Innovations And System Issue Of Cooperation And Multi – Development


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Innovations And System Issue Of Cooperation And Multi – Development

  1. 1. EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY / BUSINESS FORUM Brussels, 5th – 6th February 2009 Innovations and system issue of cooperation and multi – development Lagan O.
  2. 2. <ul><li>The question of interaction of subsystems has always stood desperately as well as the rights and responsibilities between subjects and distributes according to their functional purpose. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>To determine the truth in the practical application, according to the philosophical point of view, we have to see and try it in practice </li></ul>To determine the truth in the practical application, according to the philosophical point of view, we have to see and try it in practice
  4. 4. But why here the practical application, if we want to simulate reality for further development?
  5. 5. Become obvious that the need to understand the factors that entity, tools, laws and patterns of development.
  6. 6. For a better understanding of the modifications, the primary symbol of the reality of idealism has to become dialectic, in reality - innovation.
  7. 7. When it comes to organizational structure, … is the traditional approach is &quot;specialization and cooperation.&quot;
  8. 8. But whether this approach is effective to work in our time of global change and integration, the definition of global goals and the overall implementation of standards-based, freedom selection and development?
  9. 9. I propose to assess the agenda of today's feature development and to consider the following. Assume that education, science and business structures have one common goal - the development of society, state, Interethnic relations. But each of the elements of this structure has its own characteristics realization that global function .
  10. 10. Consider options for cooperation in the form of a matrix with pair relations. The obvious is the fact that, in order to determine the most effective co-operation of each of the systems we have to resolve equation, such as in “transports problem” in mathematical programming .
  11. 11. But every feature set is not quantified, but structurally and functionally, so the approach to the problem will based on the empirical and systematic techniques.
  12. 12.           Society 10   Business 9 8   Government 7 6 5   Education 4 3 2 1   Science Society Business Government Education Science  
  13. 13. 13 Science as impulse for education. Wish to learn for base preparation for future researches. Example of famous scientists for young people.   energy 12 Science has to be a part of educational stydies. Science   has to find new ways of efficient learning. place 11 Quickly development, no time barrier to learn the last science researches. time       Education Science 1
  14. 14. 16 Cultivation vision of scientific people 15 Science and innovations as new culture and fashion issue for modern societies. 14 Science as answer for last issues of public policy institutions. E- government technology has to be only the first step for next development.       Government Science 2
  15. 15. 19 Science + Business as base for human’s skills and ideas development. 18 Business as main investor and consumer of innovations. 17 Science as transformer and generator of new products and services, new branches of business activity.     Business Science 3
  16. 16. 22 Equal opportunities for expressing.   21   Possibility to opening potential. 20 Promotion   innovations as new style of life.   Society Science 4
  17. 17.   New types of education.   energy   Mobility as main stream place LLL time     Government Education 5 25 24 23  
  18. 18. 28 Possibility to modulating and practicing.   27 Education as lab of new generation.   26 Business as base for training.       Business Education 6
  19. 19. 31   Education as universal driver and changer of reality. 30   Society as source of inspiration. 29 Education as part of soul.     Society Education 7
  20. 20. Innovation relations for saving the Planet and sustainable development.   energy New working models for supplying development and innovation culture.   place Modeling throw law, taxes and mutual responsibility.   time     Business Government 8 34 33 32  
  21. 21. 37 Mutual trust and responsibility in development and sustainability.   36 Government as generator and protector.   35 Society as model of innovation development with multiplication effect.     Society Government 9
  22. 22. 40 Possibility for your next step! energy 39 Possibility to use and try the best and new. place 38 Business as   operational energy transformation for new step to future. time     Society Business 10
  23. 23. Universal function of multiplication as symbol of innovation development.
  24. 24. Self – generating innovations activity as new culture
  25. 25. Possibility to opening potential, sharing and extra-development
  26. 26. <ul><li>How to manage all this? </li></ul><ul><li>What models and principles we have to use? </li></ul><ul><li>Science gives an advice of optimization on example of ball as geometrical figure with the general minimum volume. </li></ul>
  27. 27. Balls of the development as a symbol of union of Best science , business, educational practices. For example, multi-consortiums.
  28. 28. What next ? Modulation and development of multidisciplinary researches and practices between different types of networks and consortiums. Multi disciplines – is an answer on question about 7 th technological mode .
  29. 29. Remember about the main recourse – youth. New youth project for promoting scientific work between new generation and transformation of humans culture to innovation direction as main purpose of “Innovation integrators”
  30. 30. Let’s work together for future! Thank you!