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6 20121127 sintef presentation_fisheries_aquaculture_jakarta_27nov_final 6 20121127 sintef presentation_fisheries_aquaculture_jakarta_27nov_final Presentation Transcript

  • To transform the marine resources into economic growth -Sustainable Fisheries and AquacultureJakarta 27 November 2012Sustainable solutions enhancingdevelopment of a modern marine industryResearch Director Ulf Winther, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology for a better society
  • My presentation in brief• A few words about SINTEF• The Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry• Development of solutions for fisheries and aquaculture• Norwegian sustainable solutions for fisheries and aquaculture Photos: Norwegian Seafood Council Technology for a better society
  • SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation inScandinavia• Leading expertise in the natural sciences and technology, environment, health and social science• 2100 employees from 68 countries• Annual sales of USD 0.5 billion – customers in 61 countries• A non-commercial research foundation with subsidiaries Technology for a better society
  • A multidisciplinary research organisation withinternational top level expertise in specific fieldsSINTEF Building and Infrastructure SINTEF Energy Research SINTEF ICT SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture SINTEF Materials and Chemistry SINTEF Petroleum Research SINTEF Technology and Society MARINTEK Technology for a better society
  • 33 million meals of Norwegian seafood every dayNorwegian seafood exports 1991 - 2011 Fisheries in 2001: 43 % 4,2 billion USD Aquaculture in 2011: 57 % 5,6 billion USD Source: Norwegian Seafood Council Technology for a better society
  • Norwegian fisheries Source: Directorate of Fisheries • Pelagic fish exported as fillets and whole fish • Cod and related species are exported as head-on gutted, fillets, clipfish and stockfish Technology for a better society
  • Harvest of salmon and trout Source: Directorate of Fisheries 80-90 % of salmon is exported as head on gutted Technology for a better society
  • Photo: Norwegian Seafood CouncilTechnology for a better society
  • Norwegian aquaculture• Aquaculture has changed a lot since the beginning in the 1970-ies• High capacity sites: Harvest 10 000 – 12 000 t/year• Large farming units – 6 000 m3 - 30 000 m3 per unit• Automatic feeding• Efficient logistics: Well boats – feed – packed salmon in boxes• Large – medium sized and small companies Technology for a better society
  • Sustainability has three dimensions A true sustainable solution respects theenvironment, create jobs and is economically viable Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council Technology for a better society
  • Sustainable solutions for fisheries and aquaculture Norway can offer a diverse number of solutions and areas for cooperation Research and development (R&D) Fisheries and aquaculture management Solutions and hardware for the fisheries Solutions and hardware for aquaculture Set-up of solutions for fisheries, aquaculture and processing Technology for a better society
  • Photo: SINTEFThe Norwegian supplier industry• Like the fisheries and industries – the supplier industry is very diverse• Big companies which are on the international arena• Medium sized and small companies – on the Norwegian arena and the international arena• The international focus increases Technology for a better society
  • The Norwegian model - close collaborationis the basis for innovation and high scientific quality Fisheries, aquaculture, marine ingredients industry Industry Fish handling system producers National and Vessel designers international Fishing gear producers research partners Research and Supplier Suppliers of other solutions development industry etc. Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council play an important role Technology for a better society
  • Clusters – an important arena• The suppliers, companies from the industry and R&D institutions cooperate in clusters to develop solutions and develop the supplier industry• Teknologi akvARENA is a cluster for developing the supplier industry in aquaculture 50 members from suppliers, industry and R&D institutions• Cooperate on specific issues – like internationalization – but still compete in the market Photo: Teknologi akvARENA Technology for a better society
  • Fisheries and aquaculture management• Efficient fisheries and aquaculture management is a success factor• Efficient law enforcement - power to implement regulations• Long tradition of utilizing marine resources• Based on advice from strong scientific institutions• Norway is rated No. 1 in management of its commercial fish stocks Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council Technology for a better society
  • Coastal Zone Management• Important to find a balance between different users of the coastal zone Aquaculture – fisheries – tourism –nature conservation (National Parks, wildlife reserves)• Aquaculture: • Find sites with best production capacity Norwegian standard NS 9410 developed • Find sites with minimum impact from and on other sites - diseases • Distance between sites to reduce impact• Use mathematical modelling to establish optimal site distribution Technology for a better society
  • Fishing vessels• The Norwegian fishing fleet is diverse!• Large trawlers and purse seiners Medium sized coastal vessels Small coastal vessels – the "sjark"• Develop new concepts • Multi-fishing gear boats • More efficient energy use • Better health and safety for the fishermen • Keep fish quality Photos: Norwegian Seafood Council Technology for a better society
  • Fishing technology• A multitude of fishing gear are in use in Norway and are improved: Trawl – purse seine – long line – gill nets – fish traps• Selection of wanted – not-wanted fish species and sizes are important – continuous development• More environmentally friendly fishing gear Trawl that reduces impact on bottom• Fish finding equipment – steering of fishing gear• Synergies oil/gas/maritime Photo: SINTEF/University of Tromsø Technology for a better society
  • Catch handling• Challenge: Keep the quality of the fish until unloading in harbour• Increase quality for human food – and increase price of product• Bleed and gut on board - freeze on board• Development of technology in collaboration between ship-owner – equipment supplier and R&D institution Photo: SINTEF Technology for a better society
  • Breeding and genetics• Breeding is an important success factor for salmon farming Fast growth – disease resistance - robust• Advanced breeding methods – research based• Norwegian experience with salmon and trout – marine fish and tilapia• Norwegian companies strong in international markets Photos: AquaGen Technology for a better society
  • Fish health - vaccines• Large losses due to diseases in salmon farming in the 1980-ies and 1990-ies• Vaccines against bacterial diseases and viral diseases has considerably reduced losses due to diseases• And have reduced the use of antibiotics to a minimum Photo: Pharmac• Improve vaccines and develop vaccines against new diseases - use biotechnological methods• Offer products in the international market Technology for a better society
  • Fish feed – new raw materials• Research based development of feed for a number of fish species• Salmon / trout / cod in Norway Photo: Skretting• Pangasius and tilapia - turbot and yellowtail And many more• Search for new raw materials From agriculture Crustaceans and pelagic fish species Micro and macro algae Photo: AkerBiomarine Technology for a better society
  • Production technology for aquaculture• Norway has a well developed supplier industry for aquaculture technology Photo: AkvaGroup• Development in close cooperation with R&D institutions• Cages / moorings – barges - service vessels / boats• Land based Photo: Aqualine hatcheriesPhoto: Folla Maritime Photo: OCEA Technology for a better society
  • Domesticating new species• In addition to salmon, Norwegian researchers and industry have domesticated halibut – cod – cleaner fish and more Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council• Large sums invested – first feeding and production technology developed• Traditional live feed like Artemia and rotifers• Now copepods as first feed give very good results Photos: Thor Nielsen• Cleaner fish alternative to chemical treatment of parasites Technology for a better society
  • Tailor-made solutions• Norway has several suppliers of equipment for fish processing – on board and on land• Key competence to put together equipment that fits customers specific needs• Hardware and software from different suppliers• Need for tracing – traceability result in extra challenge regarding software interaction Photo: InnovaMar Technology for a better society
  • A few concluding remarks• The Norwegian supplier industry is diverse• All sizes of companies and a diverse range of services and products• Some suppliers are well established in the international market – others are having internationalization as a part of future strategy• Education and training – in collaboration with R&D institutions and suppliers• Innovation Norway will be an important link to the Norwegian R&D institutions and suppliers Technology for a better society