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Education Support a Pathway to Teaching Student Reflections

Education Support a Pathway to Teaching Student Reflections



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Vic242 studentonereflections Vic242 studentonereflections Document Transcript

  • VIC242 - Education Support a Pathway to TeachingStudent ReflectionsStudent OneI was pleased with how much I learned from the online forums. Posting your ideas andreceiving feedback/comments from others really made me reflect and build on my existingknowledge base; then adding the information/knowledge from others to enhance mylearning experience.I felt the questions given in the numeracy and the literacy online learning program made mereally think deeply about what I had learnt through studying, reading, research and hands-on experience which again enhanced my learning experience.I liked the fact that I had to be organised; setting specific times to study whilst at home nearthe computer. It isn’t unusual for me to sit in my car studying whilst my children are atsoccer or another extra-curricular activity; because I am a working mum who takes on toomuch and who lives on a ‘farm’; with a husband that works away!I achieved all my goals to a higher level than I thought I would. I under estimated how muchI would get from this online program and loved the interaction with others from the sameworking environment, all from different parts of Australia, all with full lives and all with a bigknowledge base.Successful Learning StrategiesI found I used numerous strategies to make sure I gained the maximum learning experience: Using the guidance given from TAFE to add to my existing knowledge base. I reflected on all my activities; due to the fact that some questions asked forreflection and I found it made me really think about my answers and analyse them;which enhanced my learning experience. Also used ‘You Tube’ (due to guidance notes from TAFE) which provided lots of greatideas to adopt and use at work.
  • On reflection the activities which I found most useful were the online forums. I learnt somuch from the other students who have a wide knowledge base, with activities they havelearnt, tried and tested from all different areas as well as a diverse socio-economic cluster.The comments from the other students were always positive and encouraging (let’s face it,we all enjoy a little positive reinforcement every now and again!) but at the same timemade you reflect on your existing knowledge. This enabled me to make my activitiesinterchangeable in some cases between numeracy and literacy as well as streamlining anactivity, which I hadn’t previously thought of!I also enjoyed and gained many great ideas and activities from the ‘You Tube’ clips that TAFEprovided. I found this made me find more clips to use in my work environment. Both thestudents and my children enjoyed the ‘number pairs’ game and their rapid recall innumeracy has increased two-fold.My learning style is interchangeable dependent on the situation, but I have to say the onlinelearning program really has enhanced my knowledge base and the information gained isreally etched on my ‘brain’ ready to use to enhance students learning experience. I feel thatthis has been a positive learning experience for me probably due to the fact that the onlineprogram covers all the learning styles.What a great experience, I have learnt so much to enhance my role as a teacher’s aide andhelp children to learn the fun we can have when we are learning