Asia Days 2013 - Indian maritime sector


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Asia Days 2013 - Indian maritime sector

  1. 1. >>> Back to indexIndian Maritime SectorAsheesh Agarwal, Innovation Norway New Delhi06 June 2013, Norshipping
  2. 2. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexDemography – a large domesticmarket• World’s largest democracy – 714 million electors• 28 Union States and 7 Union Territories• Passing China’s population ~ 2030• 50% of the population below 25 years• Literacy rate: 63% (only ~ 50% for women)• A large domestic market• 60% of GDP is related to Indias domestic market,which still is in early development.Photo: IN New Delhi
  3. 3. >>> Back to index 3Ports play a vital role in overall economic development. About 95% byvolume and 70% by value of the country’s international trade is throughmaritime transport.Major Ports• Major Ports are under the administrative control of CentralGovernment.• 6 Ports on East and 6 Ports on West Coast• Handle about 58% of total seaborne traffic• All Major Ports are International Ship and Port FacilitySecurity Code (ISPS) compliant• Capacity as on 31-03-2013 : 750.31 Million Tonnes• Traffic handled during 2012-13 : 545.68 Million TonnesPort Sector
  4. 4. >>> Back to index 44Non-Major Ports• Non-Major Ports are under the Maritime State Governments• Capacity as on 31-03-2012 : 630 Million Tonnes• Traffic handled during 2012-13 : 389.20 Million Tonnes• No of Notified Ports : 176• 35 Ports are International Ship and Port Facility SecurityCode (ISPS) compliant – handling EXIM TradePort Sector
  5. 5. >>> Back to index>>> Back to index• Indian flag shipping tonnage has been growingsteadily, over the years and it is about 10.45million GT, now, with 1,158 ships, both forforeign voyages and coastal operations, underits flag.• India ranks 16th globally, by dead weighttonnage (DWT) in world shipping fleet andaccounts for about 1.5% of the total globalDWT.Shipping Sector in India
  6. 6. >>> Back to index>>> Back to index% of totalgoods movedbyIndia China United StatesRoad 57% 22% 37%Rail 36% 47% 48%Waterways 6% 30% 14%Transport of Goods
  7. 7. >>> Back to index""Shipyards in IndiaMain Public ShipyardsMain Private ShipyardsCochin ShipyardMazagonHindustan ShipyardAlcock AshdownGardenreach• There are 8 public sector and 20 private sector shipyards in India• Out of 28 shipyards, 2 are under the Ministry of Shipping, 4 are underthe Ministry of Defence, 2 are under the control of State Governmentsand rest in private sector• ABG, Bharati, L&T and Pipavav are the main private sector shipyards inIndia**Goa ShipyardHooghly Docks*List on Map not comprehensive** Shipyards Depicted on MapShalimar
  8. 8. >>> Back to index>>> Back to index• Estimated Traffic in all ports including non-major ports -2495 MMT• Total Capacity in major and non-major ports –3130 MMT• Total proposed Investments in major and non-majorports by 2020 – US $ 10.67 billion (Private investment-95%)• Shipping tonnage to increase to 43 million GT by 2020.• Share of India in shipbuilding to increase to 5% of theworld market.• Promote use of Inland Waterways.Vision 2020 Maritime Sector
  9. 9. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexOpportunitiesNavy and Coast Guard• Navy• Maritime Capability Perspective Plan2005 - 22• Aircraft carriers, corvettes,destroyers, submarines,frigates,MCMVs, OPV• 20 bn € by 2020• Coast Guard• Interceptor boats, OPVs, FPV,Inshore Patrol Boats• 914 mn € orders9
  10. 10. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexOpportunitiesOffshore• Orders by Govt. owned ONGC and SCI• Charter hire opportunitiesCoastal ShippingInland WaterwaysRo-Pax Service• GMB and MSRDC10
  11. 11. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexJWG MaritimeJoint Working Group – Maritime• Established in October 2010• Focus areas• Energy efficient shipping• Coastal shipping• Shipbuilding and ship equipment• Small scale LNG distribution• Education & Training• Good response from Norwegian andIndian companies• Study Tour alongwith the meeting• Networking event11
  12. 12. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexINMEX India 201312• Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon East, Mumbai• Workshop/seminar on naval procurement on Monday October 7• Networking Event (reception and dinner) on Monday eveningOctober 7• Study tour may also be planned after INMEX to shipyards and/orcompanies like Cochin, Goa, L&T, etc.
  13. 13. >>> Back to index>>> Back to indexWhat can we do• Tailor-made advisory service• BMMP• Business culture training• Door opening• Liaisoning and lobbying• Network of consultants• Delegations and networking events13