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Education Support a Pathway to Teaching - Teacher Reflections

Education Support a Pathway to Teaching - Teacher Reflections

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  • 1. VIC242 - Education Support a Pathway to TeachingTeacher Reflections by Wendy RutjensAt a time when I was grappling with frantically busy days, I had to find a way to fit in whatfelt like “even more things to do”.I am aware of the changing conditions in our sector and also the development of technologyin learning for all learners.So my apprehension about my involvement in this online learning was not based on areluctance to embrace the technology or acknowledge its place in the education sphere,rather it was a concern that I wouldn’t be able to properly facilitate the learners to bestmeet their needs and that time taken away from my normal routine would impact evenfurther on what I was trying to fit into a week!As a novice, I had only opened the Moodle program during Moodle In-services withassistance from one of the Innovation Team guiding me. Despite good intentions followingeach of these in-service sessions I did not find the time to go back to the platform in thebusy days mentioned previously.The on-line units of work were written by a colleague and I was grateful to not have to dothat, however, having seen how this was done in line with the unit guidelines, I could nowconfidently develop new units with the assistance of an Innovation Team member puttingthe material into the most suitable formats.I was responsible for 2 out of the 3 units that were offered and initially found navigating thesite clunky (my use, not the site). This took me ages each time I needed to respond to orsupport my students. During this time, an Innovation Team member would regularly assistme and I learned so much from watching her navigate and respond that I soon grew inconfidence. The Innovation Team were assisting throughout the delivery and helpingstudents when I was unavailable. Their help made my learning enjoyable and my new skillspossible.By the end of the first unit I felt much more capable.On reflection, I think this has been an invaluable experience for both me and for mystudents.
  • 2. I believe that some units in our Education Support Courses are better suited to this type ofdelivery than others and that the online interactions offered a level of support and interestthat is not otherwise possible in our current, flexible workbook based course.