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ERA-NETs 2013 CSL – Centre Spatial de Liège (BE)
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ERA-NETs 2013 CSL – Centre Spatial de Liège (BE)


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Jornada presentación ERA-NETs 2013 - 20/11/2012

Jornada presentación ERA-NETs 2013 - 20/11/2012

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  • 1. C.S.LLiege Science Park CSL – Centre Spatial de Liège (BE)Avenue du Pré-Aily B-4031 ANGLEUR Belgium … space is our inspirationTel: +32 (0)4 3824600Fax: +32 (0)4 Eng. Joseph BERNIER Industrial Cooperation Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 2. CSL: Centre Spatial de Liège Research Centre of University of Liege Test Centre for ESA and Industry Staff: ~ 85 60 % engineers & scientists Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 3. What we do ? P R Space Environment O Tests G R A Space M Instrumentation & Technological Sub-Systems Partnerships S Electronics Thermo- Quality Mechanical Test Facilities Lab L A Design Cryogenics B Surface Signal S Engineering Processing Optical Design NDT & Lasers & MetrologyProcess thematic (ERA Net / EUROSTARS) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 4. Space applications & Technology transfer Space applications Other applications Advanced technologies Space instrumentation (development) ESA Other Space TECHNOLOGYAgencies (NASA, …) Space environment TRANSFER Space industry Tests (payloads) Process thematic (ERA Net/EUROSTARS) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 5. Technology transfer modes Spin-offs Advanced technologies Intellectual property ( licenses, …) Spaceinstrumentation (development) R&D projects Space (industrial environmentTests (payloads) partnerships) Process thematic (ERA Net EUROSTARS) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 6. What we do ? Space environment Tests (payloads)Vacuum Low Vibrations temperatures TESTS IN SPACE CONDITIONS Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 7. Space environment Tests (payloads) Vacuum Techniques & LowTemperatures Spaceenvironment Tests Clean rooms: (vacuum, • 10.000 class clean room (ISO 7 or M 5.5 in SI) cryogenic, • 100 class available locally (ISO 5 or M 3.5 in SI) vibrations)  Temperature controlled and regulated at 21 +/- 2 C  Relative humidity controlled and regulated at 55 +/-10 %  Lifting capabilities: 5.3 T/10T cranes with 7.72-m/12.43-m clearance under hook Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 8. Space environment Tests (payloads) Vacuum Techniques & LowTemperatures Spaceenvironment Tests (vacuum, cryogenic, vibrations) Vacuum Chambers : • -> 250 m3 • 10-6 - 10-7 mbar • 4K (pts 0,1 K) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 9. Space environment Tests (payloads) Vacuum Techniques & LowTemperatures Spaceenvironment Tests (vacuum, cryogenic, Vibrations : 2 shakers, on 3 axis under cryogenic vibrations) and vacuum conditions (down to 15K). • Frequencies : 5-3000 Hz • Accelerations : 200 kN (200 G / 100 Kg) • Maximum weight : 900kg - 1200kg Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 10. Test CentreExample: Planck satelliteCooled down to -270 C (0.1 mK) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 11. What we do ? Space instrumentationDesign, manufacturing and testing of scientific space instruments payload Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 12. Space Instruments : examples SWAP (PROBA-2) EIT (SOHO, 1995) FUV-SI (IMAGE, 2000)COROT Baffle & Cover HI (STEREO) OMC (INTEGRAL) OM (Newton) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 13. Space Instrumentation : missions STEREO – HI (2006) Twin instruments SOHO-EIT (1995) COROT (2006) XMM – OM (1999) IMAGE – FUV/SI (2000) Herschel – PACS (2009) INTEGRAL – OMC (2002) PROBA 2 – SWAP - LYRA (2009) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 14. What we do ? Advanced technologies Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 15. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Solar Energy Signal ProcessingAt a glance : Optical design Thermal & Mechanical design Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 16. Solar Energy (solar concentration) Space Experiment PROBA 2 Reflected Illumination Direct IlluminationLow solar concentration with reflectors High solar concentration Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 17. Signal Processing POST-PROCESSING Thematic products Focused SAR images USER PRE-PROCESSING BroadcastedGround SAR raw dataStationCordobaRedu? SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 18. Signal Processing Observations of the Earth using the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) of the ERS (Earth Resources Satellite) have a wide range of practical applications, such as:•Wave forecasting & marine climatology•Ice monitoring•Mapping and monitoring of land use (forestry and agriculture)•Biomass potential•Elevation model, small surface movements detection (earthquakes, landslides or glacieradvancement)•Security & defence …. Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 19. Optical Design & Metrology• Metrology and calibration  Dimensional metrology  Radiometric calibration  Optical Ground Support Equipment from X-rays to sub mmDevelopment of ground and flight optical metrology systems Optical calibration of part or complete optical payloads Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 20. Optical Design & Metrology •Optical design & analysis to extra largeFrom small (IOL 6 mm) to large 6m Solar Simulator (100 m photon sieves) optics Straylight analysis Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 21. Optical Design & Metrology ServicesR&D support in optical field: sensors, image acquisition,illumination devices, spectral analysisOptical design, simulations, optimization (CODE V, ASAP, FRED,IDL or Intelliwave)Straylight analysisStudy of optical function working in severe environmentPrototyping,Qualification for space environment Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 22. Thermal & Mechanical Design Thermal analysis for the thermal tent 300[K]50[K] ESATAN / ESARAD to model the global set-up with Planck S/C (simplified model) • To define the best configuration • To estimate the set-up influence • heat fluxes analysis main contributors • sensitivity analysis for critical parameters • iterations till degradation wrt deep space Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 23. Thermal & Mechanical Design Sun watcher using APS detectors and image processing (SWAP)Critical points linked to thermal analysis:Power budget  passive coolingDetector signal/noise ratioHeat flux brought by sun irradianceOptics Misalignment tolerancesMirrors WFE in operational thermal range Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 24. Thermal & Mechanical Design Services (choice of material, geometry, environmental effect) convecti on échangeExample : Thermal analysis (3) ambiant Qrad, 23 radiatif échange& prototype W Sun e convectiffor solar energy applications =800W/m² +200W/m² Qrad, 12 Qcond, 23 (2) Qcond, 12 Qrad, 13 optiques (3) Qcond, 13 ambiant (1) plaque e fond Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 25. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Electronics Surface Engineering NDT & Lasers Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 26. Electronics Laboratory HERSCHEL/PACSCSL involvement in electronics Electronics design, breadboards, engineering model, supervision of QM and FM contractor ( OIP ), qualification tests CSL involvement in software On board software ( real time motion control, data handling, Spacewire interfaces, on board sequences, precision thermal control ) Experience gained / standards applied DSP, Real time software ( Virtuoso ), high speed data transfer ( Spacewire ), electronics at 4K, redundancy concepts, ECSS, flight FPGA development Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 27. Electronics LaboratoryExample of technology development Portable X-ray fluorescence coating thickness measurement Cu, Al, Mg, Ti, Cr, S, Ru, Au in the range 1 to 2000 nm with 3% accuracy Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 28. Electronics Laboratory Services Smart Sensors Sensors Development Selection / networking Electronic design analog/digital Power Supply Data Transmission Breadboards Environmental Tests (including Radiations) Downscaling Example : Online cables health survey Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 29. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Electronics Surface Engineering NDT & Lasers Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 30. Surface process and micro–texturing Space backgroundCoatings/Thin Films• Application fields PACS Grating • Optical components for space applications • Ground optical instrumentation • Light management • Solar energy • Sensors • Connectics MIRI Coatings Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 31. Surface process and micro–texturing Space backgroundCoatings/Thin Films Participation to GAIA Program Customer : TNO-TPD Protective reflective coating applied on SiC Antireflective coating on fused silica - Beamsplitting coating for fused silica Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 32. Surface process and micro–texturing FacilitiesCoatings/Thin Films• Different deposition techniques • Dual Ion Beam Sputtering • RF & DC magnetron sputtering • E-beam evaporation LIFT • Thermal evaporation • Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition • Laser Induced Forward Transfer • Spin coating Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 33. Surface process and micro–texturing TechnologiesIon Beam Figuring • Local removal of materials • Controlled with interferometry • Control of induced roughness Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 34. Surface process and micro–texturing TechnologiesCSL owns different technologies for surface texturing: laser ablation, ion beam, photolithography (holography and direct laser writing) coupled with transfer processes by dry or wet etching. Holographic recording bench developed by CSL Deposition chamber and dry plasma etching developed at CSL Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 35. Surface process and micro–texturing ReplicationReplication process Insert technology Process development for industrial production of micro-patterned componentsHot embossing system Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 36. Surface process and micro–texturing MetrologySurface Characterization• Structural & Optical properties • Scanning Electron Microscope • Atomic Force Microscope • Optical Profiler • Interferometers • Spectrophotometers • Ellipsometers Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 37. Surface Process and micro–texturing Examples of optical structures produced and / or replicated at CSLReplication of antireflection structures using infrared holographic recording Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 38. Surface Process and micro–texturing Structures examples 3 µm Diffraction grating etched in fused silica Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 39. Surface Process and micro–texturing Structures examples 10 µmPhase mask etched by plasma in ZnSe (recording laser direct writing) Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 40. Surface Process and micro–texturing Structures examples Structures induced by ion beam in a metal coating Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 41. Surface Process and micro–texturing Structures examples Replication of butterfly wing Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 42. Surface Process and micro–texturing Technology Transfer Objective: optimizing the extraction of light in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Partners : ARCELOR, FUNDP, RTECH, MATERIA NOVA, CRMM, BCT and MONS- HAINAUT University Organic-electro-luminescent diode (OLED) developed by Mirage consortiumDevelopment of flexible encapsulation method allowing optimization of outcoupling and angular distribution of emitted light. Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 43. Surface Process and micro–texturing Technology Transfer PHYSIOL : market of intraocular lenses for the cataract surgery Industrial partners: NANOSHAPE, OPTIM, OPEN ENGINEERING and LAMBDA-X CSL : optical design, metrology and micro-structures replicationExample of principal replication steps of the optical area of an Intra Ocular Lens Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 44. Surface Process and micro–texturing Technology Transfer PLASMOBIO INTERREG Project Advanced microtechnologies for biological instrumentationSurface Plasmonic Resonance, SPR, is a powerful tool forlabel-free and real time analysis of molecular interactions Objective: to develop sensitive, miniaturized and integrated SPR-based biosensors allowing in-situ and remote biosensing applications needed in the medical diagnostic field. Working principle of SPR sensor applied to droplet microfluidic Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 45. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Electronics Surface Engineering NDT & Lasers Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 46. Lasers & Non Destructive Testing• Dimensional Measurements• Stereocorrelation measurement system • Existing software Numerical correlation of 2 images • Optical systems developed by CSL taken by 2 cameras Allows measurement of • Static-Low speed measurements displacement of large number of • Dynamic measurement (on shaker) points randomly attached (sprayed) or projected on the surface Typical volume measured : 130x100x80 mm3 (resolution 90 µm) Wrinkle measurement Deployment of space membrane structures Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 47. Lasers & Non Destructive TestingDeformation Measurements• High resolution holographic camera• Full-field displacement measurement Photorefractive holographic recording medium In-situ recording Erasable– indefinitely reusable  Green Laser (532 nm)  Displacement range : 0.15 µm - 25 µm  Non contact – Full Field CSL pursues various developments around this technology Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 48. Lasers & Non Destructive Testing• Coupling deformation and temperature measurement on unique sensor – Infrared speckle interferometry  CO2 Laser (10.6 µm)  Non contact – Full field  Displacement range : 1 µm - 150 µm  Thermal camera used for simultaneous • hologram capture • thermogram capture Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 49. Lasers & Non Destructive TestingExample of technology development LIBS : Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 50. Lasers & Non Destructive TestingExample of technology development LIBS : Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Analysis of elements present in plasma Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 51. Lasers & Non Destructive Testing Services R & D support in material non destructive testing (optical method) Selection of control techniques Dedicated test set-up for industrial end-user Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 52. NDT for Composites exam : # techniquesOptical pulse Thermography VibroThermography Holography / Shearography Laser Ultrasounds : Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 53. CONTACTS Centre Spatial de Liège Liege Science Park, Avenue du Pré-Aily B-4031 – ANGLEUR (Belgium) tel. +32.4.382.46.00 fax. +32.4.367.56.13 Joseph BERNIER : Bilbao 20th Nov 2012
  • 54. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Bilbao 20th Nov 2012