iPhone Cases Featured in CES 2012


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iPhone Cases Featured in CES 2012

  1. 1. iPhone Cases Featured in CES 2012CES 2012 is one of the main technology exhibitions for gadgets such as iPhone,iPad and other electronic gadgets. CES 2012 was held this year in January in LasVegas, USA. Apple accessories and products including iPhone cases, iPad cases,etc featured extensively at the show this year along with other gadgets andaccessories. Some electronic gadgets and accessories featured at the show werestill in the conceptual stage of development while some were to be launched in themarket at the show or soon after the show.Tens of thousands of technology enthusiasts from all over the world attended theshow including designers, businesses, Apple and other gadget accessorydistributors, customers as well as end users. Among all the products iPhone andiPad accessories really stood out. There was an extensive range of iPad and iPhonecases on display at many of the stalls at the show.Here are 5 innovative cases that stood out and deserve a mention1. Self-Healing Case by NissanThis has been a much talked about case in blogs and forums in recent months.The so called self-healing iPhone case has received rave reviews. Nissan hope thiscase will appeal to a large audience as most phones are prone to minor scratches aspart of general wear and tear. The case is built from a specialist type of paint wherea chemical reaction is initiated to repair any scratches on the surface. It takesapproximately one hour for minor scratches to be repaired by this process althoughthe process can continue for more serious damages for up to a week. Nissan calls itthe Scratch Shield iPhone case.2. Skech Trax iPhone 4 caseThis iPhone 4 case is unique as it is made from recycled bicycle tires. They aremade by a company called Skech. This is a flip style case with a nice soft interiorand the exterior is made from recycled tires. The design is cool and the tyres give it aunique texture and a coarse, rugged look. There is easy access to power or theheadphone jack.The flap above the screen also includes a few extra sleeves for storing businesscards or bank cards. The magnetic clasp offers a very easy way to secure the case.Additionally, it also includes support for camera strap.3.Thermo Snap CaseThe thermo snap case 4 was on display by Incase who are no strangers to thismarket. This is a fund to use case with a heat-activated finish that changes colour oncontact. This unique design is inspired from thermocramatic clothing that you mayhave already come across. The case is made from strong hard material. It is user-
  2. 2. friendly and provides easy access to all controls and buttons. Available in pink atIncase, It is competitively prices at under $35 USD which should appeal to a wideaudience. The case fits the iPhone 4 and 4S models perfectly. The shade canchange from dark to light when it comes into contact with your hand. It changescolour whenever it is exposed to temperature changes.4. SolMate iPhone Solar Charger And Battery CaseIt was not surprising to see a number of Solar powered accessories on display at theCES show. General iPhone users looking for a well-designed solar charger andbattery pack case for their Smartphone. It was a display as a concept at theexhibition however it is expected to go into production soon. The case includes a1600mAH slim line battery. This should double the battery life of your iPhone.Additionally, it is supported by a small solar panel. The solar panel will charge youriPhone even in the shade or away from direct sunlight.5. iPhone battery case with infrared keyboardThis case was on display by Celluon Prodigy. This is one of the most innovativemodels on display that gives an indication of things to come. The case boasts of aninfrared keyboard similar to the ones that existed for some of the Palm models. It canbe a good extension to your phones standard touch screen display. The newProdigy iPhone 4S battery case basically projects an interactive infrared keyboardonto any flat surface which you can then use for typing. There are some smalllimitations however. Your iPhone should be stable on preferably a flat surface. It willbe rolled out in the market for just under 200 USD.This article was written by Web Design Company in London on behalf of iNproStore,suppliers of quality iPad Case, iPhone Case. For more information, visit the AppleAccessories Blog