5 website templates sites from uk worth nothing


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There are many sites that offer website templates, both free and paid. But not all of them offer good quality designs. I have compiled a list of the 5 websites from the UK that are worth noting if you are looking for a template to build your website.

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5 website templates sites from uk worth nothing

  1. 1. 5 Website Templates Sites from UK worth NothingWebsite templates are pre-made web pages that are ready for you to customize and insert your own content.Website templates offer a quick and in-expensive way to build your website and are very popular among webdesigners and end users alike.There are many sites that offer website templates, both free and paid. But not all of them offer good qualitydesigns. I have compiled a list of the 5 websites from the UK that are worth noting if you are looking for atemplate to build your website.Templates typically include a well designed homepage as well as one or more sub-pages which you can easilyuse to create additional pages for your business as required.Instead of simply choosing the most established sites, I have chosen a variety of sites with something uniqueabout them. I hope you will this list useful.1. Template Monster UKThis is the UK site of the Template Monster.Com. It offers one of the largest selections of pre-made web sitelayouts of various types from regular HTML and Flash websites to popular platforms such as Drupal, WordPressand Joomla.Why is it useful?Template Monster.Com is the most established Website template provider on the web offering over 35,000layouts including logos, graphics, Flash Intros and websites.2. Small Business Ecommerce .co.uk
  2. 2. If you are looking for a fully functional up-market website for your new business at the cost of a template, thenSmallBusinessEcommerce can help. You can get your site up and running with minimal effort. A free logo isalso available with your templatesThe template packages consist of a complete HTML websites with ready made core pages and a range of built-in features designed to help you get the most out of your website.The site has a unique approach where designs are released in small batches which are replaced frequently tomaintain exclusivity.Why is it useful?Template packages consist of fully functional HTML websites built-in features such as social media plug-in onall pages, Live Chat feature and working newsletter sign-up form integrated with the free version of thepopular MailChimp email marketing software.3. Joomla Designs
  3. 3. Joomla Designs, established in 2005, specialises in templates of the popular Joomla open source contentmanagement system. If your website uses Joomla or if you intend to use it, then Joomla Design is an affordablesource for buying your website templates from.Why is it useful?A good source for Joomla templates in UK. Joomla, in general, offers good usability and the designs are clean-cut.4. Dreamweaver GraphicsDreamweaver Graphics offers affordable websites templates for businesses. You can choose from a wideselection in several categories or types such as Flash, Ecommerce, CMS, Blogs and standard web sitetemplates. Although I cannot confirm, I believe this is one of affiliate sites that offer templates from other sitessuch as Template Monster.
  4. 4. Why is it useful?Specializes in templates compatible with the popular Dreamweaver HTML software.5. HTML5 Website TemplatesThis site offers free HTML 5 templates for varied business and promotional uses. You can choose from acollection of pre-designed web pages that are ready for you to insert your own content or customize as peryour needs. These templates are written in HTML5 and CSS.Why is it useful?The templates are free to use for both personal and commercial websites, as long as the ‘design from’ link isretained.Conclusion:The list above showcases some of the best template sites from the UK worth considering for your needs.Please however note that most of the template sites offer an outer shell of the website only and requires somelevel of customization before they can be used effectively for your business.In my opinion, I find Small Business Ecommerce.Co.uk to be the best option if you are looking to get yourwebsite up and running quickly. What I like about this site is social media compatibility and the range ofadditional features built-in to the template.Have you used website templates to create a website? Please share your experiences by leaving a commentbelow. Perhaps you would like to suggest another site for inclusion on this list.