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Data Visualization Made Easier in SharePoint 2010


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Presented for SharePoint TechFest on May 17, 2012. All rights reserved.

Presented for SharePoint TechFest on May 17, 2012. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. May 18, 2012 Data Visualization in SharePoint 2010 with Visio Services and Excel PowerPivot PRESENTED BY: JASON TRENT TECHNICAL SPECIALIST E: JASONT@K2.COM : SOONERTRENTK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 2. K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 3. AGENDA• Data Visualization options in SharePoint 2010?• Visio Services • What is Visio Services after all? • What data sources can be used? • Example of building and use cases of a Visio Services diagram• SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel/SharePoint • What is PowerPivot? • What data sources can be used? • Example of building, deploying and managing a PowerPivot workbookK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 4. TRADITIONAL DATA VISUALIZATION OPTIONS IN SHAREPOINT 2010 Audience ToolingExcel ServicesVisio Services Business User (with Business User Excel 2007/2010 Visio 2010 assistance from IT) ComplexitySQL Server PowerPivotSQL Server Reporting SQLBusiness User Developer (with SQL Server2010 Excel ReportingServices assistance from Services/Report Builder Business)PerformancePoint BI Developer SQL Server AnalysisServices Services/ PerformancePointK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 5. Visio Services for SharePointK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 6. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – WHAT IS VISIO SERVICES ANYWAY?Basically, Visio Services is a way to: • View Visio diagrams in the browser without having Visio installed locally • Refresh data-driven diagrams in the browser • Integrate Visio diagrams into SharePointK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 8. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – VIEWING VISIO DIAGRAMS IN THE BROWSER View Visio diagrams in the browser without having Visio installed locally – meaning: • on any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) • on any platform • all within SharePoint • and without leaving the browser • from diagrams stored in SharePointK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 9. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – UTILIZING DATA WITHIN DIAGRAMS Refresh data-driven diagrams in the browser – meaning that data from external sources can be automagically refreshed within a browser based Visio diagram Supported Visio data sources: • SQL Server (7.0 to 2008 R2) • Excel Services Workbooks • SharePoint Lists • OLE DB or ODBC connections • Custom Data ProvidersK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 10. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – UTILIZING DATA WITHIN DIAGRAMS • Within each Visio Diagram, 2 properties are managed: • How to access the data • Data Provider to facilitate the data access • Data Refresh Frequency is managed either within the Visio Web Drawing web part and/or at the Farm Level within Central Admin • Data displayed within Visio Web drawings are CACHED – the lower the cache level the more automatic data refreshes are applied (and more real time) but also the higher the resource load • While the Visio Diagram will be backed up within a normal SharePoint backup strategy, any data external to SharePoint may notK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 11. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – INTEGRATING INTO SHAREPOINT 2010 Integrate Visio diagrams into SharePoint – meaning that once a Visio diagram is built it can be deployed into SharePoint and configured for display VDW PNG XAMLK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 13. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – INTEGRATING INTO SHAREPOINT 2010 Integration Point Description “Built” ByVisio Web Access Web Part Point Web Access web Average SharePoint User part to a Visio diagram in a SharePoint Document Library, Complexity configure and goWeb Part Connections Configure other web Average SharePoint User parts in a SharePoint page to manipulate Visio Web Access web partVisio Services Mash-up API Enable rich interactivity SharePoint Developer on by manipulating the different Visio web diagram objects programmatically via JavaScriptK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 14. VISIO SERVICES – MANAGEMENT WITHIN SHAREPOINT Visio Services is a SharePoint Service Application and, as such, can be managed, configured and secured: • Some limits: • 50mb file size for Visio Web drawings • 120 seconds for Visio Web drawing re-calculation • 34560 minutes (24 days) for a Visio Web drawing to be held in cache (default is 5 minutes) • A few things to keep in mind for securing to Visio Web drawings that are connected to data sources: • If connecting to a SharePoint list, the consumer must have access to both the document library storing the VWD file as well as the SharePoint List • If connecting to a SQL data source, the diagram can utilize the following connection options: • Integrated Windows authentication • Secure Store Service • Service AccountK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 15. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – SOLUTION COMPLEXITY Hi Connecting to external data sources using Custom Data Providers within Visio Services Solution Maturity Creating Visio Services “mashups” with other data sources to create BI dashboards Publishing Visio Services diagrams to be consumed in SharePoint Lo Lo Solution Complexity HiK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 16. VISIO SERVICES – WORKING WITH CUSTOM DATA PROVIDERS• Custom Data Provider is a way to access data that is not provided by default• Requires development of custom .NET Assembly that implements the Visio Services Data Provider Interface (Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server.AddonDataHandler)• Once created/implemented – this assembly needs to be deployed into the GAC on the SharePoint box(es)• The Custom Data Provider is added/configured within Central Admin (Central Admin > Manage Visio Graphics Service > Trusted Data Providers)K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 17. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – REQUIREMENTS Requirements Building Visio Services diagrams Microsoft Visio Professional/Premium 2010 Hosting Visio Services diagrams Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Viewing Visio Services diagrams Microsoft Silverlight (and Silverlight capable browser) (* Static PNG is available when Silverlight is not)K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 18. QUESTIONS?K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 19. SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel/SharePointK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 20. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – WHAT IS IT ANYWAY?• Basically, PowerPivot is an add-in for Excel 2010 that allows Information Workers the ability to perform data analysis with large datasets within Excel• Has advanced in-memory data analytics capability to compress massive data sets for use (100M rows)• Enables users to deploy analysis assets straight into SharePoint• PowerPivot Management Dashboard provides SharePoint Admins a way to manage PowerPivot charts within Central AdminK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 21. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MEAN THOUGH?• Non-traditional BI Users can now: • Work with large and varied data sets in tooling they understand • Create self-service ad-hoc BI “solutions” and share across the enterprise • Solve problems not currently/traditionally supported by IT • Start RAD lifecycle around BI that can ultimately be transitioned to ITK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 23. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – DATA SOURCES Supported PowerPivot data sources: • Microsoft SQL Server (2005 to 2008 R2) • Microsoft SQL Azure • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Cubes • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Reports • Microsoft Office Access • Microsoft Excel workbooks • Other PowerPivot workbooks • Data Feeds (ATOM) • Non MS relational data sources (Oracle, Teradata, Sybase, Informaix, IBM DB2) • TextK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 24. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – HOW DOES IT WORK? SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel VertiPaq Data Compression and Processing/SSAS Formula Engine SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 PowerPivot Engine SSASK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 26. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – MANAGING IN SHAREPOINT• Once a PowerPivot workbook has been built it can be published into SharePoint 2010• SharePoint Integration Features: • Content Storage & Document Management – native SharePoint document management policies/features • Excel Services Integration – Excel Services powers the rendering of Excel workbook that contain PowerPivot data • PowerPivot Gallery - Rich preview and document access is provided through a PowerPivot Gallery library that includes accurate thumbnail images of the worksheets or named ranges in a published PowerPivot workbook • PowerPivot Management Dashboard – Consolidate management and reporting capabilities hosted within Central Admin • PowerPivot Data Refresh – While data is initially stored within the workbook, users can schedule data refreshes from underlying data sourcesK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 28. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – MANAGING DATA REFRESH• From within Excel, a workbook with PowerPivot data can be manually refreshed• From within SharePoint, the data refresh is managed a bit differently: • The entire process is managed by the following SharePoint components: • SharePoint PowerPivot Data Refresh Timer Job Timer Job • PowerPivot Service Application • SQL Server Analysis Services service PowerPivot Service App Analysis Services ServiceK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 29. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL/SHAREPOINT – MANAGING DATA REFRESH• Configuration for the data refresh of a given PowerPivot workbook is managed within a PowerPivot Gallery • Workbook owners have the ability to configure: • Schedule Details – Configures the period (Daily, Weekly, etc.) • Earliest Start Time – Configures specific start time • Failure Notifications – Who to notify if/when a refresh error occurs • Credentials – Which credentials to use when executing the refresh • Data Sources – Which Data Sources within the Workbook to refreshK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 30. SQL SERVER POWERPIVOT IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – REQUIREMENTS Requirements Building PowerPivot books Microsoft Excel 2010 + PowerPivot Add In Hosting PowerPivot Graphs Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Viewing PowerPivot Graphs Utilizing Excel Services (IE 7+, Firefox 3.5 +, other browsers with limited functionality)K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 31. VISIO SERVICES IN SHAREPOINT 2010 – COMPONENTS PowerPivot component Purpose Placement PowerPivot System Service Queries and manages Runs on an application server, and Analysis Services PowerPivot data in Excel as a shared service application service workbooks. and Windows service, respectively. PowerPivot Web service Intercepts and directs HTTP Runs on a web front end requests to PowerPivot server in a SharePoint farm. servers in the farm. PowerPivot service A configured instance of a Runs on application servers application PowerPivot System Service. when a request for PowerPivot data is received. PowerPivot application Stores internal data used only Hosted on a database server database by the application in a SQL used by the farm. Server database. PowerPivot content and PowerPivot content includes Stored in content databases in libraries Excel workbooks that contain a database server. embedded PowerPivot data. Source: MSDNK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
  • 32. QUESTIONS?K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM