Data Architecture Why Tools Are Not Enough
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Data Architecture Why Tools Are Not Enough



Presented at InnoTech Dallas 2014. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech Dallas 2014. All rights reserved.



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Data Architecture Why Tools Are Not Enough Data Architecture Why Tools Are Not Enough Presentation Transcript

  • Data Architecture Why Tools are Not Enough Dan Hooper, Principal, ISI
  • What’s Wrong. What’s Offered. What’s Needed. Demo. Q&A. Agenda
  • Data’s purpose? profit What’s Wrong?
  • Leading issues with data: 1. Integrity. 2. Security. 3. Disparate. 4. IT. 5. Intelligence. 6. Latency. 7. Growth (complexity, volume). What’s Wrong?
  • State of the Market… 1. 36% have what they need (format, time, access). 2. 66% have shrinking decision window. 3. Average time to market (new data, dashboards, ad hoc):  Leaders 4-5 days  Followers 19 – 55 days 4. Single, centralized BI platform:  Leaders 80%  Followers 41% 5. Self-Service capabilities (create, configure, collaborate):  Leaders 63%  Followers 28% 6. Actionable BI, outcome manageable:  Leaders 74%  Followers 39% Aberdeen Group, June 2013
  • What’s Offered
  • What’s Needed BI 1.0 BI 2.0 Software Driven Architecture Driven Views/Virtualization Integration + Business Logic What Tool ? What Decisions ? Proprietary/Specialists Common Standards Managed Development Managed Content Static Data Model, Views Dynamic Data Model Redundant Automated Governance? Governed
  • What’s Needed BI Consumption CapacityforAnalysis Applications BI 1.0 Architected BI 2.0 Subscribers
  • Now that I think about it…  BI consumers more self-sufficient?  Ad hoc requests dropped?  Multiple versions of the truth?  Ready for growth in data complexity, volume and demand?  Reliance on manual Excel processes or tribal knowledge?  Costs and complexity? What’s Needed
  • Data Strategy What’s Needed Data Governance Primary Owners – LOB Data Architecture Primary Owners – IT
  • Data Architecture 1. LOB Requirements (from Governance Model). 2. Enterprise Data Model. a. Data Sources. b. Security. c. Terminology. d. Key Measures & Standards. e. Growth & change. f. Business Logic. g. System Controls & Interfaces. 3. Development Plan. What’s Needed
  • What’s Needed
  • Consider the ODS – Operational Data Store  Realization of Enterprise Data Model.  True source of Operational BI (C-Level focus).  Time & cost to market.  BI is Content Managed, not Development Managed.  Security and Data Integrity.  Change Control and Integration Hub.  What a Tool needs, what larger audience wants. What’s Needed
  • Demo What’s Needed
  • Dan Hooper Lori Adams Principal, Sales & Marketing VP, Sales Integrated Services, Inc. Integrated Services, Inc. 1. DFW Business Intelligence User Community. 2. DFW SharePoint User Community. 3. ISI Data Strategy Session (off the clock). Next Steps & Resources