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Learning for Employment - Learner's Individual Achievements

Learning for Employment - Learner's Individual Achievements



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Vic215 learnerachievements Vic215 learnerachievements Document Transcript

  • VIC215 - Learning for EmploymentLearner AchievementsSkye  Skye stayed on task the entire lesson She worked for over half an hour on a moneyrecognition app Skye did not want to come back after the firstlesson and then we spent time together and sheachieved a few levels on an app and reallyenjoyed it from them on Skye has not missed a classBrendan  Brendan worked to level 8 in multiplication andlevel 8 in division – a huge effort Brendan completed 17 levels of a maths appand was incredibly proud. He refused to take abreak as he wanted to keep going Brendan has pushed himself harder each weekand is choosing to work on harder levels nowLisa  Lisa enjoys playing Maths bingo Lisa worked on Maths app and was doingincredibly difficult sums very quickly (eg:16x8) –she also worked on a number of word finds She wrote a story and I recorded it for her - shewas thrilled to hear it played back to her Lisa is non-verbal and is starting next term in aclass with us to use the iPad as acommunication tool
  • Corran  Corran completed 3 levels of maths calmly andquietly Corran walks into class and his first words are‘I’m ready to do my work’ Corran did not want to leave class today andhad no break as he wanted to continue on hismaths app – he reached level 7 today which wasa huge effortMycalie  Mycalie pushed herself through harder levels –this is not something that Mycalie wouldnormally do She has been working on many apps relating totime and her skills are improving Mycalie is also enrolled in another course inwhich I am her teacher. Her computer skillshave increased and she is now emailing mework on a regular basis. Her confidence isgrowing week by week. Mycalie often encourages and assists othersDale  Dale has been writing words and having theword repeated to him. He stayed on task for 45mins – Dale traditionally does not enjoy literacy Dale worked through 2 levels of addition He also works well on a money recognition app
  • Tamara  Tamara completed 25 levels of a maths app She took it upon herself to do furtherinvestigation of apps to find ones that wouldchallenge her further Her puppet pals story was three pages alongwhich she animated on the iPadEmily A  Emily worked through 8 levels of a maths appwhich she found difficult but continued on forthe entire session Emily enjoys time telling app and is improvingeach week Her confidence is growing every week She is now looking at purchasing her own iPadEmily D  Emily worked on Banana Maths app where shehad to read the maths problem and then solveit. She worked through two levels of spelling app ina session Emily is willing to push herself further and notgive up She is not becoming as frustrated with herselfwhen she gets the answer wrong – but is havinganother go. She is also looking at purchasing her own iPadto continue working at home
  • Gabrielle  Gabby bought in her own Ipad and shared appswith me she likes to work on She enjoys working on money recognition appand is staying on task for longer periods of timeeach weekBronwen  Bronwen worked through 6 levels of a spellingapp in one session We haven’t seen a lot of Bronwen but shemoves her way around the iPad very confidentlyEmma  Emma only attended one class due to personalfactors. She enjoyed the class so much as askedto write about it in the Yooralla newsletter.