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Optimizing Your Website in a Port Penguin World
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Optimizing Your Website in a Port Penguin World


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Presented at InnoTech Austin on November 8, 2012. All rights reserv

Presented at InnoTech Austin on November 8, 2012. All rights reserv

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  • Over the past two years, Google has spent a good deal of effort cleaning up its search results with updates to their algorithm. Known as Panda and Penguin respectively, the updates meant to actively target low-quality and spammy websites. Unfortunately, many credible websites were caught in the crossfire and companies have lost significant traffic and revenue as a result. In this presentation, Anvil Media President & Founder Kent Lewis will outline best practices for determining if your website has been penalized and how to get back into Google’s good graces. From this session, you will develop a roadmap to get your website out of penalty, or take advantage of the latest algorithm updates to get a jump on your competition.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Optimizing Your Website in a Post Penguin World @KentLewis President & Founder
    • 2. About Me
    • 3. AgendaSearch Engine Algorithm HistoryWhat is Penguin?Diagnosing Penguin PenaltyPlacating PenguinPost-Penguin Best PracticesResources
    • 4. 3C’s of SEO Content Code Credibility
    • 5. SEO: Efficacy of Strategies
    • 6. SEO: 3D Tactical View
    • 7. Search Engine Ranking Factors
    • 8. Future Ranking Factors
    • 9. Panda vs. Penguin: Cliff Notes VersionPanda targets low quality content, thincontent, duplicate content, etc.Penguin targets spam (and at this pointit’s heavily targeting unnatural inboundlinks).
    • 10. Algorithm Update Timeline
    • 11. Algorithm Update Timeline
    • 12. Focus on Penguin“The change will decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines”Targeting spam, not over-optimizationTypically 500 smaller updates annuallyPenguin has impacted about 3.1% of queries (compared to 2.23.11 Panda 1.0’s 12%)Lives outside of main search index (like Panda)
    • 13. Human Elements of PenguinHuman quality raters evaluate contentMachine-learning = identifying patternsMay also reward properly optimized sites
    • 14. What is Penguin?Domains (exact keyword match, parked)Page titles & navigation (keyword-stuffing)Cloaking, redirects & doorway pages
    • 15. What isn’t Penguin?Change history illustrates a variety of changesExact Match Domain (EMD) update separate
    • 16. What to AvoidContent (duplicate, recycled, useless)
    • 17. What to AvoidUser experience (bounce rates, social sharing)Advertising (above the fold)Affiliates (thin sites)
    • 18. What to AvoidLinks (anchor text, farms, paid, blog spam)
    • 19. Penguin Impact by Industry
    • 20. Penguin Winners & Losers
    • 21. Diagnosing Penguin PenaltyDid you get this warning message via WebmasterTools?If so, you may have been hit by Penguin…
    • 22. Diagnosing Penguin PenaltyLook at your sales receiptsCheck analytics (on key dates)
    • 23. Diagnosing Penguin PenaltyAudit your website: Content Code Credibility
    • 24. Diagnosing Penguin Penalty: ahrefs
    • 25. Diagnosing Penguin Penalty: Site Explorer
    • 26. Diagnosing Penguin Penalty: Site Explorer
    • 27. Placating PenguinConsolidate similar pages404 offending pages or move to a new domainBe thoughtful with advertising placementDelete, Destroy or Dilute offending links
    • 28. Placating PenguinGoogle Link Disavow ToolIf you received an Unnatural Link Warning notice
    • 29. Placating PenguinRemove unrelated or very low quality linksGet more high quality and relevant linksVary your anchor textTake it easy on the internal “SEO” linkingIf you are doing sponsored links, be careful!Cancel or remove unnecessary footer links
    • 30. Placating PenguinUnderstand Google Webmaster GuidelinesFix the obvious problemsResubmit to Google once 100% repairedIf form doesn’t work, post to Webmaster Forum
    • 31. Post-Penguin Best PracticesGood design & experience = rankingsMultimedia experience = images & videoDon’t forget social media: trust & authority Matt Cutts, Google “…the reputable sites Search Quality tend to spell better and engineer & industry the sites that are lower PageRank, or very low hero PageRank, tend not to spell as well."
    • 32. ConclusionDiagnose impact of Penguin & PandaClean up your actDesign for end users, not search enginesCreate compelling, unique & engagingcontentOptimize, syndicate & promote your contentFocus on engagement metrics
    • 33. ResourcesBrick: Marketing Google Panda UpdatesGoogle Webmaster GuidelinesSEL: Webspam Targeted in UpdateSEL: Google Panda UpdateSEL: Penguin Recovery TipsSEOmoz: Google Algorithm ChangeSEOmoz: Panda & Penguin PanicSEOR: Google Penguin WarningB2C: How to Fight Penguin-Panda UpdatesMashable: Google Penguin Recovery
    • 34. Thank YouRead articles & white papers in Anvil Resources sectionSign up for our monthly email newsletter & webinarsRead our blog or follow us on Twitter (@AnvilMedia)Ask questions about search, social media or mobilemarketing@KentLewisPresident & FounderAnvil Media,