The Formula for Co-operation


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How can we use the formula for cooperation to give Manchester a competitive advantage?

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The Formula for Co-operation

  1. 1. Innovation Manchester Boardroom: The Formula for Cooperation "An autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to 'We need to be more assertive about meet their common economic needs and aspirations through what we have to offer. We need to work harder to inspire more a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise." entrepreneurs to consider the co-operative option and convince The Formula of Cooperation, for more information please click here: consumers that we are modern businesses offering first rate products and services. Co-operation lies at the heart of all collaborative We also need to raise awareness of the ethos of co-operatives and the achievement. Three many positive benefits that supporting elements are essential for co-operatives will bring. The current recession and the loss of faith in successful co-operation traditional business models provides the co-operative alternative with an Latest Figures excellent opportunity.' The Rochdale Pioneers Peter Marks, Chief Executive of the Society Latest figures from Co-operatives UK Co-operative Group The cooperative movement was born reveal that co-operative businesses in in Greater Manchester. In 1844 the the UK have pushed up their Rochdale Pioneers Society was combined turnover by some 15.8% to established, starting a period of almost £34 billion - during the same FC United - Making Friends. phenomenal co-operative growth. period UK GDP decreased by 4.9%. Not millionaires. Based on their eight 'Rochdale rules', The figures show that the UK has The club set up in including distributing a share of profits some 4,992 jointly owned, democrati- protest to Malcolm according to purchases that came to cally controlled cooperative Glazer's takeover of be known as 'the divi'. businesses, which together reported a Manchester United" is a combined performance of £33.5 billion statement often used to and the number of co-operative describe FC United. But while there is members (ie owners) surged by 14% no doubt that FC would not have hap- to 12.9 million people (over one in five pened without the American invasion, of the population). Co-operatives now it was the catalyst, the final straw, but sustain over 237,000 jobs in the UK. not the sole reason. The material theft of a Manchester For more information click here institution, forcibly taken from the people of Manchester, was the tip of a pyramid of destruction, with changing kick off times for the benefit of television, soulless all-seater stadia full of 'new' supporters intent to sit back and watch rather than partake in the occasion, heavy handed stewarding and ridiculously priced tickets propping Michael Moore On Workplace it all up. Co-Ops By May 2005 some supporters had had enough. The failure to prevent LJ_uO3lY Glazer and repeat the successful repulsion of Rupert Murdoch in 1998 resurrected a 'last resort' idea from that previous campaign and the FC United wheels were put in motion. A group of individuals determined to The film is: continue the fight formed a steering committee and FC United of films/capitalism-love-story Manchester was delivered.