How to Brand Yourself, the Power of Social Mediums

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Presented at InnoTech Austin on November 8, 2012. All rights reserved.

Presented at InnoTech Austin on November 8, 2012. All rights reserved.

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  • 1. How to Brand Yourself BUZZ2BUCKS Presented by Maria Elena Duron(@mariaduron) “The Power of Social Mediums”
  • 2. @mariaduron must know to make social workUSP unique selling proposition or unique promise of valueNiche what you do so wellTarget Market who you do it to
  • 3. @mariaduron What IS a Personal Brand? It’s your unique promise of value
  • 4. @mariaduronBe sure to visit andOur blog for somegreat tips and insights!Plus, sign up for the 20 Things You Needto Know to Market Your Personal Branda part of our FREE Course – SocialMarketing For Smart People
  • 5. Great Brands Can:•Charge A Premium•Thrive In Economic Downturns•Attract And Retain Connections @mariaduron
  • 6. Commodities get placed on the layoff or disregard list; Strong brands control their careers.@mariaduron
  • 7. Extract BUZZ2BUCKS system admin CEO network Information specialist adminproject lead technician Programmer records managerITManager systemsHelp analystdesk @mariaduron
  • 8. Vision Purpose Values Passion@mariaduron Unearth and be solid on what makes you uniquely YOU!
  • 9. People Hear Your Music Not Your Words positive Thoughtful lively smart rude? focused ambitious timid tacky gossipy self centered Dumb @mariaduronCopyright ©2009 Buzz2Bucks .com or For individual use only.Further reproduction prohibited without permission.
  • 10. What is Marketing? Creating A PositiveEnvironment for Exchange Reach How well do you connect your target market/contacts FrequencyHow often do you connect with your target @mariaduron
  • 11. Marketing Brand YOU BUZZ2BUCKS why You? @mariaduron
  • 12. Express BUZZ2BUCKS Profiles Written in third party Better written by someone else Use bullet points – be succinct Vanity URLs Written in third party Better written by someone else Use bullet points – be succinct oCustom LinkedIn URL oTwitter oGoogle+ @mariaduron
  • 13. Exude BUZZ2BUCKS Signatures  Domain Names/Social Property   Google Plus oGoogle Authorship@mariaduron
  • 14. Exude Through Social BUZZ2BUCKSFacebook Business Page @mariaduronIRLCommunity Gathering Searchable Private Customizable Connection DrivenLinkedInIRLIndustry Conference Professional Passive resume Secure
  • 15. Exude Through Social BUZZ2BUCKSTwitterIRLNetworking Mixer Listen Learn PositionGoogle PlusIRLIndustry Conference Younger Techie @mariaduron Information Driven
  • 16. Exude Through Social BUZZ2BUCKSPinterestIRLCoffee Shop Learn Express in pictures Portable Branding
  • 17. Visual Expression BUZZ2BUCKS
  • 18. Engage BUZZ2BUCKSLinkedIn GroupsTwitter ChatsFacebook ChatsGoogle HangoutsTime? Turn off notifications Emails set to weekly  @mariaduron
  • 19. Take one step
  • 20. What to do Next?• Go to• Like the page• Tomorrow I will post a link to the page for the notes!• You’ll need a password to get in – it’s wom (for word of mouth)• 5 Helpful Handouts• 2 Sets of “Questions to Ask”• Code to get a FREE QR Code that you can keep forever and update your info! @mariaduron
  • 21. buzz2bucks | word of mouth firm 800.519.5357
  • 22. Photo Attribution: