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Closing the Gap Between Research and Innovation
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Closing the Gap Between Research and Innovation


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This is a presentation on Living Labs from ESADE Business School in Spain. It explores closing the gap between research and innovation and describes the living labs approach.

This is a presentation on Living Labs from ESADE Business School in Spain. It explores closing the gap between research and innovation and describes the living labs approach.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 4/21/09 Closing the Gap bt Researh&Innovation The Living Labs approach esteve almirall jonathan wareham {esteve.almirall,jonathan.wareham} User involvement in Innovation UGC – User Generated contents. Web 2.0 practices. …. . . !"#$%&()* %+,&+*"+*!/0 %+,&+*"+* %+,&+-*(+).$+* !&,"$/&+* !&,"$/&+* "##$%&(&)*+,-./#*0( 1/.23%#/),.0(&4%-+( 5&/(64&.4( Closing the Gap 64/7%$%)0( >?@/+(%+)&./32,+(( 64&.89&+)&.&(&4%-+( A&4%-+(B*%+C%+-( :#&+(;,<=/.&( 64&.(3.&/)&(@/4*8?#4( bt Research & Innovation D/.C(E/$%/2,+(( F( F(Esteve AlmirallJonathan Wareham The Living Labs approachesteve.almirall! ** gy olo ion od at th niz Me ga A PPPP (public-private-people Or partnership), sometimes referred as quadruple helix, that involves users in the creation, prototyping, validation or testing of new products, processes or services in real life contexts. 1
  • 2. 4/21/09 Living Labs aim to provide structure and governance to the user involvement in innovation 1#,(*2((/3"4/(* Innovation Intermediaries (inbound – outbound) !! Knowledge brokers. !! Connectors (Nine Sigma & !! Marketplaces (Innocentive). !! Scouting. !!…... Sources of New Ideas and Innovation External Internal ? Business partners Employees (general population) Customers Sales or service units Consultants R&D (internal)who invented the mountain bike Competitors Other Associations, trade groups, Think tanks conference boards Internet, blogs, Academia bulletin boards 45% 35 25 15 15 25 35 45% GHD(I$,7/$(H&+3*@/.C%+-(1.,-./@((J((GHD(KLLM((J( 2
  • 3. 4/21/09but, …. . .what is aLiving Lab ? 3
  • 4. 4/21/09Where? Living Labs Pre-lab conceptualization Quasi-Experimentation in ( Brainstorming, scenarios, paper protos * real environments. Laboratory -Usability Eye-tracking, attention, … ( Market Validation Marketing studies ( 4
  • 5. 4/21/09Helsinki, November 20, 2006 5
  • 6. 4/21/09Flanders 6
  • 7. 4/21/09Helsinki 7
  • 8. 4/21/09 SwedenWhat is Botnia? What is Botnia? - Part of CDT which is a RDI-centre at Luleå University of Technology New ICT solutions - by Polar empowering users circle Luleå - A long-term partnership between the EN University, Ericsson and Telia Sonera Botnias focus is user-driven development In cooperation with regional actors and of Internet- and mobile services ED IT SME´s that enriches users everyday life. SW -Turnover ~30 miljon SEK The objective of Botnia is to generate and construct new insights, methods and tools, -Appr. 10 Employees and about 100 supportive of open user-driven innovation persons on a contractural basis CDT´s mission is to create new IT-based serviecs and products! We are situated in Luleå but we performe activities all over Sweden. 8
  • 9. 4/21/09Important Resources Important resources IT-Tools to support easy deployment of user involvement Our user-community 6700 persons from all over Sweden In a co-creative way Some of our cases •!The student of the future •!Permission Marketing Results: •!eFamily •!Basketball in the mobile phone New Products and •!Gameline-Supafly •!Rural ICT services New knowledge •!InTime Reminder •!InfoCamp New relations •!InfoSearch •!SMART When involving the users? •!Wearable computers •!e-participation…… •!P800 test •!Mobile shopping We are living in a beta-culture! More than 50 full-scale projects and 50 end-user investigations Amsterdam Case: Skygd 9
  • 10. 4/21/09 Facts PartnersAmsterdam Living Lab —!Amsterdamse Innovatie Motor —!Centre for Content Culture and Technology (UvA & HvA) —!Waag Society —!Telematica Instituut —!IIP Create Budget 2 Mln Euro, subsidy of —!EZ (PiD 2007) —!Amsterdam Topstad Started January 2008IYOUIT as … Life blogging1.! Personal diary & life blog —! ContextWatcher as live life recorder —! Wouldn’t it be nice if …2.! Cool way to keep in touch —! you could carry a mobile phone (120 gram)3.! Context tagger —! that would record your day in an unattended mode4.! Pervasive game —! and write your experiences in your blogOne mobile app: 24x7 on-line —! so that you and others can digitally browse your life —! Important issues —! User control & privacy —! Visualization —! Easy configurationReal-time context sharing Contextual tagging—! Unobtrusive —! Tag all photos with contextual information—! Sharing of situations —! Functionality:—! Privacy management —! Interlinked via—! Context mirror tags and persons —! Groups and sets —! Contextual queries —! Position pictures on a map 10
  • 11. 4/21/09 BarcelonaGaming—! Mixing real context data with virtual roles and objects—! Virtual board game based on ‘the settlers of Catan’ High Tech Exports 34.6% of Spain. Population (8M) greater than Denmark or Ireland. GDP similar to Finland & Denmark. Per-capita GDP similar to Germany, greater than Portugal or Greece. Exports similar to Finland and higher than Portugal. 11
  • 12. 4/21/09 fab lab =personal fabrication ing ndzil and pa a w ex ea, Brmericano Kor n A i to Lat Espai Zer01,Olot Ca L’Estruch, GEANT2 Sabadell iLa Panera, Lleida 2 c a t CitiLab Can Suris, Cornella El Liceu 12
  • 13. 4/21/09 Co- idea tion (/&5!* 63()* vali 6"7+* Do- dati desi on gn Kari Mikkela + Annika Sällström, 2008 group selec tion !"$"6"(* <design thinking> 63()*context 6"7+* innovadevelop tion ment arena E.Almirall et al, 2008 inspi ration 5,+)(* $.(8( imple )* menta idea tion tion Tim Brown, 2008 HBR 13
  • 14. 4/21/09 users closed open experts user-led Living Labs 5&/( ---------- 64&.4( 5%E%+-( 5/74( :#&+( Assessing & co-creating proposals that fit = ;,?.3&( Applied 1/.23% Tapping in all Ethnography #/),.0( A&4%-+( :#&+( + Real life A&4%-+( 64/7%$%)0( B*%+C%+-( 1$/S,.@4( closed )&42+-( open 3 main areas >?@/+( Market 9,!.(/6/)!"6* :/!"6* ;!/(/<!* Q/3),.4(P( Collaborati places B&3*N(T&/4%7%$%)0( 64&.(U&&4( V%/7%$%)0(,T(H?4%+&44(D,&$( R.-,+,@%34( ve Projects G+)&./32,+( B./N(( Join ;,3%/$("33&#)/+3&( OPA( Venturestraditionaluser centereduser drivenparticipatorycollaborative expert-led Entrepreneurial Role of Living Labs ====================================== 1)! Selection. Establishing the Innovation Network. reducing uncertainty 2)! Formation. Recruiting experts & Convincing companies. 3)! Coordination. Coordinating the Innovation Network. 14
  • 15. 4/21/09 Kleiner Perkins Portfolio (81 companies) 49 (60%) develop mid-level goods and services for use by other business. Reducing uncertainty (fit) !" 23 developing enterprise software 6 instruments used in hospitals 20 IT equipment+ Entrepreneurial role ! !" 19 Ground level consumer goods and services 3 network / community companies 2 e-commerce Developing an initial demand" 2 providers of information (mobile) 1 distributor of movies over the Internet 1 photoneumatic therapy 1 financial services 1 restaurant guide (Zagat) 4 developing treatments 13 high level products and services !Living Labs " 6 alternative energy companies 1 fuel cells 1 portable electronic devices 1 codecs 4 semiconductor industry 1 bio-technology esteve almirall 15