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Hitting the Sweet Spot: Finding the Right Audience and Getting Them Truly Engaged
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Hitting the Sweet Spot: Finding the Right Audience and Getting Them Truly Engaged


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Innity deck for ad:tech Singapore.

Innity deck for ad:tech Singapore.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Hitting the sweet spot – Finding the rightaudience and getting them truly engagedStanley Lim – Regional DirectorArshad Rahman – Regional DirectorInnity Corp
  • 2. Standard Targeting Geo Frequency Black List Topic Targeting Site Targeting OS/Browser Time TargetingProprietyPredictiveTargeting Topic InterestPropriety SocialDemographic Birthday/Age Education Connection Relationship Workplace
  • 3. Andthenwemaximizewithre-targeting..Your WebsiteYour ads onother sitesYour AudienceReturn visitors
  • 4. ADImagine thisStanley’s Games E-StoreLeft without doinganything…Get Games@ Stanley’sGame Store
  • 5. And then… retargeting startsStanley’s Games ClubJoin our cluband checkout our topsellerAdd to wish list
  • 6. Retarget again…Stanley’s GamesPromo PageDiscountsonAssassin’sCreedCollectionPurchase is made
  • 7. And again…Stanley’s new relatedgame pageIf you likeAssassin’screed, youwill lovethis!Cross sell otherrelated titles
  • 8. But retargeting can do more than that…No IntentLanding PageInside PagesConversionAdvertising/SearchCreate intentRetarget Cross sale otherrelevant productsRetarget Promote special discounton the same productRetarget Introduce new productProduct | Info | Cart | FormBuy | Sign up | ApplyBrand site | Microsite
  • 9. Bulk Buying ImpressionsTargeting large audiences bycategoryReal Time BiddingPay PER impressionPay for the right audience at theright timeLikes readingLikes gadgetsElectronics?
  • 10. How Real Time Bidding REALLY WorksADUser visit site How much will you payfor this impression?For this imp…I’ll pay CPM @ $1.50RTB For this imp…I’ll pay CPM @ $0.50For this imp…I’ll pay CPM @ $1.00Real timeAuctionfeature2Impressionoccurs1Winner30.05sec
  • 11. Faster than the blink of an eye: Prediction Engine Publisher Domain Ad Placement Content Category Geo Region Time of Day Day of Week Frequency for Sites Frequency for Creative Recency for Creative Device (PC, Smart Phone, Tablet…) Browser*ExampleBrand Safety + Targeting Strategies URL checked to ensure Brand Safety Filter requirement in order to determine target accuracyBid Strategy MachineLearning Algorithm Impression Optimization Bid Optimization Creative Optimization0.14% 0.06%0.31%0.22%ADADADADBid ResponseUser visit siteADBid Request
  • 12. Consider this ecosystemFirstSecondThirdAggregatesIntegratesManagesDeployThe 4 V of data
  • 13. Insights
  • 14. Let’s look at it again.. Gender, Education, Age, InterestPsychographicContext Consumption Geo, Browser, OS, Time of day
  • 15. Aggregate(Data Sources)Integrate and Manage(DMP Applications)Deploy(Use Cases)Storage / WarehousingNormalizationSelection / SegmentationAnalytics & DecisioningCoreFirst-Party / BehavioralDigital DataThird-Party / BehavioralDigital DataEmerging“Traditional” OfflineDataTransaction DataNew Data SourcesCore Collecting and managingindependent feeds of digital data Empowering deeper,more insightful customeranalytics Powering targeted onlineadvertising Developing rich,actionable audience segments for expandedmedia salesEmerging Optimizing the digitalcustomer experience Integrating disparatedata sets—both “traditional” anddigital—todrive rich, multichannel customercommunicationsExecution Tools: Targeting, Content Optimization,Media Buying, DSPs/SSPs, Campaign Management,Yield Management, etc.Source: Winterberry Group
  • 16. Aggregate(Data Sources)Integrate and Manage(DMP Applications)Deploy(Use Cases)TweetbusinesstrendInterested infootballWatcheskoreanmovieRespond todiscountvoucherFirst-Party / BehavioralDigital DataThird-Party / BehavioralDigital Data
  • 17. It’s BIGGER!FinanceAdHRITSupplychainSales
  • 18. So what’sthe bigidea?
  • 19. What sparked the idea?Publisher AdvertiserData leverage - StrongData leverage - Weak
  • 20. How do we act on the idea?AD
  • 21. Why do we act on the idea?Remember the 4 Vs..Volume VelocityVeracity Variety4 VsWhich inspired us toa 5th V:VALIDATION!
  • 22. Data + Targeting + AlgorithmData/InsightsTargetingAlgorithm
  • 23. Are we getting sidetracked by anObsession with Relevance?
  • 24. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.Whether were shopping for corn flakes, concert ticketsor a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changedhow we decide what to buy. We call this onlinedecision-making moment the Zero Momentof Truth -- or simply ZMOT.- GOOGLE
  • 25. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
  • 26. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.New sources of informationAside from press, media & analyst, theyare also relying on the crowd, and theirfriends. Soon augmented reality will allowfor new data forms we’ve not yet seen.
  • 27. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.New forms of mediaThe channels as we know them - PaidOwned and Earned are starting tointermix. This is the result caused by newforms of media impacting them. Socialwebsites have social ads, lending contentand advertising a new form.
  • 28. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.New screensTraditionally we’ve thought of TV, Laptop,and Mobile, but now we must factor in atablet experience (which is different thanthe aforementioned) and with GoogleGlass augmented reality coming, that willbe a fifth screen to build a strategy for.
  • 29. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
  • 30. The Relevance ScaleRelevantto CurrentCustomersRelevantto PotentialCustomersRelevant to AnyWho Interact w/PotentialCustomers
  • 31. The Relevance ScaleRelevantto CurrentCustomersRelevantto PotentialCustomersRelevant to AnyWho Interact w/PotentialCustomersGet Here
  • 32. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.AwarenessConsiderationFavourabilityLoyaltyActionTarget Audience/InfluencersProspectsCustomersAdvocatesPremium BrandingAudience EngagementSolutionsReal Time BiddingSocial MediaTargeting each persona at every stage of the funnel
  • 33. MEDIACREATIVEWhere?When?What?How?
  • 34. APPROACH.
  • 35. Experience the all newBlackBerry Q10
  • 36. PLEASE check out the allnew BlackBerry Q10
  • 37. Think your phone is betterthan the all new BlackBerryQ10!?
  • 38. 0.1% 0.2% 0.3%
  • 39. CONTENT.
  • 40. Click!BBM Videowith ScreenShare
  • 41. Creative AAudience001Audience002Audience003Click!
  • 42. Creative ACreative BCreative CCreative DAudience001Audience002Audience003BBM VideowithScreenShareBBM VideowithScreenShareBBM VideowithScreenShareClick!Click!Click!
  • 43. ENGAGE.
  • 44. ENGAGEWhat my aunties think it is What Stanley thinks it isWhat social media marketersthink it isWhat my friends think it is
  • 45. Higher ValueLower ValueEngagementValueContinuumHierarchy of values for engagementSource: Digital Impact, by Vipin Mayar and Geoff RamseyExtendCreateShareRequestRespondInteractViewWidgets, Download AppsProfiles, Upload PicturesSend to Friend, Social MediaSignup, E-mail, Coupon, WTBRate, Vote, Add CommentsPlay Videos, DemosContent, Pictures
  • 46. “Tell me and I’ll forget;show me and I may remember;involve me and I’ll understand.”- Chinese Proverb.
  • 47. viewability and hover time are morestrongly correlated with conversions
  • 48. ExtendCreateShareRequestRespondInteractView
  • 49. Source:
  • 50. BloggerFestOn-groundActivationRoadshowsCampaign XPrintAmbient/OOHMobile AdsMobileSite+AppConversationManagementGrand PrizeDaily PrizesFeaturesMicrositeGet StartedSocialActivationWeb AdsFacebookPageSocial AdsSearch Ads
  • 51. 1 x engagement >321Lightbox Ad
  • 52.
  • 53. “If you can’t measure it,you can’t manage it.”-Peter Drucker- Tom DeMarco- Lord Kelvin- George Odiorne- Greg Thurman
  • 54. © 2012 Innity Corp. All Rights Reserved.Established in 1999Certified1st to be listed asan OnlineMarketingCompanyAdvertising Provider forFacebook PlatformRanked No.1 Leading AdNetwork in SEAAd Verification, Optimizationand Brand SafetyCertified Rich Media& Ad Network Vendor150 Dedicated Staff | 8 CountriesView our demos: