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Barcamp 12 mei 2011 - Pearl chain

Barcamp 12 mei 2011 - Pearl chain






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    Barcamp 12 mei 2011 - Pearl chain Barcamp 12 mei 2011 - Pearl chain Presentation Transcript

    • Why KAMAZ can Winin the Value Chain
    • PearlChain: The real-time open model company
    • Agenda Engineering Database Pearlchain Concept SupplyCockpit Coverage/Level Calculation Full Trailer Load Trailer Yard Control SupplyCockpit Screens SupplyCockpit Database
    • Slide 4The Automotive Supply Chain 80% added value 20% added value Supply Chain Management (external processing) Enterprise border ERP: (internal processing) Interfaces n tier 2 tier 1 tier OEM supplier supplier supplier Logistic Flow PearlChain - concept
    • Slide 5 NedCar in a nutshell• The process is completed in four sequential phases : Press Shop Body Shop Paint Shop Final Assembly• NedCar produces 200.000 top quality cars / year or 1000 cars / day or 1 / minute.• 25% of all the industrial robots in the Netherlands are used by NedCar• Each robot needs control Cell Control
    • MAN: Truck range MAN TGL: MAN TGM: MAN TGA: True class from 7.5 Mid-range power from High performance to 12 tonnes 12 to 26 tonnes from 18 to 50 tonnes Special-purpose Military vehicles vehicles 6
    • Slide 7Spotlight on NedCar Pearlchain In Planning / Ordering / MRP & Production horizon and how they relate
    • Slide 8Technical Requirements• Continuous three shift operation• 1200 Cars produced every day• One car every 52 seconds• 20 Control points in the production flow• 2500 Items and 200 work instructions per car• 10.000.000 New database records per day• 200 Suppliers receiving more then 50.000 messages daily High availability Fault tolerance Platform independence Scalability Performance
    • Slide 9 From Manufacturing Execution System to Management Information SystemApollo Core Production Systems Web Server Production PI Computer BS-online PS-online (op vakantie) Integrated Manufacturing Execution System ComputerBS-DXV BS-MGX PS FA-DXV FA-MGX WBS PBS Web server TS SE Computer Web Browser PLC-Scada
    • Flow Based Logistics concept: PearlchainSynchronisation of production and logistics material view in sequence PearlChain sequence production WOW view in sequence keep keep keep sequence restore restore delivery sequence sequence BODYSHOP PAINTSHOP FINAL ASSEMBLY
    • Slide 12Lean at Porsche The Porsche production system is simple Principles •Pull principle •Takt principle •Flow principle •Zero-defect principle
    • Pearlchain, production progress and supply control supplier A supplier B supplier C supplier D MATERIAL FLOW material avail. material on traileryard material shipped material for production to be shipped NedCar NedCar supplier Alineside pull dock pull
    • Slide 14Engineering db – Inac / Shape-it Idea Product Process FMC Logistics Product Process VCC Logistics Multi Partner Developme KDP KDP Engineering KDP KDP Process KDP xx Authorized flows, Packaging nt format definitions Material Addresses Parts, Change Order Prod Def Features, PII Production Concept Multi Plant Engineering Database Plants Order OS MO T&T MD Product Production
    • Slide 15
    • Slide 16Important Condition Relations ( inINAC) Logical Expression : <attribute><operation><value> Atomic Condition = Logical Expression : <attribute> <operation> = ‘=‘, value = = ‘TRUE’ Logical Expression : ‘(‘ logical expression ‘)’ Nesting = Logical Expression : Logical expression + logical AND = Expression Logical Expression : Logical Expression ‘/’ logical OR = expression Logical Expression : - Logical Expression NOT = 1. UPG Mirror = Heated Mirror  Lux Level = ‘ High’ (Attribute = Lux Level, Value = High) 2. UPG Mirror = Heated Mirror  Heated Mirror (Attribute = Heated Mirror, Value = True) 3. UPG Mirror = Heated Mirror  ‘Lux Level’ = ‘High’ / Heated Mirror 4. UPG Mirror = Heated Mirror  (‘Lux Level’ = ‘High’ + Market = ‘Japan’) / Heated Mirror 5. UPG Mirror = Not Heated Mirror  - Heated Mirror
    • Logistics StrategyFrom warehouse stock towards Warehouse On Wheels Recent New internal warehouse stock Warehouse On Wheels
    • Flow Based ConceptsSILS JIS JIT• well known but … • Flow based, sequence • Flow based, batch• Delivery in real (GC) • 2 h accuracy level • 2 h accuracy level sequence • Coverage calculations • Coverage calculations• Delivery under • Full Truck Load Calc. • Full Truck Load Calc. responsibility of • Delivery based on • Delivery based on supplier planned sequence planned sequence• Meanly for modules • Warehouse on Wheels • Warehouse on Wheels production flow actual Supplier realised Material available Warehouse on wheels Material shipped Material to be shipped production for production Available op traileryard DELFOR / AVIEXP processed
    • Process flow
    • Calculation coveragepointers algorithmPARTCLUSTER_LEVEL RPS APS RPY APY RPU APU HighestWUPCH-in PBS-off WU MP GOK…. …. ALU= 80 ALY= 60 RLU= 100 ALS=40 RLY= 85 PEARLS RLS= 65 PCH sequence Realisation PART_COVERAGE Previous last WHPCH-in SPF SPS SPY SPU PBS-off WU MP GOK…. …. LSF= 55 LSS= 40 LSY= 55 LSU= 100 QUANTITY PCH sequence Realisation coverage calculation
    • Pearlchain monitor (order andbody early alert) Square:Order Circle: Body
    • Coverage Timebucket Screen (1)
    • Coverage Timebucket Screen (2)
    • Full Trailerload for JIT algorithm PBS-off E.G. JIT PARTCLUSTER 1 : PART 1, 2, 3 TRAILERCODE =10 QUANTIY = 9PCH-in Package part 1 Package part 1 Package part 1 COV. PART 1 UN+YA+SH+FIPCH-in Package part 2 Package part 2 Package part 2 COV. PART 2 UN+YA+SHPCH-in +FI Package Package part 3 Package part 3 part 3 COV. PART 3 UN+YA+SH +FI T12 T11 T10 T9 T8 T7 T6 T5 T4 T3 T2 T1 FULL TRAILERLOAD FOR PARTCLUSTER (9 COLLI)
    • Trailer-flow KanBan call-off by OEM Supplier Location: FIRM to Supplier Call-off status: ‘ ’ DesAdv by Supplier to OEM Location: OFF YARD Call-off status: ‘ ’ Location: SHIPPED Confirm trailer Call-off status: ‘ ’ off yard Automatic Call-off Confirm trailer by coverage-alg. on Yard Confirm trailer off dock Location: UNLOADED Location: OFF DOCK Location: YARD Call-off status: Empty Call-off status: ‘ ’ Call-off status: ‘ ’ Confirm Call-off trailer empty trailer on Yard Location: YARD Location: YARD Location: UNLOADED Call-off status: Called - off Call-off status: T-Master Call-off status: On Dock Select Confirm trailer by trailer On T-master Dock
    • View PearlChain (2)
    • View EDI-messages Events Message types FP : Final Pearlchain release RS : Resend SP : Syncro Planned QC : Quick Change MC: Manual Communication SC : Syncro Call off DP : Delete pearl UN : Unloaded KC : Kanban Call off RP : Refreshed pearl FI : Firm UF : Unfirm MT : Manual trailer
    • NedCar Workingcapitalinvestment in material VX/DX 2003 Volume KD Pearlchain benefits 1,1 M 0,9 M Value/Modules 6,0 M WOW 1,6 M Stock reduction 24,3 M 6,9 M NCC 2005 7,9 M
    • Thank you for your attentionRudy HagemanRudy.Hageman@PearlChain.net0032 473 88 33 30PearlChain.netRoderveldlaan 22600 BerchemBelgium