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How to Get More Out of Your Project Teams
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How to Get More Out of Your Project Teams



Presented at InnoTech Austin on October 20, 2011. For details on InnoTech, visit www.innotechconferences.com

Presented at InnoTech Austin on October 20, 2011. For details on InnoTech, visit www.innotechconferences.com



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How to Get More Out of Your Project Teams How to Get More Out of Your Project Teams Presentation Transcript

  • with Real‐World, Agile & Integrated Project  Agile & Integrated Project Management™ and Business  Analysis™ Tools and Techniques You Can  Implement Now!Darrel A. Raynor, PMP, MBA A
  • Abstract How to Get More Out of Your Project Teams with Real‐World,  Agile & Integrated Project Ma A il & I t t d P j t Management™ and Agile &  t™ d A il & Integrated Business Analysis™ ™ Tools and Techniques You  Can Implement Now! Can Implement Now! Need to continually do more wit th less without burning out your  teams? Want to move to mor teams? Want to move to mor efficient processes without re efficient processes without  re disrupting what works in your r organization? Come discuss  A&IPM™ and A&IBA™ how c commercial, nonprofit, and  , p , government organizations are e reducing their process  overhead, number of docume ents, and frustration by using  best practices in place in many organizations. These best  practices do not require tool p purchases, rather use your  existing technology. i i h lCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Benefits This presentation describ This presentation describ bes: • Expectations and Best Practices And how to: dh • Plan projects using your documents as deliverables p j gy • Reduce the number of and d complexity of many of  your documents your documents • Learn techniques geared t to easing your project  process burden b dCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Expectations • Be able to select Be able to select  how to record your  documents • Be able to use of  your documents  and email and email • Be able to negotiate  processesCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • A&I Defined Agile & In g g ntegrated Project Management™ and : Business Analysis™ • Agile: Quickness; Lean; Ta Agile: Quickness; Lean; Ta ailored • Integrated: Unified; Acts a as a System • Leading to meet project reequirements How We Differ with A&IPM and A&IBA • Real‐world steps to fit YOUR projects Real world steps to fit YOUR projects • Includes basic Integrated Artifacts • PMI & IIBA PMI  & IIBA concepts linked R l W ld S li ked to Real‐World StepsCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Do ocument Best Practices • Format all document Format all document ts – Most important infoormation first – Suitable to projector r and screen sharing • Don’t duplicate infor Don t duplicate infor rmation • Link – Traceability aceab y • Update or static? • Track changesCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Your ‘Slider’ Use your ‘Slider’ for t tailoring the number, depth, and c content of all your p j y project pro p ocesses… A Lot More Som me A LittleCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Do ocument Best Practices • WEDIAKPO Write Everything Down I A K Wi E hi D In A Known Place Once Pl O No ‘Winging IT’ • Create all documents at t start Don’t give into urge to cre Don’t give into urge to cre eate more documents eate more documents • Discussion group or cen ntral file – NOT email! Don’t use email to record information Especially avoid attachme Especially avoid attachmeents! • As both Agenda and Me eeting Minutes Save dozens of documents S d fd ts created, stored, backed up… t d t d b k dCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • A& &IPM Project Pentagon™ SCOPE TIME PEOPLE COST QUA ALITYCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Us se Links to Complete Your  Document Circle • How to architect your linking so that you How to architect your linking so that you  provide the needed ‘drill down’ and return… –TTraceability bilit Help – Support Exploration – Be able to ‘Get Back’! Home H Process ApplicationCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Glossary • Where the meaning o words live Where the meaning o of words live of • Best Practices – Use only words in Glossary – Hierarchy: Org  Dept  System  Project Hierarchy: Org  t  t System  – Project: at end, conside er migrating “up” – Review and update oft ten – Load into ‘Custom Dictionary’ and run spell check y pCopyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • References These references (Among ot thers…) yield best practices.Copyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Questions & wersAnsw
  • Resources & Questions www.DataAnalysis.com Training: For course descriptions a and schedule Austin: www.SEUPEC.com St. Edw ward’s Professional Education Center Consulting: Contact us for customized, lean, project consulting 512‐968‐0770   ww.DataAnalysis.c 512 968 0770 DataAnal sis com DARa nor@DataAnal sis com c DARaynor@DataAnalysis.com To subscribe to The Management Advisor™ column  Advisor  column  http://budurl.com/DARcolumnnSubscribe Author of the forthcoming book, "Agile & Integrated Pro Agile oject ManagementTM - An Approach to LLeading People Through Deliverables“Copyright © 2011 DA&R, Inc. InnoTech A Austin
  • Thank You for Being a Great  Audience! A di ! 15