Need a website template with free hosting & set up


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Need a website template with free hosting & set up

  1. 1. Review – Need a Website Template With Free Hosting & Set-up? Try ThisWhen it comes to affordable websites, website templates have always been one of the most popularoptions for small businesses. Templates offer an inexpensive and quick way to create your website. Butthere are some hidden issues surrounding templates that do not first come to light.When I first bought a website template to create my website, it took me more than a month to get mywebsite launched. Finding a web-hosting company was easy. But I realized a lot of work was needed tocustomize and install the template.What if you didn’t have the time or skills to customize your template yourself?You could hire a web designer to customize your template but this will cost time and money which isoften something small businesses lack.Given the choice, most businesses would rather leave the design to experts and focus on growing thebusiness instead. With the new website service by the London based small business,now you can.What Does It Offer?Small Business is a ready-made website service that offers businesses with a quick andeasy way to get online.
  2. 2. Website templates and ready-made websites are nothing new. But this service has taken it a stepfurther by combining full website templates with free logo, web-hosting and set-up.Unlike typical website templates, your site also includes many working features that can be configuredfor your business as part of free installation. On regular templates, these features are for display onlyand don’t really work.Price:There is a flat one-time charge of £49 or $74. There are no monthly charges.Here is what you get:• Website template with 6 core pages• Additional template to add more pages• Live chat feature built-in to the website• Newsletter sign-up box integrated with the popular email marketing tool, MailChimp• Support for over a dozen social networks• Free logo• 1 Year’s free web-hosting & set-upType of Designs AvailableHere are some of the designs available on the website. There are many more.
  3. 3. Why I Chose This Service?You get more than just a template. You get a working website, installed and configured by experts – allfor the price of a regular website template.Free installation was one of the main benefits that attracted me to this service. I have used templatesbefore but finding the time to customize it myself or hiring a designer to do this was a major hindrance.It is a great idea to provide this free with the template.Who Can Benefit From This Service?Any business that is looking for a professional website with engaging features can benefit from thisservice. It offers viable alternative to using regular website templates. You can also benefit if alreadyhave a website but want to replace it with a modern design with interactive features.What Other Alternatives Are There?These days there are many options for creating a small business website affordably. Here are someother methods you may want to consider.1. Website TemplatesThere are many other website template providers that your business can use e.g. Template Monster These sites offer a good option if you are willing to spend some time and money oncustomization and installation.2. Online Website BuildersWebsite builders offer an easy to use interface and drag and drop tools to create a website easily andfast. It is similar to leasing a website for a monthly fee. The only drawback is that you will not own thecode and lose your website if you stop your subscription.
  4. 4. Here are some examples:•• MoonfruitConclusionChoosing the right method to build your small business website is a difficult decision for manybusinesses. Website templates are a great option particularly for a small business.But if you don’t have the time or skills to customize and install your template, a try. They offer a combined service that includes up-market ready-made website template, free web-hosting for one year, and free set-up. For a limited time, you will alsoget a free logo for your business. My company’s website is built with this service and I recommend it toothers.