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Future Proofing your Data Center Network
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Future Proofing your Data Center Network


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Presented at InnoTech San Antonio 2014. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech San Antonio 2014. All rights reserved.

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  • 1. Future-proofing Your Data Center Network An Overview of Software Defined Networking Presented To: Innotech San Antonio Presented By: Mark Thames Technology delivered with CARE
  • 2. The Evolution of Networks Since 2000 2000 • Files and Web Traffic • Basic Routing and Switching • ATM and Frame Relay WAN • MySpace • We cared about speed • Video Conferencing and ISDN Technology delivered with CARE
  • 3. The Evolution of Networks Since 2000 2004 • Video, Streaming, Media Rich Applications • Routing and Switching from L2 to L3 • MPLS WAN • QoS and CoS • Latency, Packet Loss, Jitter a big deal • Server Virtualization and SANs taking off Technology delivered with CARE
  • 4. The Evolution of Networks Since 2000 Today • Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, HD Streaming,IoT • Routing and Switching Evolving to Software • Network Virtualization • Security at a Critical Stage • Google Fiber and the Evolution of Bandwidth • Dynamic Networking Needs Technology delivered with CARE
  • 5. Network ChallengesToday Today • Networks are difficult to manage and evolve • Closed systems – proprietary hardware and software • Lack of dynamic networking in LAN • No way to have lab networks on production networks • Network Virtualization? Technology delivered with CARE
  • 6. Software Defined Networking Definition from Open Networking Foundation: “Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today's applications.This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.The OpenFlow™ protocol is a foundational element for building SDN solutions.” Technology delivered with CARE
  • 7. SDN Basics SDN Overview • A way of organizing network functionality • Separation of the Control plane and Data plane • Application Layer, Control Layer,Transport Layer • OpenFlow current API/protocol for SDN between Control and Transport Layer • Dynamically model and shape traffic • Network Virtualization and application integration (Hypervisor, Openstack) Technology delivered with CARE
  • 8. Benefits of SDN Technology delivered with CARE
  • 9. Overview of SDN Architecture Technology delivered with CARE
  • 10. Infrastructure Layer Data Plane • Packet Forwarding • Top of Rack Switches / Network Devices • Flow Tables • Multiple Vendors have SDN OpenFlow enabled switches • Major Vendors have full product lines for SDN Technology delivered with CARE
  • 11. Controller Layer The Network OS/Control plane • Software that works to dynamically pull the intelligence away from the hardware • Architected to control the entire network – what is the topology and tell the switches what to do • Single plane of glass, single switch • VLAN, ACL, Firewall • Controller interfaces with applications, including security controls • Auto-provisioning and fast upgrades Technology delivered with CARE
  • 12. Application Layer “API Integration” • API Integration between the Application Layer and Control Layer • Dynamic network provisioning for traffic engineering • SDKs for programmers to develop new services • Security Integration • Easier customization and integration with software (Hypervisor, Openstack) • Flexibility with programmability. Program your network, don’t configure it • Orchistration Technology delivered with CARE
  • 13. SDN Application Benefits • Directly programmable: Network control is directly programmable because it is decoupled from forwarding functions. • Agile:Abstracting control from forwarding lets administrators dynamically adjust network-wide traffic flow to meet changing needs. • Centrally managed: Network intelligence is (logically) centralized in software- based SDN controllers that maintain a global view of the network, which appears to applications and policy engines as a single, logical switch. • Programmatically configured: SDN lets network managers configure, manage, secure, and optimize network resources very quickly via dynamic, automated SDN programs, which they can write themselves because the programs do not depend on proprietary software. • Open standards-based and vendor-neutral:When implemented through open standards, SDN simplifies network design and operation because instructions are provided by SDN controllers instead of multiple, vendor-specific devices and protocols. • Source ONF Technology delivered with CARE
  • 14. Virtualization “Abstraction between physical resources and their logical representation” • ServerVirtualizationWidespread • StorageVirtualization • Desktop Virtualization • Network Function Virtualization Technology delivered with CARE
  • 15. Virtualization Usage Technology delivered with CARE
  • 16. Open Networking Foundation ONF • User Driven Organization Dedicated to the Promotion and Adoption of SDN • Over 100 Members (All Major SDN Players) • Clean Slate, Stanford University 2007 • Launched OpenFlow in 2011 • More than 20+ Vendors with OpenFlow in 2012 • Solid SDN Solutions Available in 2013 Technology delivered with CARE
  • 17. OpenFlow OpenFlow IS NOT SDN, it is a API/Protocol • OpenFlow is an open API that is the interface between the Controller Layer and Interface Layer • Enables visibility and programmability of your network • Openflow enabled switches: SW – Secure Channel • Openflow enabled switches: HW – ForwardingTable • Traffic to controller is SSL • Can I have an SDN without OpenFlow? • How long will OpenFlow be the standard? Technology delivered with CARE
  • 18. OpenFlow vs.Traditional Networks Technology delivered with CARE
  • 19. Security Benefits and Gotchas Benefits • DDoS Black Holes • True NAC at the virtual level • Dynamic firewall and UTM • Deep packet inspection at the hypervisor level • Malware protection Technology delivered with CARE
  • 20. Security Benefits of SDN Technology delivered with CARE
  • 21. Security Benefits and Gotchas Gotchas • API integration to software controllers can lead to more attacks • BYOD devices can take over your network if not secured properly • As controller software gets more popular, be careful the products are from reputable companies with a security focus as well Technology delivered with CARE
  • 22. Do I Need SDN Now? Key Questions to Ask • Do I need to deploy 10 gig in my data center? • Do I need to add Operations Staff? • When is your data center network off the books? • Do you need to dynamically shape and schedule traffic? • Are you hosting private clouds • How many outages do you have? Technology delivered with CARE
  • 23. The Future Next 3 Years • Might seem small now but it is going to get big very quick • “Holy Grail” LAN and WAN SDN Integration • MPLS bandwidth cost changes • Devices (your phone) will control the API’s to control your network • Major investment in SDN • Incumbents will do well and acquire the best Technology delivered with CARE
  • 24. The Future Organizations and Startups • Open Daylight Org • ON.LAB – Open Networking Operating System (ONOS) • Versa • OpenContrail (Juniper Networks) • Stanford University Pantou (OpenWRT) • ONF Technology delivered with CARE
  • 25. KeyTakeaways SDN Recap • Networks have been the last to evolve, but the evolution has begun • SDN at its basic level is separation of the control plane and data plane • OpenFlow is at the heart of SDN, but is NOT SDN • Test, Test, Test • Sticking with the incumbent network providers is not a bad strategy • Start planning now for SDN Technology delivered with CARE
  • 26. Questions? Technology delivered with CARE
  • 27. ThankYou! Technology delivered with CARE MarkThames| Sacramento Technology Group, LLC |