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As a part of the Innerwealth Policy of no white knight intervention, we train and certify individuals within organisations and communities in the Innerwealth work. This questionnaire is part of that certification - Train the Trainer TTT.

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Certification Questionaire

  1. 1. Please complete the following assessment in order to achieve the final step in your certification as a facilitator of the Innerwealth Personal Mastery training program level 1. A level one facilitator can present the Personal Mastery workshop with their sponsoring organisation (the organisation that held the training). If the individual leaves the company the certification may be transferred on written agreement by Chris Walker. By default this current agreement extends only within the sponsor organisation. We have nominated Mr/Mrs...... as the training contact within your organisation. It is their prerogative to endorse or refuse permissions to present this work within your sponsoring organisation. Have fun filling in the questions. Any issues email me at contact@chriswalker.com.au With Spirit Chris Walker CEO Innerwealth.
  2. 2. 1. Be in Your Element All people have five constitutions, but we each have different proportions and therefore we are all made for some specific purpose. When a person lives and works according to their constitution they automatically attract the people, places and resources to fulfil their dream-vision. So, we build environments to support us: Please complete each question in the space provided for each of the dominant constitutional styles Earth Water Fire Air Ether Work Environment Most important information Ideal Career Best Foods Leadership style Perfect Relaxation method 2. Describe the six 30 second methods of centring yourself whenever you need it. 1 - Toxin release method? 2 - Tension release method? 3 - Youthfulness method? 4 - Hand Mudras? 5 - Balanced Square breathing? - 6 - Posture?
  3. 3. 3. Name six 10 minute methods for building your energy 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 4. What are natureʼs 3 anti depressants? 1/ 2/ 3/ 5. There are four important steps in managing your energy. What are they? Hint - the first one is building it. 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 6. Stillness Going into nature with a head full of problems is no different to going to bed with them. So, we use a stillness technique to be in nature or to sleep peacefully. It starts with emptiness. Complete this statement. I want ..... I need ...... And therefore I have ...... 7. 8. Earth E - nergy A R T H
  4. 4. 9. Leadership requires three important ingredients In healing there are three important ingredients The Patient belief in the healer The Patient belief in themselves The efficacy of the medicine. Which in mental health has a lot to do with the environment So, good leadership - management requires the same three: 1/ 2/ 3/ 10. To Create the first Step in personal mastery one must master mind over ....... The simplest and fastest way to do this takes 10 minutes a day. Describe the exercise to practice dead stillness. 11. Other names for Inner Stillness are: Balance Centred Inspired Powerful presence Attraction ? ? 12. Life is simple really Why? In our complex world, we have the opportunity to simplify our understandings by relating everything to nature. The forest, the ocean, the sky, species, rocks, plants, animals and insects all have a voice. It requires silence and wisdom to hear it. The Laws of Nature bring the harmony of nature into everyday life. Evidence of those laws can be found in music, in dance, in business as well as relationships. The universal laws are found in every walk of life. Knowing those laws will create harmony in your work, stimulate the environment you create, direct the exercises you do and help create the depth and silence to open your inner ear to your own life inspiration.
  5. 5. 13. There are five key ingredients to a good life. They are: 1/ St....... 2/ Ha....... 3/ Tra........... 4/ Dr............ 5/ Vi............... 14. What laws of nature help you achieve each one of these five? Correlate the laws of nature below with the ingredient of life it creates. 1/ Balance grounds us and therefore brings ................... to life whenever we choose 2/ Growth - reduces resistance and helps you go with the ......................... 3/ Connectedness creates the freedom to ........... in other words stay focussed 4/ Harmony is important in manifesting the life we want. 5/ One and many ... Linking your work to your V....... means you donʼt react to the small stuff. 15. What is contentment and why is important to feel that once or twice every hour? 16. Itʼs hard to do good if you donʼt feel good - Why? 17. Be a professional ʻresterʼ - Whatʼs that? 18. Getting out of your head - give me two good examples of how youʼd do that fast... 19. “all human problems (including violence) come from our inability to .............................” Pascal
  6. 6. 20. Describe in a few words the best way to make great decisions 21. There are five youʼs... What does that really mean? 22. What is Unlearning?
  7. 7. Happiness 23. The opposite to happiness is.......... (not sadness) 24. Why is boredom so devastating to our real ability to be happy? 25. 26. There are low emotions and there are high emotions Please give 4 examples of both 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 27. When we talk about emotions are we condemning them or are we suggesting that expressing them is a waste of good energy? Why do you think this is so? 28. What is the pendulum effect in relation to emotion and what is the surprising opposite side of things like Peace Happiness Uppers Infatuation Elation 29. Why is a great days work such an important part of happiness?
  8. 8. 30. What is the key to a great dayʼs work? Answer; (please choose 2) Great work Great attitude to work Great company Great personal life Great goals and ambitions Personal Mastery - the ability to stay focussed 31. What stops people putting their heart into their work 100%? Lazy? Fear? Boredom? Lost vision of the future? Obesity? Poor self management? Challenged domestic circumstances? Lack of personal Control? Addictions? Too old too fast? 32. When people say, “put your heart into it” what do they mean? (only one is correct) 1/ Get all emotional and fluffy? 2/ Devote yourself to refining your art? 3/ Get serious and lose the joy of life? 4/ Set goals and achieve them no matter what? 33. What is the difference between self-worth and self-esteem and what does this have to do with the following: 1/ Peace of mind 2/ Success in your career 3/ Management of others 4/ Health
  9. 9. 34. When you walk in the door of your home, if you are up yourself (thinking you did more good than bad) you are going to attract what? 35. Nobody beats you up more than ............................ 36. When you come home from work with less energy than when you left in the morning, please choose which of the following explains why? (not applied to physical labour) 1/ You worked really hard? 2/ You mismanaged your work day? 3/ You emotionalised? 4/ You lost your inner spirit - link between what you are doing and where you are going? 5/ The joy went out? 37. When the joy goes out of work - which of the following happens: 1/ Get really Tired? 2/ Start Substituting - Food, substance, sex, greed, spirituality? 3/ Complain about the company? 4/ Start thinking of leaving? 5/ Put huge demands on your family for happiness? 38. Keeping the joy of work is the responsibility of: 1/ The company? 2/ The individual? 3/ Friends and family? 4/ Food and Booze? 39. When we donʼt put our heart 100% into our work we: (more than one correct answer) 1/ Feel great? 2/ Feel crappie? 3/ Feel cheated and depressed? 4/ Blame the universe for our woes 5/ Attract calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances? 6/ Self Sabotage?
  10. 10. 40. According to Natureʼs universal laws - when we are unable to invest ourselves in our creative work we automatically. 1/ Sabotage our relationship 2/ Live vicariously through children 3/ Seek substitutes for real happiness 4/ Emotionalise - (labelled mental health problems) 41. There are no half hearted ........................................? Why? 42. The highest emotional state you can achieve is to put your heart ..........% into your work. 43. Why is a commitment to your work life such a high emotion? 44. How many hours a day does an inspired, 100% heart, totally committed and happy individual work? 1/ 2 2/ 3 3/ 4 4/ 8 5/ 14 45. What do we mean when we say your body is natureʼs bible? 46. What is the primary cause of disease and mental health problems? (one answer) 1/ Imbalanced thought 2/ Poor diet 3/ Ugliness 4/ Ambition
  11. 11. 47. If the body is natureʼs bible, what would the following things give you hints about? 1/ Pain on the left side of the body 2/ Illness to do with the heart 3/ Illness to do with the lungs 4/ Illness or pain to do with the colon 5/ Headache or migraine 6/ Allergies? 7/ Feet 48. Which answer below is wrong? When a person does not have a dream or loses touch with their hopes and vision they automatically? 1/ Self Sabotage their life? 2/ Become addicted? 3/ Feel relaxed? 4/ Go seeking to inject into their life what life gives naturally? 49. Complete the following statement: Spirituality is mankind's substitute for a great dayʼs ...............
  12. 12. Turning Up At work, we rise to the level of our own incompetence. When most people feel incompetent what do they do? (more than one correct answer) 1/ Invest time in training themselves outside their work? 2/ Cover it up and blame the boss? 3/ Change jobs and find a job to hide in? 4/ Become ill with mental and physical health problems? 5/ Try to reduce their job to fit their incompetence? When people talk about balance in life they imply that it needs time. But we know that time spent with someone when we are out of inner balance is discounted. (they feel we are not turning up). What are the signs that someone has turned up? 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 50. What is the fastest way to change your mood? 51. What does unlearning have to do with turning up? 52. What would you do if one of your staff didnʼt “turn up” even if they actually arrived at work physically? 53. When someone comes to work, and they donʼt enjoy - (read love) what they do, are they really turning up? And if not, what would the real cost to the organisation be?
  13. 13. 54. Pakinsonʼs law suggests things expand to fill the time you think they should take... 55. So how does this relate to: Grief? Troubles at home? Frustration? 56. What is the difference between panic attack or overwhelm and turning up? 57. Why do people resist change? 58. Why is human will so important? 59. People change because: 1/ They need to 2/ They choose to 3/ They have no choice 4/ All of the above? 60. 61. What is the function of the Ego and how do we neutralise it? 62. Bad habits, like excess drink and eating are really the lack of will power. What causes a person to lose their power like that?
  14. 14. CONNECTIONS Intuition is a powerful asset for anyone at work, at home and in self-consideration. The power of attraction and repulsion's are mighty forces that emanate in your head. This is the home of air, the intuitive and non-verbal communication that takes far greater control over our lives than we care to think. There is a vast difference between intuitions that are real and those that are merely hope projected in another language. 63. Give a brief description of something you own, or a place youʼve visited that has an energy of its own. Like something that you inherited or was given to you.... 64. Why is imagination more important than knowledge? 65. If you are waiting to have it in order to believe it, youʼll be waiting ................... 66. Describe one exercise that you have learned that will help you develop your intuition (think clouds) 67. Describe the steps of Manifestation (the law of attraction) What is this symbol and why is it important to 68. understand? 69. What is an inspiration? 70. How would you coach someone to help them create their vision?
  15. 15. 71. Why is a vision and the hope of fulfilling it critical for anti depression? 72. Demonstrate on paper three anti depressant body movements (sketch) 73. If you come home tired from work, what does it reveal about your work practices? UNIVERSAL LAWS OF BALANCE HARMONY EVOLVE CONNECT INSPIRE NATURE There’s There’s a We evolve Everything We are all two sides rhythm to at the is humble to to life - border of connected a power, everything support chaos and and laws of . and order, therefore nature, Earth challenge. support there is greater Stillness and an order than Peace challenge. in every ourselves. This is chaos. life. Please write down 10 donʼt doʼs in teaching personal mastery... 1/ Donʼt teach what you canʼt do.. 2/ Donʼt teach someone who is in a desperate space until they calm down 3/ Donʼt teach this to people who donʼt want to learn it 4/ Donʼt expect to achieve results with people who are sedated by substances... 5/ Donʼt use “should” too often in telling people what they need. 6/ Refer to nature as the teacher. 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/