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Oceantec - (CleanTech Forum 2013)
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Oceantec - (CleanTech Forum 2013)

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Presentación dentro del CleanTech Forum 2013, celebrada del 16 al 19 de abril en Bilbao. Oceantec es una spin-off de Corporación Tecnológica Tecnalia que a su vez está participada por el Grupo......

Presentación dentro del CleanTech Forum 2013, celebrada del 16 al 19 de abril en Bilbao. Oceantec es una spin-off de Corporación Tecnológica Tecnalia que a su vez está participada por el Grupo Iberdrola y cuya actividad está centrada en el desarrollo de una tecnología propia para la creación de un convertidor flotante offshore que aprovecha la energía undimotriz.

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  • 1. Pg. 1 www.oceantecenergy.comOCEANTECan opportunity to invest today in the future ocean wave energyindustry
  • 2. Pg. 2 www.oceantecenergy.com“If 0,1% of the renewable energyavailable within the oceanscould be converted into electricity……it would satisfy the present worlddemand for energy more than 5times over”UK Marine Foresight Panel, 2000
  • 3. Pg. 3 www.oceantecenergy.comwww.oceantecenergy.comNecessary to develop various renewable technologies tomeet future electricity demandMarineSolar EfficiencyIntelligentnetworksSustainedmobilityWindEnergy from currentsEnergy from TidalThermal gradient energySalinity gradient energyEnergy from waves
  • 4. Pg. 4 www.oceantecenergy.comWhat does it offer?o  The highest density of all renewable energy (the kinetic energy ofthe waves is 1000 times the wind)o  Much more stable over time than the windo  A predictive resource and concentratedo  Very high availability (much more continuous than wind and solar)o  Allows alternative uses such as the production of hydrogen orobtaining waterwww.oceantecenergy.comENERGY FROM WAVES
  • 5. Pg. 5 www.oceantecenergy.comwww.oceantecenergy.comWhat are the challenges?o  Find the lowest cost of energy produced to make it competitiveand sustainableo  Device survivalo  Achieving the highest levels of conversion efficiencyENERGY FROM WAVES
  • 6. Pg. 6 www.oceantecenergy.comProjections for marine energy industryFigure 3: European Ocean Energy Association. Roadmap 2010-2050Source: European Ocean Energy Roadmap – 2010:2050 of The European Ocean Energy Association
  • 7. Pg. 7 www.oceantecenergy.comFigure 3: European Ocean Energy Association. Roadmap 2010-2050Benefits of future marine energy industryResource: European Ocean Energy Association. Roadmap 2010-2050YEARS InstalledCapacity(GW)DirectJobsTotalJobsAvoidedCO2emissions(M T/ year)Plannedinvestment(m €)2020 3,6 26.000 40.000 2,6 8.5002050 188 315.000 470.000 136 450.000Source: European Ocean Energy Roadmap – 2010:2050 of The European Ocean Energy AssociationJOBS NO CO2 INVESTM
  • 8. Pg. 8 www.oceantecenergy.comwww.oceantecenergy.comWe are in a prime location: Europe is a market par excellence forits quality of marine resources
  • 9. Pg. 9 www.oceantecenergy.comwww.oceantecenergy.comHarnessing wave energy will beone of the marine sources to helpcover part of future energyneeds in Europe,with the equivalent of nearly 2nuclear plants by 2020, but ofclean energy
  • 10. Pg. 10 www.oceantecenergy.comLong experience in the development of technologiesfor harnessing energy from waves2004-2005TECNALIAcreates amulti-disciplineteam fordevelopmentof harnessingmarine energyA gyroscope-basedcollectionprinciple isidentified andconceptualdesign of aconverterbegins2006-2007Oceantecgyroscope-basedtechnology isinternationallypatentedMathematicalvalidation ofthe technologyand laboratorytesting2008LegalConstitution ofOceantecEnergíasMarinas, SLIberdrola(66.6%)Tecnalia(33.3%)Technologicaltransfer to theCompany1st 1:15prototype anddesign of thesea trialsprogramme2009Design andmanufacture of1:4 scaleprototypeSea trials(Phase 1 - notincludinggyroscope)Testing ofanchoragesystems,buoyancy,communications etc.2010Gyroscope-based WECdevelopment isabandoned.New companyproposal tomove forwardwith theremaining thecapital.Oceantec ownteam created2011Benchmarktechnology andcommitment toOWCtechnology2012-2017Strategic plan2012-2017Developmentplan2012Tecnalia capitalincreaseMarwickopportunityidentifiedPlanningreadjusted toarrive atMarwick with a1:1 scaleprototype(2012-2015)NumericalmodelingIncorporation ofequipmentManufacture of1:25 scaleprototypeCanal trialsInitiation ofcapital increaseround
  • 11. Pg. 11 www.oceantecenergy.comThe first development of Oceantec generated great knowledgeand experience in wave energy (2004-2009)www.oceantecenergy.com?
  • 12. Pg. 12 www.oceantecenergy.comWe needed to focus in the key conceptto be in the 2020 market
  • 13. Pg. 13 www.oceantecenergy.comDeveloping and subsequently abandoning past technologieshas given the Oceantec team a important grounding in lessonslearntOceantec has acquired significant technological-practical experience, which isinvaluable for the success of the current project.There s no such thingas a short cut•  Big challenges requiremade-to- measuresolutions•  Harnessing marineenergy is an ambitiousproject•  In the previousgyroscope-basedproject, progression toa 1:1 prototype wouldhave requiredsignificant investmentand time...•  ... In this case this wasproven to be true.•  The need to find aninnovative conceptrestricted the project.Evaluation anddevelopment of existingconcepts wasabandoned early on.•  In this sector,development of existingconcepts and not thelack of new ones is thereal challenge.•  This sector needs tofocus and concentrateits efforts.•  The irregularity ofmarine conditions is noteasily reproduced in alaboratory. Considerthe uncertainties due tothis fact.•  The lack of previouslyconsolidatedreferences, as seen inmature sectors,complicatesdevelopment anddecision-making.The importance ofintermediarymilestonesInnovating on top ofinnovations fragmentsthe sectorThe big step from thelaboratory to the seaNavigating through thefog
  • 14. Pg. 14 www.oceantecenergy.com012345678910Cil. Attenuator + Gyro Articulated Cil.AttenuatorsCil. Attenuator +PendulumHeaving Buoy + Sub.massHeaving OWC + Sub.massFlap+floating structure(steel/power)indicator      A thorough analysis of existing concepts helped to pointshooting (2011)Source: Oceantec
  • 15. Pg. 15 www.oceantecenergy.comThe Oceantec developmentFloating OFFSHORE converter with vertical reaction based inoscillating water column (OWC)•  OWC is a relatively mature concept•  Still differed from what is already on themarket•  Maintains conceptual simplicity criterionthat allows complex systems fleeAdvantagesOffers the optimal criteria in terms of the cost of the energy producedcompared to the rest of the concepts,Minimizes technological risksLow costs of maintenance
  • 16. Pg. 16 www.oceantecenergy.comTechnological Development for the creation of theoffshore OWC converterEvolution design of the floating converter with vertical reaction basedon oscillating water column (OWC)Preliminary ConceptualDesign (December 2011)Preliminary Design(July 2012) Prototype Design 1:25 escale(Sept 2012)
  • 17. Pg. 17 www.oceantecenergy.comDesarrollo Tecnológico para la creación de parques de captadoresApostamos por el desarrollo de un convertidor flotante con reacción verticalbasado en columna de agua oscilante (OWC)Estado actual: prototipo 1:25, próximos ensayos en tanque – Dic 20121:25 scale prototype finished (October 2012)FEATURES Prototype 1:25 scale:Weight: 90 kgHeight: 1.80 meters
  • 18. Pg. 18 www.oceantecenergy.com… with a defined master action plan for achievingthese goals...PROJECTDEVELOPMENT2011-201220131T20142T2014201520162020MILESTONE 1. Concept validation•  Pinpoint the winning concept•  Canal trial demonstration (Dec 2012)MILESTONE 2. Sea trials•  Implementation and confirmation through use if asea-based prototype (scale)MILESTONE 3. Industrial design•  Industrial product and prototype design (full scale)MILESTONE 4. Industrialisation•  Development of internal capacity and supply chainAlong the way..• Further training in park operation and maintenance• Development of a strong in-house team
  • 19. Pg. 19 www.oceantecenergy.comFinal product: Wave Energy Converters Parks
  • 20. Pg. 20 www.oceantecenergy.comOceantec has key people in terms of training and commitment tothe project to meet the business and technology milestones andwill reinforce its team with first line engineeringDirector General (1)Director Técnico(1)Ingeniería de producto (1)Ingeniería sistemas decontrol (1)2012 2015Ingenieríadeproducto(2)Ingenieríadesistemascontrol(3)Ingenieríamecánica(3)Sistemasdefondeo(2)OperacionesMar(2)Diseñoeléctrico(2)Proyectista(1)Contabilidad y asesoríajurídica(externalizada)SubcontrataciónCentros Tecnológicos,ensayos y fabricaciónDirector General (1)Director Técnico(1)Contabilidad y asesoríajurídica(externalizada)SubcontrataciónCentros Tecnológicos,ensayos y fabricaciónFrom a team of 4 people in 2013focused on engineering and design ...... a team of over 15 people in 2015 to clearthe challenges of installation andcommissioning
  • 21. Pg. 21 www.oceantecenergy.comExpected revenues in the period (2016-2020) of 51 Mill €associated with the sale of an installed capacity of 16 MW andits associated maintenance•  Oceantec envisages an installed capacity betweenthe period 2016-2020 of 16 MW in locationsidentified•  Since 2020, is expected an installed capacity of 630MW, 4% of the expected total installed capacity inEurope for 2030-2035•  Total revenues planned of € 51 MM up to 2020,most associated with the sale of converters (parks)•  5% of total revenue comes from O&M oncepassed the warranty period of installed WECsAccumulatedIncome in 2020:51 MM€
  • 22. Pg. 22 www.oceantecenergy.comAn investment opportunity for an emerging market1.  Business opportunity tied to a very attractive market2.  Fist line partners3.  Competitive product based on previous experience and actual developmentconcept identified thorough an intensive technology screening analysis4.  Local context supportive for launch (Basque Country)5.  Good quality and resource availability6.  Adequate infrastructure for sea trials: BIMEP7.  Team of people very well prepare and committed to the project8.  Project recognition: Best Innovation Project 2012 awarded by Financial dailySpanish newspaper CINCO DIAS