group of users to leverage Aster’s analytics. The Aster Discovery Platform will fuel innovation and profoundly impact business results.”

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    Aster Discovery Platform Slidecast Aster Discovery Platform Slidecast Presentation Transcript

    • Conversations Business and IT Leaders are Having New types of data present new opportunities Gain unmatched competitive advantage using Big Data Empower existing resources to generate value from big data 2 10/15/13 Reduce complexity of big data analytics Bring big data analytics to every enterprise consumer Teradata Confidential
    • TERADATA UNIFIED DATA ARCHITECTURE ERP VIEWPOINT TVI MDM CONNECTORS UNITY SQL-H, UNITY, SMART LOADER Marketing Marketing Executives Applications Operational Systems SCM INTEGRATED DATA WAREHOUSE CRM Images Audio and Video DATA PLATFORM TERADATA DATABASE TERADATA PORTFOLIO FOR HADOOP Business Intelligence Data Mining Frontline Workers Customers Partners Engineers Machine Logs DISCOVERY PLATFORM Math and Stats Data Scientists Text Web and Social TERADATA ASTER DATABASE Languages Business Analysts' USERS SOURCES APPLICATIONS
    • Discovery Platform Requirements 1 2 Multiple Analytic Methods 3 Diverse Enterprise Analysts 4 4 All Data Rapid Exploration 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential
    • Business Value All Data: Web Analytics Recommend Analysis What do you want to discover? Website Analysis TX Data 5 10/15/13 IX Logs Review Text Social Graph Teradata Confidential Influence Analysis Satisfaction Metrics Events Emails Time Text
    • Multiple Analytic Methods: Telco Churn Business Value Better Predictive Churn Results Predictive Analytics Influencer Analysis (6X) Percentile Analysis Churn Analysis Behavioral Analysis (+25%) Statistics 6 10/15/13 Path & Time Text Teradata Confidential SQL Graph Machine Learning
    • Diverse Enterprise Analysts Developers Workbench, IDE, Library Data Scientists and Analysts SQL, BI Tools Business Analysts Apps 7 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential
    • Rapid Exploration Business User ? 1 2 Data Acquisition 3 Data Preparation 4 Analysis Data Scientist Rapid Exploration Fail Fast and Discover More 8 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential Visualization
    • What We are Announced On Oct 8th Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 6 Next Generation Discovery Platform “Industry’s First Integrated Big Data Analytics and Discovery Platform” Aster 6 New Integrated Graph Analytic Engine 9 10/15/13 New Integrated File Store Teradata Confidential SNAP™ Framework for Discovery
    • Aster SQL-GR Engine ™ Built on a scalable framework to enable Big Graph Feature •  •  •  •  •  Native graph processing Massively scalable, not bound by memory limits Pre-built graph functions Integrated with SQL Designed for Analytics Benefits •  Richer insights with powerful Graph processing •  Large scale graph processing with best price performance •  Brings Graph processing to SQL audience 10 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential GRAPH
    • Recommendation for Retail Business Objective Entice shoppers to migrate from low to high margin products Increase cross sell and upsell & improve shopping experience Challenges •  Multi-structured data in a variety of formats and types •  Large amounts of data – billions of records per month •  Granular analysis not possible due to slow performance •  Traditional techniques require manual and time intensive coding Solution •  Use Aster’s Graph Analytic engine to identify bridge products that lead shoppers from low margin to high margin products •  Products are nodes, transactions are edges •  Perform many to many affinity analysis at any level of granularity Opportunity to Impact 11 10/15/13 •  Increased revenue from recouped lost sales by using behavior based personalized recommendations •  Improved shopping experience •  Insights for relevant messaging and targeted offers Teradata Confidential
    • Use Case: Recommendations – Bridge Products 12 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential
    • Use Case: HR Retention Ryan Lauren Ricky Randy Ethan Madison Jack Ella Ava 13 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential Fred Ethel
    • A New Data Store – Aster File Store ™ Based on Common Storage System and Services Feature •  Purpose-built store to capture and preprocess data in raw form •  Integral component of Aster architecture •  HDFS compatible storage API Benefits •  Fast, flexible and efficient multi-structured data ingest, access and preprocessing •  Easy storage management, access control, high availability, single cluster co-location •  100% interoperability with Hadoop HDFS 14 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential FILE STORE
    • Detect Customer Churn in Telecommunications Business Objective Detect and prevent customer churn Enhance churn prediction and find incremental at risk customers Challenges •  Siloes of customer data from multiple channels of interaction •  Multi-structured data in a variety of formats and types •  Huge amounts of data of the order of billions of records •  Limited impact of individual analytic techniques used on their own Solution •  Detect behavioral churn by seamlessly combining Aster’s Graph + Path + Text + Statistical Predictive Analysis Functions •  Analyze ALL channels of interaction to gain a 360° view •  Identify Key Patterns of Behavior that Lead to Churn •  Enable pro-active outreach to save profitable at-risk customers Business Value 16 10/15/13 •  Incremental revenue from additional high risk churners detected •  Acquisition costs avoided to replace lost customers over same period •  $10’s of millions saved in preventing brand erosion Teradata Confidential
    • Use Case Example - Prevent Churn in Telco Path 17 10/15/13 Sentiment Statistics Teradata Confidential Social Graph Higher Customer Retention
    • Aster 6 Delivers Unique Value For Business For IT •  Solve business problems that can not be solved or are difficult to solve with todays tools •  Create deeper insights using multiple analytic methods •  By making it easy to do big data analytics and discovery, brings the science of data to art of business so everyone can be a data scientist •  Discovery platform that is open, standards-based and extensible to meet your current and future needs •  Plugs seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, leverage existing skills and investments •  Scalable, reliable and manageable •  Fastest Time-to-value; rapid iterations 18 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential
    • Summary - What’s new in Aster 6 Features Benefits New Analytic Engine •  SQL-GR™ Engine Powerful Big Graph and iterative analytics A data store – Aster File Store™ Quickly and reliably ingest and analyze multi-structured data •  Leverage common storage system and services •  HDFS compatibility •  Multi-structured data flexibility, high performance •  100% HDFS compatible SNAP™ Framework Standards-based, extensible, integrated, easy and powerful discovery processing and storage •  Executor and Optimizer •  Common Storage System & Services •  Unified SQL Interface 19 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential
    • Thank You! Questions 20 10/15/13 Teradata Confidential