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Vic215 teacherreflections
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Vic215 teacherreflections

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Learning for Employment - Teacher Reflections

Learning for Employment - Teacher Reflections

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  • 1. VIC215 - Learning for EmploymentTeacher Reflections by Lisa KuhneWhat a wonderful project to have been a part of!This idea started with an initial conversation between Yooralla and GippsTAFE. We wantedto start something but weren’t quite sure what. The program has evolved and changed overtime and I believe will constantly change due to the students within the class.My expectations of what we were going to achieve were very different from that ofYooralla. My expectations were about increasing skills. Yooralla’s expectations were aboutincreasing community engagement. Yooralla were thrilled that their participants wereattending a community facility with other community members. This was a struggle to startwith but I believe we are now on track to meeting everyone’s expectations.The learners within the project are an extremely diverse group with a wide range of abilitiesand disabilities. This requires different learning and teaching methods for each individualstudent. One of our learners is non-verbal so I have been mindful to allow her to have avoice in the classroom though alternative communication styles. Eight of our learners havevarying intellectual disabilities so staying on task and recalling what was previously learntcan be an issue. The iPads have been an amazing tool for this cohort as they can providerepetitious learning that is also engaging.The most difficult aspect to date is the individual reporting requirements of eachstakeholder in the project. Each Yooralla student has individual goals that need to bereported on a weekly basis and an end of semester report. The students are enrolled inindividual units which require evidence of participation and assessment for the TAFEsystem. The project itself has reporting requirements that need to be completed.There are so many positives about this project: increased skills development increased technology skills Students gaining confidence in a community setting and classroom Education of others within the building and wider community about what peoplewith a disability can do
  • 2.  ‘blending in’ in a community cafe like every other community member Seeing students with massive smiles on their faces when they get it right Having students be seen as ‘cool’ because they are using iPadsWhat students had to say...I asked students to write what they liked / didn’t like about the course. This is what theywrote “I like maths games” “I like coin app” “I love coming in on Tuesday to learn new programs about maths new fun games” “I really like a challenge” “I really like the clock time app” “I like to play the money game” “I like doing maths on the iPad. I also like taking my photo” “I like the spelling on the iPad. I like having fun with the iPad as well” “I like to play money” “I like to go to tafe skills on iPad”Overall I believe the program has been a success. The program is continuing into semestertwo. We are now in talks with Yooralla to start an iPad communication class with their non-verbal participants to look at alternative communication methods for them. We are alsotalking with another local service provider about starting the course with their cohort ofstudents with a disability. I have sent information to another two service providers inanother region to look at running the program from our other campuses.I have been privileged to be part of the program and look forward to what happens next.