Gamechangers - Innovations That Makes Life Better


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What is the game? How is it changing? Who are the innovators? How to innovate in today’s world ... inspiring keynote from Peter Fisk, first presented in Budapest, January 2012

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Gamechangers - Innovations That Makes Life Better

  1. Game changers rethinking innovation with peter fiskgenius works
  2. VUCA WORLDgenius works
  3. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguousgenius works
  4. Vibrant UnREAL Crazy Astoundinggenius works
  5. What’s the game? Who is changing it?genius works
  6. Gagagenius works
  7. genius Touch works
  8. Provokegenius works
  9. Bilbaogenius works
  10. genius works Unusual
  11. Surprisegenius works
  12. Winnersgenius genius works works
  13. genius LOSERS works
  14. genius works
  15. Here’s to tHe crazy ones ... “Times of turbulence are the mostThe misfits. The rebels.The troublemakers. exciting times ... becauseThe round pegs in the square holes.The ones who see things differently. everything changes”Theyre not fond of rules.And they have no respect for the status quo.You can praise them, disagree with them,quote them, disbelieve them,glorify or vilify them.About the only thing you cant do isignore them.Because they change things. theGeniusWorks.comgenius works
  16. iPod born in a recession 2001 MTV born in a recession 1981 Microsoft born in a recession 1975 HP born in a recession GE born in a 1929 recession 1876 theGeniusWorks.comgenius works
  17. Innovation is a about making the best ideas happen successfullygenius works
  18. PARADOXgenius works
  19. RELEVANCEgenius works
  20. genius IDEAS works
  21. CONTENTgenius works
  22. PARTNERSgenius works
  23. NETWORKSgenius works
  24. RELATIONSHIPS More CAPABLEgenius works
  25. HUMANgenius works
  26. CO-creatingCROWDSOURCED
  27. CO-creatingCo-Created
  28. genius PERSONAL works
  29. EXPERIENCESgenius works
  30. Who are the innovators of today’s world?genius works
  32. genius works
  33. Innovation is ultimately about making people’s lives bettergenius works
  34. see tHings differently … Customer broader view Business Business narrow narrow view view Business Customer … tHink different tHings © GeniusWorks
  35. A+F, selling clothes?genius works
  36. … selling sexgenius works
  37. ZAPPOS, SELLING SHOES?genius works
  38. genius works … delivering Happiness
  39. How do they innovate?genius works
  40. Business Innovation1. Business model 5. Product performance how the enterprise makes basic features, performance and functionality money 2. Networking 6. Product system enterprise’s structure/ extended system that surrounds an offering value chain 7. Service how you service your customers Finance Process Offering Delivery Business Networking Enabling Core Product Product Service Channel Brand Customer model process process performance system experience 8. Channel how you connect your offerings3. Enabling process to your customers assembled capabilities 9. Brand how you express your offering’s 4. Core process benefit to customers proprietary processes that add value 10. Customer experience how you create an overall experience for customers
  41. Where we focused Finance Process Offering Delivery Business Networking Enabling Core Product Product Service Channel Brand Customer model process process performance system experience Volume of innovation efforts Last 10 years
  42. What impact it made Finance Process Offering Delivery Business Networking Enabling Core Product Product Service Channel Brand Customer model process process performance system experience Cumulative value creation Last 10 years
  43. CO-creatingIDEAS UNLIMITED
  44. CO-creatingIDEAS UNLIMITED
  45. ACCLELERATED Innovation
  46. Welcome to the Innolabgenius works
  48. Exploring the possibilities 1. Opportunity maps 2. Future scenarios 3. Customer insights 4. Parallel worlds 5. Ideas generationgenius works
  49. Future stretch © GeniusWorks
  50. genius works
  51. genius works
  52. deeper INSIGHTS Energisers“Aspirations” “Distinguishers” Surprising people memorably Enablers “Wants” “Differentiators” Enabling people to do more Essentials “Needs” “Must Dos” Delivering what is expected
  53. genius works
  54. genius works
  56. Creating and shaping concepts Outputs include 1. Context framing 2. Disruptive creation 3. Creative fusion 4. Character design 5. Concept evaluationgenius works
  57. Creative Fusions
  58. genius works
  59. genius works
  60. Business models
  61. genius works
  62. genius works
  64. Turning the best ideas into profits Outputs include 1. Story development 2. Value propositions 3. Dramatising delivery 4. Content management 5. Enabling performancegenius works
  65. VALUE CREATION Actual profits of previous years Estimated profits of future years Adjusted profits of future years (discounted for uncertainty) (more accurately, we consider the “economic” profit, which takes into the cost of capital) Economic “value” is the sum of the likely future profits Previous This Future years year years
  66. genius works
  67. genius works
  68. ENABLING MORE Brand as an Brand as an Scripted educator entertainer Unscripted delivery delivery Brand as a Brand as a guide coach Active experience
  69. genius works
  70. genius works
  71. GEEK SQUAD JETPACKgenius works
  72. genius works
  73. You are the innovator … The gamechanger … Making life bettergenius works
  74. it’s about yougenius works
  75. Inspiregenius works
  77. genius works
  78. 1genius Have purpose works
  79. 2genius open your mind works
  80. 3genius Steal Ideas works
  81. 4 Have A sense of purposegenius BEWARE VOICES works
  82. 5genius smart ‘n simple works
  83. 6genius play jazz works
  84. 7genius Be a little crazy works
  85. www.theGeniusWorks.comgenius @geniusworks works +44 7834483830