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Pio 8th june
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Pio 8th june


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pass it on wellington rugby league

pass it on wellington rugby league

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  • 1. This week in pass it on.......It was another busy weekend across the region.Friday night saw our last The Ledge Friday Night Senior Games this week 2Football fixture with the Vikings trouncing thePanthers. Junior Games this week 3A few keen eyes were present at the game namely Game Reviews 4Darren Bell, Melbourne Storm recruitment managerand Geoff Wilson, Warriors scout. Leaders Boards 6I have it on good authority too that some rugby boysimpressed on the weekend and their progress in the Game Development 8Stephen Kearney Cup will be closely watched later inthe year. Wellington’s future Kiwis? 11No doubt more local talent could be heading off NZRL & NRL News-Jeremy Hawkins 12shore.The action continued with big weekends at both the & Uiti BakerWainuiomata and Randwick clubs. NZ Women’s Nationals report 14At Wise Park, in premier action the Hunters allowedthe Lions to escape and come away with a draw. WRL Calendar/ July Representative 16The point means Wainuiomata again head the table Campbut with just 3 points separating 1st and 5th and keymatches this week between Randwick and Petone Family & Community 17and Wainui and Porirua we could again see changes.Auckland took away the national women’s Culture of Excellence 18tournament defeating Counties 17-14 in a magnificentfinal. Our Partners 19A massive thanks to all who played a part in the NZ Super League deal 20tournament from the teams, NZWRL executive,referees, volunteers and WRL staff. Well done! Fullreport inside.Up at Naenae Park it was the traditional Old Timersweekend for the Kingfishers and I am told that a greatweekend was had by all.The club heralded in 5 new Life Members over theweekend and all must be congratulated and thankedfor their contribution to the club and rugby league inour area.Pam Haua, Kevin Haua, Tina Marino, Darryl Marinoand Wi Kapua.The game here is all the better for their involvement.The Wellington Maori 17s travelled away to the AdministrationNational Maori Youth Tournament and whilst the boys’t bring back a title they will be better players forthe experience. General ManagerAs we head into the cold and wet part of the season Jason Hemson a reminder to keep to the guidelines for training.If the grounds are closed stay off otherwise they Community Development Managercould be closed for play. Alex Smits your footy and be an encouraging supporter ofall the kids and players that choose to play our great Development Officergame. Matt Everitt DINGO WRL Photographer Daryl New Ph 04 5600361 Fax 04 5600400
  • 2. Saturday 11th June Premiers (all games 2.30pm) St George Dragons v Upper Hutt Tigers, Cannons Creek Park; University Hunters v Te Aroha Eels, Kelburn Park; Randwick Kingfishers v Petone Panthers, Naenae Park; Wainuiomata Lions v Porirua Vikings, Wise Park. Reserves (all games 1pm) St George Dragons v Upper Hutt Tigers, Cannons Creek Park; University Hunters v Te ArohaEels, Kelburn Park; Randwick Kingfishers v Petone Panthers, Naenae Park; Wainuiomata Lions v Porirua Vikings, Wise Park. Senior 1st (all games 1pm unless stated) St George v Wainuiomata, Cannons Creek 2; Trentham Titans v Titahi Bay Marlins, Davis Park; Petone v Kapiti, McEwan Park; Randwick Blue v Randwick Gold, Naenae Park 2;Te Aroha v Porirua , Te Whiti Park; Titahi Bay Phoenix v Harbour City, 2.30pm, Cannons Creek 2. Sunday 12th June Women’s (all games 1pm unless stated) Petone v Harbour City, McEwan Park; Randwick v Te Aroha, 2.30pm,McEwan Park; Porirua BYE.
  • 3. Saturday 11th JuneSixes (all games 9.30am unless stated)Porirua Maroon v Kapiti, Ascot Park, Mini 1; Porirua Gold v St George, 10.20am, Mini 1; Harbour City vPetone, Ascot Park, Mini 2; Wainuiomata v Te Aroha, 10am, Wise Park, Mini 1.Sevens (all games 10am unless stated)Porirua Maroon v Kapiti, 9.30am, Ascot Park, Mini 3; Porirua Gold v St George, 10.20am, Ascot Park, Mini 3;Wainuiomata Black v Te Aroha, Wise Park, Mini 2; Wainuiomata Green v Randwick, Wise Park, Mini 3;Petone BYE.EightsPorirua Maroon v Porirua Green, 9.30am, Ascot Park, Mini 4; Harbour City v Te Aroha, 10.20am, Ascot Park,Mini 4.Nines (all games 9.30am unless stated)Porirua Maroon v Petone, 10.20am, Ascot Park, Field 3a; Porirua Gold v St George, Ascot Park, Field 3a;Wainuiomata Black v Randwick Blue, Wise Park, Field 3a; Wainuiomata Green v Randwick Green, 10.20am,Wise Park, Field 3a.Tens (all games 10.20am unless stated)Porirua v St George, 9.30am, Ascot Park, Field 2; Harbour City v Kapiti, Martin Luckie, Field 2;Wainuiomata v Te Aroha, Wise Park, Field 2.Elevens (all games 9.30am unless stated)Porirua v St George Red, 10.20am, Ascot Park, Field 2; Harbour City v St George White, Martin Luckie,Field 2; Wainuiomata v Randwick, Wise Park, Field 2.Sunday 12th JuneTwelvesWainuiomata v Kapiti, 11.00am, McEwen Park, Field 1; Petone v St George, 12 pm, McEwen Park, Field 1;Te Aroha v Porirua, 11am, Te Whiti Park, Field1.Thirteens (all games 11am)Harbour City v Porirua, Martin Luckie, Field 1; Wainuiomata v Randwick, Wise Park, Field 2; St George BYE.Fourteens (all games 11am unless stated)Upper Hutt v Randwick, Whakatiki Street, Field 1; Wainuiomata v Porirua Green, 12.20pm, Wise Park,Field 2; Porirua Maroon v Kapiti, Ascot Park, Field 1.FifteensTA/Wainuiomata v Randwick, 11am, Te Whiti Park, Field 2; Harbour City v Porirua, 12.20pm, Te Whiti Park,Field 2; St George BYE.Seventeens (all games 12.20pm unless stated)Porirua Green v Wainuiomata, Ascot Park, Field 1; UpperHutt v Randwick, Whakatiki Street, Field 1; Harbour City vPorirua Maroon, 11am, Martin Luckie, Field 2.NineteensHarbour City v Porirua, 12.30pm, Martin Luckie, Field 2; TeAroha v Wainuiomata, 12.20pm, Te Whiti Park, Field 1.
  • 4. Wainuiomata 30, University 30An entertaining second half saw Wainuiomata and University share the competition points in a 30-all drawat Wise Park on Saturday.Despite scoring six tries to five, Wainuiomata were forced to comeback late in the game after taking a10-6 lead into halftime. University took control early in the second half with strong performances bySaimon Lomaloma and Peter Gubb putting them up 24-14 before a frantic finish which yielded four triesin the final fifteen minutes.Quentin Kepa leveled the game twice for the home side with opportunist tries. The first after receiving afortuitous bounce on a kick chase, and then latching onto a waywardUniversity pass to tie the game 30-30 just minutes after RobbieMcKenzie charged over the line and looked to have secured the winfor the Hunters.-Daniel Beswick Randwick 68, Upper Hutt 10The Upper Hutt Tigers were left to rue what might have been after going down to Randwick at NaenaePark in a score line that did not quite tell the full story.In the first half, both sides were evenly contested until two late tries before the break put the Kingfishersup 22-10.Any chances of the Tigers celebrating a win in this game however was diminished, as two sin bins insidethe first five minutes of the second spell resulted in Randwick being two players superior on the field.This was all that the blue and gold’s needed as it allowed them momentum to start finding the big gaps inthe Upper Hutt defence, particularly out wide where all of the Randwick backs capitalised in scoring atmore than a point a minute in the second 40 minutes.After playing all of his previous games at fullback for the Kingfishers, the Randwick 18 year-old centreAxton Daniels thrived in his new position of centre to bag five tries, while Ted Sola delivered a brace oftouch downs on the wing. Randwick standoff Rubin MacCormick and prop Robert Ma’a were alsoinstrumental in the forward momentum with some canny directional cross kicks and thumping runs downthe middle respectively.Carey Clements
  • 5. Te Aroha 44, St George 14Superior completion tackle sets on offence and better composure allowed Te Aroha to comfortably beat StGeorge at the Cannons Creek ground.Some ill discipline by St George around the ruck area such as holding players down and going too high inthe tackle gave Te Aroha an abundance of possession in the second spell that constantly kept the Dragonsinside their half.Te Aroha coach Denzil Hokianga set a good personal example for his side with some flowing play initially atloose forward before moving wide into the centres, while second-rower Awhio Luke was rewarded for somefine work near the line with a 2 tries.Te Aroha fullback Jarred Wilson also had a solid game with a tidy display on defence and running the ballup well from the kick off restart in a game that saw his side score a total of eight tries to St George’s three.Carey Clements Porirua 38, Petone 20Porirua reminded the competition that they are the defendingchampions with a commanding 38-20 victory over Petone atPorirua Park on Friday night.Petone were the competition frontrunners coming into thematch but it was the home side who dominated in every facet,controlling territory and possession for much of the game.Porirua prop George Mafi led his side in hit-ups and metresgained, working tirelessly as the Vikings forwards were ableto make big inroads all night, giving the backline room toscore six of Porirua’ s seven tries with centre Stacy Malaulaugrabbing a double.Despite scoring the first try of the match through a superblyplaced kick by Tepa Tarau- Parekura, Petone were on the back foot for most of the game putting up littleresistance in defence.-Daniel BeswickImages from the Reserve GradePorirua Vikings V Petone Panthers
  • 6. POS TEAM P W L D B FF For Ag GD Pts 1 WAINUIOMATA LIONS 8 6 1 1 0 0 206 146 60 13Premiers board 2 PORIRUA VIKINGS 8 6 2 0 0 0 340 160 180 12 3 PETONE PANTHERS 8 6 2 0 0 0 250 150 100 12 RANDWICK KINGFISH- 4 8 5 3 0 0 0 310 148 162 10 ERS 5 TE AROHA EELS 8 5 3 0 0 0 194 188 6 10 6 UNIVERSITY HUNTERS 8 1 6 1 0 0 196 262 -66 3 7 ST GEORGE DRAGONS 8 1 7 0 0 0 188 324 -136 2 8 UPPER HUTT TIGERS 8 1 7 0 0 0 112 418 -306 2 POS TEAM P W L D B FF For Ag GD Pts 1 PORIRUA VIKINGS 8 8 0 0 0 0 476 120 356 16 RANDWICK KINGFISH-Reserves board 2 8 6 2 0 0 0 424 148 276 12 ERS 3 WAINUIOMATA LIONS 8 5 3 0 0 0 250 216 34 10 4 ST GEORGE DRAGONS 8 4 3 1 0 0 222 232 -10 9 5 TE AROHA EELS 8 4 3 1 0 0 224 242 -18 9 6 UNIVERSITY HUNTERS 8 3 5 0 0 0 190 250 -60 6 7 PETONE PANTHERS 8 1 7 0 0 0 138 322 -184 2 8 UPPER HUTT TIGERS 8 0 8 0 0 1 70 464 -394 0
  • 7. POS TEAM P W L D B FF For Ag GD Pts RANDWICK GOLD SNR 1ST 1 9 9 0 0 0 0 530 130 400 18 2011 KAPITI COAST BEARS SNR 2 8 7 1 1 0 0 324 150 174 15 1st 2011Senior 1st board TRENTHAM TITANS SNR 3 9 7 2 0 0 0 322 210 112 14 1st 2011 PORIRUA VIKINGS SNR 4 8 6 2 1 0 0 348 182 166 13 1ST 2011 TITAHI BAY Phoenix SNR 5 9 5 4 0 0 0 294 266 28 10 1st 2011 TITAHI BAY MARLINS SNR 6 9 5 4 0 0 0 218 270 -52 10 1ST 2011 PETONE PANTHERS SNR 7 9 4 4 1 0 0 226 330 -104 9 1st 2011 TE AROHA EELS SNR 1st 8 9 4 5 0 0 0 288 315 -27 8 2011 RANDWICK BLUE SNR 1ST 9 9 1 6 2 0 0 216 303 -87 4 2011 WAINUIOMATA LIONS SNR 10 9 2 7 0 0 1 195 292 -97 4 1st 2011 HARBOUR CITY EAGLES 11 9 1 8 0 0 0 170 417 -247 2 SNR 1st 2011 ST GEORGE DRAGONS 12 9 0 8 1 0 0 194 460 -266 1 SNR 1st 2011 POS TEAM P W L D B FF For Ag GD PtsWomen’s board RANDWICK KINGFISHERS 1 4 4 0 0 1 0 322 0 322 8 Women 2011 PETONE PANTHERS Women 2 5 3 2 0 0 0 116 122 -6 6 2011 TE AROHA EELS Women 3 4 2 2 0 1 0 148 114 34 4 2011 PORIRUA VIKINGS Women 4 4 1 3 0 1 0 58 264 -206 2 2011 HARBOUR CITY EAGLES 5 3 0 3 0 2 1 14 158 -144 0 Women 2011
  • 8. Stokes Valley/ Taita Primary SchoolRugby League Competition RESULTS : DRAW ROUND 3: Wednesday 8th July Field Team Field Team Referee 1 Pomare- 58 V Taita Central- 4 1 Taita Central V St. Michaels Matt Everitt 2 Koraunui- 14 V St. Michaels 54 2 Pomare V Koraunui Alex Smits ALL GAMES KICK OFF AT 3.30pm @ Pomare Primary SchoolHi MattA big thank you from Trentham School for all the hard work thatwent into the training and then League Tournament. It gave manystudents an opportunity to be involved in an Interschool competitionthat wouldnt normally get selected. I think we even discovered aSTAR who may continue in the sport. I was most impressed with theUpper Hutt College students and the way they mentored thestudents. Could you please pass on our appreciation to the Collegeas well?ThanksJillian Adams
  • 9. Stephen Kearney Cup Selection – seeking a Head Coach and Manager The Stephen Kearney Cup is a highlight in the Wellington Rugby League calendar. With 17 Secondary School playing there is a huge talent pool to select from. Earlier this year a Stephen Kearney Cup selection played against the Warriors Development Squad as a curtain raiser for the Warriors preseason match in Rotorua. We are currently working through the planning for 2011’s fixtures which will include a match against the Warriors Development and possibly matches against Secondary School Selections from other districts. Please send your application to Jason Hemson – General Manager, Wellington Rugby League. Email: or fax 04 5600 400 or Post: Wellington Rugby League ,PO Box 38285 Wellington Applications should include a covering letter and a coaching CV Applications close on the 31st of JuneOrcas 18’s/20’s seeking aHead Coach and ManagerThe Orcas 18’s have games scheduled against Penrith and Canberra inthe October school holidays. The 20’s will play against the WarriorsToyota Cup team in Wellington 2012.Applications will be considered either for the 18’s or 20’s or as a pack-age.Please send your application to Jason Hemson – General Manager,Wellington Rugby League.Email: or fax 04 5600 400 or Post:Wellington Rugby League ,PO Box 38285 WellingtonApplications should include a covering letter and a coaching CVApplications close on the 31st of June
  • 10. DRIVE SAFE – PLAY SAFEPORIRUA PRIMARY SCHOOLSLEAGUE COMPETITION RESULTS : DRAW ROUND 3: Thursday 9th July Field Team Field Team Referee 1 Rangikura 12 v Holy Family 28 1 Holy Family v Cannons Creek Charles 2 Corinna 60 v Cannons Creek 0 2 Rangikura v St Pius Antz 3 Tairangi 12 v St Pius X 28 3 Tairangi v Corinna Jason ALL GAMES KICK OFF AT 3.45pm at Te Kura MaoriWRL Welcomes anew member ofstaffWRL is pleased to welcome JarrodBurnett to our team. Jarrod will beworking for WRL one day per week aspart of the Gateway work placementprogram. Jarrod is a current year 12student at Taita College.Jarrod wants to follow a career in theSports industry and is looking at eitherbecoming a professional Rugby playeror going to NZSIS in 2012. Jarrod is apart of the Wellington EmergingPlayers squad as well as being a partof the NZ U19 Handball team that isgoing to the World Cup in Argentina inAugust.Although Jarrod has never playedLeague before he is keen to representTaita College in the Stephen KearneyCup later this year. NEXT WEEK...Upper Hutt College Flag League Festival Review & Photos LEADERSHIP through LEAGUE
  • 11. Hearts Camp 24th of JulyIn partnership with the NZRL the 15’s and 17’s will have a trial at the Hearts Camp. The purpose of the Hearts Camp is forNZRL to brief the players on what is required to play at the national level. Players will go through physical testing, attend work-shops on drugs and alcohol as well a workshop presented by Kiwis Legend and Warriors Recruitment Manager, Dean Bell onwhat it takes to be a professional player in the NRL. WRL Holiday Programs July School HolidaysWRL Development Officer Matt Everitt is busy planning a schedule for the July School Holidays. The plan is to host one inPorirua during week one of the holidays and one in the Hutt Valley during week two. The camps are designed for aspiringleague players will be run over a week for 5 hours per day.Sessions will include, physical, tactical, goal setting, nutritional and lifestyle workshops. As the camps lead up to the heartscamp they will provide the ideal platform for players preparing for the rep trials.Registration details will follow soon. Wellington’s Future Kiwis?As part of the NZRL game plan – NZRL will be selecting teams at the 16’s and 18’sage group level. The 18’s will be playing two games against the Australian Schoolboys on the 1st and 8th of October while the 16’s will be playing 1 game against theQueensland Academy on Tuesday the 18th of October.Players were identified from the 2010 Nathan Cayless Cup (15’s) and the MarkGraham Cup (17’s). Five players were selected for the 16’s trial and 7 from the 17’strial. The players have been invited to attend a trial in Rotorua between the 18 th and20th of July during the school holidays. Under 16’s Name EZRA TOGIA -– Porirua Vikings TROY MOHR – Upper Hutt Tigers TYSON FUIMAONO – Porirua Vikings KAURI AUPOURI – Te Aroha Eels NELSON ASOFA-SOLOMONA – Upper Hutt Tigers Under 18’s Name CADE UMAGA – Randwick Kingfishers SIMEONA SEUMANUFAGAI – Porirua Vikings SHELDON AKAVI - Porirua Vikings HOKIANGA MORUNGA – Wainuiomata Lions JEAN LUC KNOX - Randwick Kingfishers IONAH ATONI – Porirua Vikings KURT ROBINSON – Petone Panthers/ Porirua Vikings
  • 12. Jeremy Hawkins & Uiti BakerCowboys hold on against Toyota Cup RaidersThe Canberra Raiders Under 20s side, featuringmany new faces, went down courageously to thefourth placed North Queensland Cowboys 20-18 atCanberra Stadium yesterday. The young Raidersshowed plenty of heart in the loss and although theexecution wasn’t up to scratch, the fact that theywere still in with a chance of winning right until the80th minute was a credit to the side.Coach David Hamilton, whilst disappointed with theresult, believed his side could their heads up highafter the hard fought contest, especiallyconsidering the last time these two sides met inRound 6, North Queensland gave the Raiders atouch up, comprehensively beating them 42-12.“There was plenty of character out there today.The desperation and effort was there but ourexecution was poor,” Hamilton said.“It’s obviously a disappointing result and weneeded that win, but there were plenty of positivesevident there.”One of those positives was the emergence of several player’s from the under 18 SG Ball side, who proved they were capable ofperforming at this level, after the side was decimated by the loss of two experienced performers in workaholic lock Tom Murphy and strikecentre Sami Sauiluma, after both suffered injuries at training. “I thought our young boys in the team stepped up and worked hard. It definitelyshows the depth we have in this squad which will only be a positive towards the business end up the season.”The Cowboys were first to scorein the 17th minute after an offload by prop Daniel Beasley allowed five-eighth Michael Parker-Walshe to weave his way through the Raidersgoal line defence and stretch out to score amidst the converging Canberra defence. Kyle Feldt converted.Canberra was unfortunately unable to capitalise on any attacking chances throughout the first half, butstill showed enough resilience in defence to restrict the dangerous North Queensland outfit to just a sixpoint lead at half time.Jason Taumalolo opened the scoring six minutes into the second half after thebarnstorming back rower capitalised on a Raiders penalty. Taumalolo was a constant thorn in theRaiders’ side; exhibiting a powerful fend and remarkably good footwork for such a powerfully built player.“He’s a future NRL player for sure. He troubled us all day...he was their main threat and he really stoodup,” Hamilton said of Taumalolo, who went on to make eleven tackle breaks and 161 metres. Uiti Bakerregistered the Raiders’ first try in the 51st minute, crashing his 112 kilogram frame over from close rangeoff a Ben Picker flat ball. The ever reliable Chris Medcalf converted.Matt McIlwrick, then lifted the side with a scything fifteen metre dash to the try line in the 58thminute.Medcalf levelled scores with his conversion however Zac Santo dived over four minutes later tohit the front for the Cowboys.Jack Wighton, assuming a more senior playmaking responsibility, controlledproceedings finely and was instrumental in getting the Raiders in front. Wighton demonstrated hisdestructive running game by taking on the defence and popping a ball to Eric Lee who was able to senddebutant Jeremy Hawkins over with eleven minutes remaining. Medcalf again converted.Alas, the Raiders then conceded one hundred metres within the blink of an eye to let the game fall fromtheir grasps.“It was a disappointing result the boys really played well. Our defence was really solid and our attack worked well too,” said standin captain Nathan Massey.“We didn’t have a few senior players and we did well to get ourselves back in front which was a good sign but there’sstill plenty of improvement there and we need to wrap the game up when we have it,” said Wighton. Simon McGuinnessJeremy Hawkins was named Raiders player of the match.Two other Wellington boys played for the Raiders, SheenLomax & Daley Wayne Smith.
  • 13. Registrations Open for NationalSecondary Schools TournamentThe National Secondary Schools Rugby League Tournamentwill be held at Bruce Pulman Park in Papakura in 2011.The tournament is a New Zealand Rugby League eventsanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary School SportsCouncil, and is governed by the International Rules andRegulations.This is a fantastic opportunity for schools to take part in a National competition.This tournament is to be televised through a highlights package to be featured onSky TV.Where: Papakura, AucklandWhen: 22nd - 25th August, 2011What: 2011 National Secondary Schools Rugby League TournamentFor more information & a registration form visit NRL Round 13 1 Dragons 23 2 Storm 20 3 Sea Eagles 20 4 Cowboys 20 5 Broncos 18NRL run stalls - Vodafone 6 Vodafone Warriors 16Warriors 6, Sydney Roosters 13 7 Wests Tigers 14 8 Bulldogs 14A contentious second half no-try decision had a criticaleffect on the Vodafone Warriors’ chances of extending 9 Knights 12 10 Panthers 12their winning run to six matches in 11 Eels 11Saturday night’s 13th-round NRL 12 Rabbitohs 10clash against the Sydney Roosters atthe Sydney Football Stadium. 13 Roosters 10 14 Sharks 8 15 Titans 8 16 Raiders 8
  • 14. National Womens Tournament ,Wellington 2011The 17th Annual Queens Birthday weekend New Zealand Womens Rugby League Tournament was staged at Wise Park, Wainuiomata, and after atough start to their campaign, it was a gallant Auckland that recovered from an opening round loss to hosts Wellington, to eventually beat adetermined Counties Manukau and regain he national title.The tournament was opened on Saturday morning by NZWRL Chairperson, Christine Panapa, and was attended by Kiwi Ferns coaching staff,Lynley Tierney-Mani, Juanita Woodhouse, Bob Vercoe, Karla Matua and Darrell Woodhouse, here to select a NZ Kiwi Ferns training squad to playAustralia on the Gold Coast on October 15. Four zones were represented, defending champions Counties Manukau, Auckland, debutants MidCentral and hosts Wellington.The first round saw Wellington defeat Auckland in a close contest 6 points to 2 and Mid Central putting in a good performance before going down16-6 to Counties Manukau.Counties made it 2 in a row beating Wellington 32-18 while Auckland beat Mid Central 24-10. Counties Manukau ended the day 2 from2 ,Wellington and Auckland 1 win and 1 loss each while Mid Central lost both their encounters .Sundays round 3, Counties Manukau lost to a very determined Auckland 22-6 and Wellington just got over the top of Mid Central 14-10. Mid-Central scoring a converted try in the final minutes that would prove to be the undoing of Wellingtons drive to finish in the top two and gain a finalsberth. That ended round robin play with Auckland , Wellington ,Counties Manukau all having 2 wins and 1 loss each while Mid Central would beresigned to play whoever of the three would miss out on points differential ,unfortunately it was Wellington while Counties Manukau and Aucklandplayed out the final .Wellington determined to finish the tournament strong beat Mid Central 38-0 while in an enthralling and tightly contested final Auckland beatCounties Manukau 17-14The selectors picked 26 players in the training squad. A training camp will be held in August, when the squad will be cut to 19 players to travel toAustralia during October.Wainuiomata Rugby League Club were very gracious hosts and deserve all the accolades . A very big thank you to the Lions club members thathelped out behind the scenes , Simon, Ox, Kura, Cathy, Bill, Rob and the Laban’s , Donna, Ken, Mel and Allana. Congratulations and a very bigthank you .Coaches, managers, trainers, players, a big heads up for getting your teams to the tournament and the way you played the game, outstanding fromall concerned.Referees, match managers, touch judges’ thank you for officiating at our tournament over a couple of tough days.Jason and the team at Wellington Rugby League , Doug King and Darryl New ,thank you for all your time and effort and supporting our Nationals ,and helping make it a most memorabletournament .Families, supporters, sponsors thank youfor supporting our great game and withyou on board it makes it all possible andso much easier.Christine Panapa, Karla Matua and theKiwi Ferns staff, thank you for gettingbehind Wellington Rugby League andputting together two very good days ofwatching our Wahine Toa battle it out fornational supremacy.Greg Selwyn- Tournament Liaison
  • 15. National Champions Wellington 2011 ; Auckland .Runners Up ; Counties Manukau3rd ; Wellington4th Mid CentralCoach of the Tournament: Kererua Savage (Mid Central)Manager: Rachel Leafe (Wellington)Trainer: Paul Orupe (Wellington)Top points scorer: Bridget Smith (Wellington)Top Try Scorer: Maryann Collins (Wellington)Referee: Karl Vasau (Wellington)Player of the Tournament: Tasha Tapu (Auckland) 2011 Kiwi Fern Squad1 Tasha Tapu Auckland 17 Aleisha Moses Mid Central2 Bridget Smith Wellington 18 Honey Hireme Counties3 Maryann Collins Wellington 19 Laura Mariu Counties4 Sarina Fiso Counties 20 Rona Peters Counties5 Karley Te Kawa Counties 21 Aroha Savage Counties6 Trish Hina Auckland 22 Shaan Waru Mid Central7 Katarina Whata Simpkins Wellington 23 Alyssia Samuels Auckland8 Annabelle Hohepa Auckland 24 Teasha Lee Leka Auckland9 Sharnita Woodman Counties 25 Charlotte Scanlan Mid Central10 Maryann Hemara Counties 26 Charmaine McMenamin Auckland11 Lisa Campbell Auckland12 Sharon Chungson Auckland13 Ake Pereira Wellington14 Billie Jean Ale Auckland15 Ana Pereira Wellington16 Aimee Gilbert Wellington
  • 16. 6th July Intermediate Challenge Cup 24th July Hearts Camp 30th July Semi Finals commence 13th August Senior Grand Final Day 14th August Junior Grand Final Day 27th August NPP commences 22nd September Stephen Kearney Cup commences 24th September Lightning League –Wellington Secondary Schools Girls Tournament Sat 15th & Sun 16th Oct Futures Tournament (DATE CHANGE) 12th November Stephen Kearney Cup Grand Final 18th November WRL Awards Dinner 9th December WRL Golf Classic 10th & 11th December Storm Camp14-17 years 10am-3pm
  • 17. Our Randwick juniors (ages 13-17) have been part of a programme called HEHA Early Morning Sacrifice training, this is held every Tuesday morning at 6am,this runs for 10 weeks and we are now halfwaythrough the training programme. After everytraining session, we provide the kids with ahealthy breakfast and lunch for them to take toschool.This programme is not only teaching the kids tobe disciplined in training and what it would be liketo be a professional sportsperson (ie. Earlymorning trainings), but also emphasising theimportance of eating healthy meals to give themenergy during the day.HEHA (Healthy Eating - Healthy Action) hasgenerously sponsored the food portion of theprogramme which has helped us a lot, but wewould like to raise funds to reward the kids fortheir dedication to the programme.We are running two lotto bonus fundraisers tohelp with this:$20.00 a ticket and 40 numbers - the first drawwill be on 18/06/11 the 2nd on 02/07/11.Prizes are $100 for the bonus number, $50 for thenumber either side of the bonus and $50.00 forthe first four numbers drawn.Please email Tarsh on this address if you areinterested in purchasing a number (or two) foreither draws, or text/call on 0274260990.Thank you for your supportRandwick HEHA E.M.S Team NEW ZEALAND UNIVERSITIES & TERTIARY STUDENTS RUGBY LEAGUE COUNCIL Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Universities and Tertiary Students Rugby League Council to be held at Pelorus Trust Sports House, Hutt Park, Seaview, Wellington on Friday June 10 2011 at 3.00pm. for more details & click on ‘About us’ tab, then click on ‘NZRL Associates’ tab & then ‘NZ Universities & Tertiary Students’ tab
  • 18. NEW ZEALAND RUGBY LEAGUE SMOKEFREE PHILOSOPHY New Zealand Rugby League is committed to removing smoking from our sport by establishing a Smokefree policy for people to respect and enjoy. We are Smokefree because: in the game of Rugby League and being Smokefree is a positive health choice for each of us to make.• It helps us feel good socially, emotionally and physically, especially during a game of Rugby League.• It supports our team-mates and friends who want to give up smoking.• It supports our friends who don’t smoke in the club and on the sideline as it provides healthy environments for all to enjoy. Having role models (players, coaches and administrators) who are Smokefree encourages our tamariki (children) to choose not to smoke.• It protects our tamariki from the harmful effects of people smoking around them at the game and especially in the clubrooms. Rugby League is all about good health and active lifestyles and smoking has no part to play. Please respect our Smokefree Philosophy. If you choose to smoke, please do so outside our Smokefree areas.Remind smokers not to light up in our Smokefree areas . . . be supportive – tobacco addiction is a powerful thing. Kia Tu Tangata, Kia Auahi Kore New website for NZ Masters
  • 19. Wellington Rugby League would like to thank the following organisationsfor their continued support. The funding and contributions they provide are vital to the on going growth and development of our game at all levels. We encourage all our supporters to support our sponsors when ever possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Wellington Rugby League please contact in the first instance.