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Harness the Power of the Cloud
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Harness the Power of the Cloud


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Presented at InnoTech Dallas on May 17, 2012. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech Dallas on May 17, 2012. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology

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  • When added to the cost of a internal server, these factors significantly raise the monthly overall cost to host a server. In the recent UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Paper (which I discussed last week), the RAD Lab estimates that cloud providers have lower costs by 75 to 80 percent vis a vis internal data centers. Some of this advantage is due to purchasing power through volume, some through more efficient management practices, and, dare one say it, because these businesses are managed as profitable enterprises with a strong attention to cost.
  • Need to find stats for the bottom part.
  • Application Portfolio AnalysisInventoryValue & Risk AnalysisIT Debt AnalysisProspect Identification, ROI, PrioritizationRemaining LifeFeasibilityComplexityTechnical ImplementationProduct SelectionIntegration StrategyDesign, Development & Migration Tactics
  • Visual Diagram, concentrate on financials throughout walkthrough. Walking them thru the choice of app mod. On premise vs. app mod. In the cloud and focus on the cost savings.Trade off/different options
  • Transcript

    • 1. The 11th person to tweet that they are at the@StateraDallas #office365 presentation will win aprize they can collect at the end of thepresentation!
    • 2. Trent MendenhallInfrastructure ConsultantMCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA, MCTStatera
    • 3. The Next Transformation – Cloud Computing Pooled Economics Agility Focus Self Service Elastic Usage Based Resources
    • 4. COST QUALITY FLEXIBILITY VALUE Reduce Costs Improve Dynamic Offload or change Performance, Scaling & Burst Headaches & Cashflow Stability, and Computing Reduce IT DebtCapEx  OpEx Security
    • 5. Cloud Services
    • 6. Microsoft Cloud Datacenters
    • 7. Global Datacenter Footprint Green Energy San Antonio, TX Approx 477K sq ft, 27MW, uses recycled water for cooling Chicago, IL 707,000 square feet with critical power of 60 MW, uses water side economization, containers Dublin, Ireland Approx 570K sq ft, up to 27MW, uses outside air for cooling.
    • 8. Better World class data centers, unlimited machines, hardware alwaysPerformance being updated and upgraded Better Stability Fault domains, Upgrade domains, Load Balancers, etc... Better Security Firewalls / Patch Management / Physical Facility Security
    • 10. Microsoft Office 365
    • 11. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
    • 12. Office 365 Includes…
    • 13. Customer Examples
    • 14. Demo Video
    • 15. Windows Azure – a platform for apps The Foundation for A Platform for ISV’s Cloud Services
    • 16. A Modern Application
    • 17. App Usage Patterns WHAT IF… + Costs to make systems resilient • We could share the hardware and the Total Cost on Separate Hardware software across applications, across organizations… • We could scale up/down to closely Cost Saving match application needs & pay only for what I am using… • Resilience was baked in Predictable Bursting Services with micro seasonality trends • Building applications was easier Peaks due to periodic increased demand IT complexity and wasted capacityPredictable Bursting Unpredictable Bursting Growing Fast On and OffServices with micro seasonality trends Unexpected/unplanned peak in demand Successful services needs to grow/scale On & off workloads (e.g. batch job)Peaks due to periodic increased demand Sudden spike impacts performance Keeping up w/ growth is big IT challenge Over provisioned capacity is wastedIT complexity and wasted capacity Can’t over provision for extreme cases Cannot provision hardware fast enough Time to market can be cumbersome
    • 18. Virtualization is the Foundation • A file on a disk – the physical machine became a software representation VM VM VM • Hyper-V understands and runs this file • VM’s configured against the physical resources • You install an OS and all needed software in the VM VIRTUALIZATION (Hyper-V) OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows) CPU memory disk network
    • 19. Software Driven Infrastructurehigh density = max usage controlling capacity controlling usage controlling resources VM VM-a1 VM-b1 (Machine C) VM VM VM 4 Virtual (Machine D) (Machine V) (Machine V2) (Running) Cores 12 GB RAM VM VM (Machine B) VM-a2 (Machine A) VM VM VM (Machine T) (Machine W) (Off) VM-b2 VM (Machine E) 2 Cores (Machine F) VM VM-a3 (Machine I) VM VM 4 GB RAM (Machine U) (Machine X) (Paused) VM VM VM VM-b3 (Machine H) (Machine K) (Machine J) 1 Core 2GB VM VM VM (Machine Y) (Machine Z) (Machine G) Physical 4 CPU/16 Cores 24 GB Ram
    • 20. Cloud Flavor #1: Pre-Built O/S + App Services or your own supplied VM Web Portal, self-service provisioningWindows Azure Fabric ControllerSoftware that manages the physical infrastructure , O/Sresources and virtual machines at Global DC scale
    • 21. Cloud Flavor #2: PaaS VM VM VM VM Windows Azure Fabric Controller
    • 22. Getting a PaaS App Working Power on & Power on & Configure Configure virtual server virtual server
    • 23. Cloud Flavor #3: SaaS Compute Storage Web Database VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM
    • 24. Cloud Services
    • 25. Cloud Computing Landscape TargetedCustomers Apps
    • 26. Cloud Computing Landscape TargetedCustomers Apps
    • 27. Adoption: 50,000 Customers and Growing “The Windows Azure platform is a highly effective and low cost option for hosting complex solutions with agility and scalability.” “With Windows Azure, we didn’t have to make changes to the architecture of our solution to get it running. To start up quickly—that is really big for us."
    • 28. • Relocation of Commodity Software• Old applications with little integration• Applications built with or on unsupported technologies• Applications with highly seasonal load• Important business applications operating with unacceptable risk
    • 29. Application Modernization Technical Portfolio Blueprint ImplementationExamination
    • 30. Legacy Application Modern Version Single Windows 2000 Server Multiple Windows Azure Instances Single SQL 2000 Database SQL Azure DB (Highly Available) Local Install Required for each user Software Delivered via Web Browser Visual Basic User Interface ASP.NET & Silverlight UI DCOM Communication Web Services (SOA) Realistic limit of 5 simultaneous Realistic limit of 100 simultaneous users users Disparate Error Handling Consolidated Error Reporting
    • 31.
    • 32. Reduce IT debt by utilizing the Microsoft Cloud… … Statera Can Help!!!Contact Alicia Slade at Statera for more information on Office 365,Azure, or Application 560-1504
    • 33. Please visit us today at Booth 413