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Reimagine IT and YOUR Company
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Reimagine IT and YOUR Company


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Presented at InnoTech Dallas 2014. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech Dallas 2014. All rights reserved.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Re Imagine IT At YOUR Company @DifferentiatorZ
  • 2. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It! IT needs to change! They’ve been saying this for years. What’s different now?
  • 3. There are also trends affecting the fundamentals of business - & thus IT. “Many of these ideas shun ownership for rent on those elements of the enterprise not tied directly to value creation, suggesting a rethink in how IT is delivered.” – Jim Stikeleather, Executive Strategist, Innovation, Dell Services, Harvard Business Review blog
  • 4. 1986
  • 5. • Many CIOs are a C-level in title only • Only 17% of CIOs were on Executive Team • Other C-suite members see IT as back office function & cost center “The executive team often holds little expectation of the CIO. This is a risk, both for the CIO’s role and for the business.” – The DNA of the CIO – Ernst & Young What Happened to the New Star of the C-Suite?
  • 6. What one word best describes your corporate IT department?
  • 7. What one word do you wish described them?
  • 8. • 50% of CEOs demand more of the IT function than what it is currently doing. In return, only 10% of CIOs believe they have an execution problem. - Peter Sondergaard, Gartner global head of research • Almost half of CEOs feel IT should be a commodity service purchased as needed . In addition, they do not feel that their CIO understands the business nor how to apply IT in new ways to the business. - Jim Stikeleather, Executive Strategist, Innovation, for Dell Services • 86% of CEOs believe that technology advances will transform their business by 2019. 67% say their IT department is ill-prepared for the change. – 2014 PWC CEO Study
  • 9. Re Imagine IT
  • 10. “IT as we know it is dead.” - Charles Araujo - The Quantum Age of IT – Why everything you know about IT is about to change GAME OVER
  • 11. What would you do with a Fresh Start?
  • 12. From this: • Controlling • Resistant • Roadblock • Tactical • Primarily Cost-Cutting • Technology-focused • Costly • Reactive • Sole-source Provider • Slow • Supply-driven To this: • Enabling • Flexible • Driver • Strategic • Difference Maker • Business Champion • Great Value • Proactive • Broker / Orchestrator • Faster than Rest of Org • Demand-driven
  • 13. • Use the model of a Professional Services Organization • Consulting • Business Requirements • Find Solutions • Integration • Quality Assurance • Enterprise Architecture/Security • Data Management • Program/Project Management • Vendor Management
  • 14. • Change the Mindset • Increase Demand • Change the governance model • Radically increase Speed/Flexibility
  • 15. Barriers • Current culture • Lack of corporate strategy / vision • Legacy systems • Politics / relationships • Budget • Not the right staff/training • Not enough time • Sense of urgency • Afraid to rock the boat • Lack of know-how
  • 16. Practical Steps To Get Started NOW
  • 17. 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey: Digital Conversations and the C-suite Companies with collaborative C-suites are 4X more likely to be a top performing company CIOs are the catalysts for the conversation
  • 18. “It is quite startling how few CIOs have taken steps to reinvent themselves within their business.” - Maureen Osborne, Global CIO for E&Y Conclusion Maintaining status quo is not an option. You can make the difference!
  • 19. Terry Bennett 214.912.5664 @DifferentiatorZ