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MS TechDays 2011 - Generate Revenue on Azure
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MS TechDays 2011 - Generate Revenue on Azure



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  • 1. SINGAPORE Niger Tan Strategic Business Director, aZaaS Pte LtdRevenueGeneratorSuite
  • 2. Deep Blue Garry Kasparov
  • 3. challenges of Cloud Computing Key benefits of Cloud Computing•Reduced CostCloud technology is paid incrementally, saving •organizations money. Governance Data By moving the data into the cloud, enterprise, for now, will lose some•Increased Storage capabilities to govern their own data set.Organizations can store more data than on privatecomputer systems. • Manageability•Highly Automated It really means that it has the potential to be elastic. It will not automatically scale your application as your server becomesNo longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping heavily loaded.software up to date.•Flexibility • MonitoringCloud computing offersonly real measurement is how long your transactions are The much more flexibility than pastcomputing methods. taking and how much latency there are.•More Mobility • Reliability and AvailabilityEmployees can access information wherever they are,rather than havingEnterprises their refunded for the amount of time that the to remain at get desks. network was down. No SLA will cover business loss.•Allows IT to Shift FocusNo longer having to worry about constant server updates • Virtualization Securityand other computing issues, government organizations will Security is a huge area that encompasses many different things,be free to concentrate on innovation. By Cloud News Desk including the standard enterprise security policies on access control, activity monitoring, patch management By Jian Zhen
  • 4. Enable by aZaaS SilverCloud TM
  • 5. Backend platform flow S i l v e r C l o u d TM Applications, Services and platformDevelopers SOAP REST XML End Users
  • 6. Deployment strategy On premise
  • 7. LeverageComplete integration with technologies.Solutions operates on various BPOS, such as , , and .
  • 8. Two main challenges Understand your organization core competencies and success WOW factors. Engage and pay us.
  • 9. Best use by Mid-sized Large and gigantic sized Organization that have on-premise solutions that want to migrate to cloud. ISV, SI and VAR that want to build, integrate, customize or resell solutions to make addition Revenues on cloud.
  • 10. Coming next Small-sized Individual