There is a major difference between “web design” and just designing a nice website and web development. It requires more t...
Web Design vs. Web Development
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Web Design vs. Web Development


Published on - Most business owners don’t realize the difference between web design and web development. Not being aware of the difference between the two could cost a business a lot of wasted time and resources.

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  • Web designs are the basic as well as a prominent element for the online business.So this presentation offers a best guidelines about the possibilities to create a web application effectively.
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Web Design vs. Web Development

  1. 1. There is a major difference between “web design” and just designing a nice website and web development. It requires more than just a nice design in order for your business to be successful on the web. Unfortunately you often see business owners make the mistake of hiring “web designers” or “web design” companies to handle their web development. Very often these projects fail because the person or company who was hired doesn’t understand all the pieces to the puzzle. <br />A company that has a graphic designer and someone who knows html / css isn’t a web development company and in my opinion shouldn’t be selling web development services. <br />Web development is developing your business identity on the web. It is creating a synergetic effect between both facets of your business – online and offline. <br />It’s using the successful combination of graphic design, copywriting, programming, usability, human computer interaction, and online marketing skills to develop and execute a successful project on the web. <br />Web guys want an easy to navigate, organized website, while graphic designers want flash animations and dynamic sites. On the other hand you have the marketing guys who want short, catchy ad content and the copywriters who want detailed content that ranks well within the search engines.<br />A successful web development company will find the balance and make it all work. <br />These days everybody is an expert. In reality, very few companies have been able to manage all aspects of web development successfully. In most cases the company just doesn’t have the talent is takes to get everything done effectively; from the design, to usability, information architecture, to colors, to the seo keywords, and the creativity to make it all look nice and convert. <br />When hiring a web designer to build a website for you, you really get what you pay for. Many companies offer bottom of the barrel prices for websites, but the websites would have no chance in the search engines.<br />Over the last little while a major shift has begun among all the businesses that jumped on the website bandwagon early. They quickly realized that having a website just for the sake of having a website isn’t working anymore. They want new sites that do great things. They want a website that truly solves a problem, generates sales, or saves them time, etc. <br />To compete now and in the future, you’ll probably need a site that does the same. If you plan to provide that value purely through static content on a nice looking website, a “web designer” or a $500 website may be for you. But if you want to make a site that gets people noticing and talking about your website (and consequently your company and products), then I invite you to consider finding a professional web developer to make your vision a reality. <br />Innovatis Inc. is a professional Winnipeg Web Development Company that excels at helping companies to create great tools and custom web applications that create buzz in their industry.<br />