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When Search and Social Collide
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When Search and Social Collide


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Presented at InnoTech Oregon on May 3, 2012. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech Oregon on May 3, 2012. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. When Search and Social Collide Presented by: Leisa Hall Mark Brundage VP of Client Service Business Leader Anvil Media, Inc.
  • 2. Anvil Media, Inc. Background100% of account team Google AdWords & Analytics certified100% of account team published and spoken in the industryHigh client & employee retentionFounding member of SEMpdx trade associationMajority of clients come from word-of-mouth and referralsAward winning: PBJ Fastest Growing, Inc 5,000, AMA MAX
  • 3. Agenda• Why is Social so important to search?• SEO Success Factors• Creating Shareable+Social Content• Adaptu Case Study
  • 4. Why is social so important to search?
  • 5. “Yes, I can confirm that wedo use Twitter & Facebook links in our web search Matt Cutts Google Search Quality Team rankings.”
  • 6. Overall Ranking Algorithm: SEOmoz
  • 7. Google Plus Your World Keyword > You Google+ content Social signals & behavior
  • 8. Future Ranking Factors
  • 9. SEO Success Factors 10
  • 10. Balance betweencommunication and optimization
  • 11. Developmentprocess
  • 12. Ongoingmaintenance
  • 13. Ability to generateor leverage content
  • 14. Social (Shareable) Content = SEO Content
  • 15. Universal Search
  • 16. Above the Fold Information 1 “About” box that will vary by type of business – 150 characters 2. Photos – native application that will always be in first position and shows the most recent photo uploaded 3. Custom apps – photos are 110 x 3 74 pixels and can be customized.1 4 2 4. The rest of your custom apps which can be rearranged, except for the photos native app
  • 17. Highlight a Story Highlight a post to expand across both columns
  • 18. Highlight a Story
  • 19. Pin Posts to Top Only use for content that you want to have high visibility Posts stay expanded at the top of the timeline for 7 days New method to feature content with the demise of custom landing pages
  • 20. EdgeRank –How to Maintain Visibility
  • 21. EdgeRank Explained Based on EdgeRank – Fans see the pages and people they interact with most. Build affinity by encouraging weighted activity through engaging content. The average brand posts are seen by less than 10% of their fans
  • 22. How to Stay in Feeds Always include a thumbnail or a video Ask open ended questions • Don’t state opinions, use fill in the blank Short, focused posts • Posts with 80 or less characters result in 27% more engagement than posts with 80+ Interact with fans
  • 23. Optimizing Individual Videos Conduct keyword research using YouTube keyword tool: Descriptive, catchy titles with keywords included Optimize Tags • Relevant tags that describe the video • Use as many tags as possible, while staying relevant • Most important tags should match keywords from title and description • Avoid usage of “and, “or”, and similar words
  • 24. Include Call-to-Action End each video with a call-to-action
  • 25. g+ Profile
  • 26. g+ Participation = InfluenceImage/Example Credit:
  • 27. g+Button
  • 28. More Social Friendly Content
  • 29. Your Blog
  • 30. Guest Blogging
  • 31. WhitePapers
  • 32. Reviews
  • 33. Infographics
  • 34. Infographics
  • 35. Make it Easy to Share
  • 36. Content creation can be daunting.
  • 37. 3 Commandments for Successful Social Content Yes, just THREE.
  • 38. #1: Your Brand & Voice = TRUTH (you audience CAN handle it)
  • 39. #2: Say things your audience cares about. (like this lady does)
  • 40. #3: Keep it fresh. (enough said.)
  • 41. A Real Life Case Study: Adaptu
  • 42. Adaptu Background 77 86% 40% Million +Number of people People who feel it People who don‟t havewho don‟t Pay their is ok to default on any type of retirementbills on time each your Mortgage savings or planmonth and walk away
  • 43. Adaptu in the Social World
  • 44. Staying on Top of Fresh Content • Blogger Relationships • Participate in Social Media • Be Relevant/ Timely • Newsworthy topics • Listen
  • 45. Know Your Audience • Social monitoring tools • Variety based on need and price • Scan for key works and topics • Manage your brand • Look Who‟s talking
  • 46. Getting in Front of the Right People Using tools to „Fish where the Fish are‟What People are What people are Using Influencers talking about? searching? (Alexa/ Klout/ (Social (Google Radian6) Monitoring) Analytics/ Anvil) Keyword Targeting Site Optimization (SEM/ SEO (Tagging) Landing Pages)
  • 47. The Proof is in the Stats Unique Visitors Site Duration Number of Page Views Conversions Cost /Member (good)
  • 48. Conclusion
  • 49. What You Need to do to Succeed• Ensure your site is ready for SEO Prime-Time• Create Social Content, Content & More Content• Know Your Brand• Know Your Audience• Keep It Fresh
  • 50. Thanks!